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Deepak Chopra spoke to me recently about the power of meditating collectively, the healing potential of compassion, and what he experienced the first time he meditated. Gratitude, along with love, compassion, empathy, joy, forgiveness, and self-knowledge, is a vital attribute of our wellbeing. Host Lori Wilk visits with Ayurvedia Chef and Owner of Dosha Cafe in Hallendale Beach, Florida, Sonia Tigero about Ayurvedic meals and how helping people with food that is healthy and healing is part of her recipe for success.

Complaints about air pollution in the Chinese capital of Beijing more than doubled in the first five months of 2014, the city environment authority said. Holistic Health and Wellness Care - Deepak ChopraAn expert in the field of mind-body healing, Deepak Chopra is a world-renowned speaker and author on Holistic Health and Wellness.

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