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I finally hit 120,000 miles a few weeks ago and decided it was time to do the timing belt and water pump. Installing the timing belt was a little tricky since the right side cam pulleys moved on me a bit (my fault for not tightening up my holding bolt a little better).
On the tensioner pulley I just used my snap ring pliers and rotated it counter clockwise until all the slack was out and I just kept as much tension as I could on it while I was tightening the bolt. It was a bit scary on the first startup after the install, but if you keep all of your timing marks in place and follow the proper procedure there isn't that much to worry about. I've seen different instructions that say you can just take up the slack and I've seeen some that said to apply 40 to it. I ended up replacing the timing belt, water pump, tensioner, tensioner pulley and idler pulley and thermostat.

One other tool that I wish I had purchased was a socket that would fit the holes in the tensioner pulley. I already have all the parts except what I did not need (ie, water pump, hydraulic tensioner) I also got the spark plugs and a fuel filter as this will be done too. If I were to do it again I would like to find the right tool for it but it can be done without. I think I spent close to $300 for all of it which isn't bad compared to the dealership prices.
I was able to set it with some snap ring pliers that I had but it was a little frustrating. The instructions have you adjust all the slack out before you pull the pin on the tensioner.

The whole job wasn't too bad, but some of it can be quite the pain and maybe a little more than the weekend warrior may want to tackle.
This worked out great because even if your cam sprocket moves a bit while you are aligning the others it will come back into place once the belt is in place on all of the pulleys.
To make it a little easier I ordered a crank pulley tool from OTC which made the removal of the crank pulley much easier and it worked excellent for torquing the crank bolt when I was putting it back together.

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