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Among countries in Asia-Pacific region, South-Korea has an average bandwidth speed of 20 Mbps, as against India’s 1.6, which requires of us to do some serious catching up. A deep impactful life, most cruelly cut short, has left a lasting impression on those who picked up the mantle afterwards. At a personal level, I had the good fortune of associating with Dewang at the time, when he was working closely with Shri Chandrababu Naidu to build the IT dream for AP.
As we take a step forward to realising our cherished dream of 300 Bn USD in the next 5 years, it is well worth mentioning that leaders are not always born, equally they are made by circumstances as well. Earlier, he established the first Department of Information Technology in the country in the state of Andhra Pradesh and was Secretary of the Department from June, 1997 to December, 1999. A Change Agent is a person who leads change within an organisation, by championing change and by helping to communicate the excitement, possibilities, and details of the change to others within the organisation. I’m not talking of their ability to develop exploding pens, but innovation in the way they communicate, engage and enrol others in the change effort. For Change Agents to be effective, they have to build reputation of trust with their peers and others in the organisation.
Stakeholder awareness and management is crucial to the success of any major organisational change programme.
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To read the full article from the July-August 2013 issue of the DEA Fitness Journal click here. Share your story with the world and start a blog. Forward thinkers often spend a lot of time looking back as well. What is most important about all of these characteristics, is the last point on relationships.
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This bit of trivia resonates well in the 52nd birth anniversary of the man who envisioned bandwidth as a basic necessity – alongwith, food, shelter, clothing and electricity, which is now folklore. At that time, the Indian IT industry was relatively new and the challenges and complexities revolved around establishing the brand equity of the industry with various stakeholders, both domestic and international; government and private undertakings.
Dewang Mehta in the 90s had coined the moniker “smartsourcing” which in hindsight was a precursor to change that the industry was to witness in later years. During his illustrious career, Dewang Mehta would go on to assist 19 states to form their IT policies. Men like Dewang Mehta, who are usually well ahead of the times they live in, only continue to re-iterate this fact. The policies and strategies he formulated catapulted the state to the forefront of the country in the sector and became a role model for several states and countries. The more the bandwidth the more digital connectivity which inturn is directly proportional to the growth both in terms of economic and social connectivity with the rest of the world.

Have we communicated these expectations, and will our change agents be evaluated on their ability to implement successfully?
Do we know how many change agents we need based on where we need to develop sponsorship and where we anticipate the greatest disruption?
Have we trained these change agents and provided them with the resources they need (tactics, strategies, templates, and tools)? They thrive on being involved in new ideas, initiatives and projects and are not afraid to roll their sleeves up to get the job done. They don’t just come up with ideas, they know how to apply them.  Great Change Agents are curious, experimental, and they apply their discoveries to the organisation’s goals. They can see very clearly where the change effort needs to go and have a clear vision of what the future will feel and look like, and more importantly the key steps to take the organisation there. It can often be a tough role and often requires a great deal self-motivation to keep momentum in an organisational change effort.
Change Agents, by their very nature, speak to people on the shop floor right the way up to Chief Executive level in organisations. A solitary piece of generic communication to the organisation is unlikely to affect change and unlikely to address people’s questions or concerns. Decisions often need to be made quickly especially around people issues and business impact challenges. Rewiring the brain through meditation or stillness is universally acknowledged as a powerful manifesting tool—perhaps the most powerful tool for accessing the subconscious mind. Ross suggests making a list of three important actions that will get you closer to your goal. Asks tough questions – It would be easy for someone to come in and tell you how things should be, but again that is someone else’s solution.
Strong relationships built on trust – All of the above, means nothing if you do not have solid relationships with the people that you serve. It complimented well with his dynamic personality, as he was always willing to stretch the envelope if needed, to get the message across. In the beginning, life will chalk out a path for us, often termed as destiny, but it is for each individual to navigate as we go along, challenge status quo and bring about the difference that we dream about. Previously he was the Chairman, Telecom Commission and Secretary, Department of Telecommunication till March 2013. They know what makes people tick and know how change will impact individuals and teams alike. They always go the extra mile to ensure that everyone that is impacted by change are engaged, enrolled and bought in to what is required of them. Great Change Agents are masters at listening for what is being said and more importantly for what is not being said, taking time to really understand the challenges that individuals, teams, departments and functions face. Change Agents invest time to understand people’s worries and address them with empathy to get the right results.
Great Change Agents act with urgency and aren’t afraid to deliver difficult messages to senior management or management teams. You never know what you can do, unless you ask, and we don’t have to do what we have always done.

Indefatigable energy levels, laser-like focus matched by hardwork, ability to dream the big and impossible and investment in building relationships.
There are several issues vying for immediate attention and tugs are coming from very different directions.
During his career in Government, he held a wide variety of key assignments many of them relating to the ICT sector, both in the Government of India and the State Government of Andhra Pradesh.
They work tirelessly to engage with the key influencers to ensure that the organisation is as prepared as they can be for change. They take this feedback and tailor communications and training as well as feeding the learning back into the wider organisation. They very often anticipate the challenges ahead and engage with key stakeholders in advance to smooth the road ahead. That those figures, seemingly lofty at that time, were achieved many times over, is a true testimony to the man’s vision and complete confidence.
These qualities and many more, Dewang possessed to very high degree, which made him exemplary even in August company that he was generally seen with. At an international level, dialogues are on to ensure a smooth passage to bilateral trade between nations, while also focussing on newer markets. He has extensive experience of formulating and implementing policies, strategies and action plans to foster the growth of the IT industry covering the entire enabling eco-system including infrastructure, Human Resource Development, e-governance and establishing Public Private Partnerships. As an industry body, NASSCOM deals with cross-sectional issues which needs to addressed logically and backed by solid data at all times. Closer home, and after the recent budget announcement, which focussed on entrepreneurship, growth and urbanisation, it’s an opportune moment to collaborate with government, relevant stakeholders and leverage on opportunities that are likely to result out of this. He has a deep understanding of the issues and problems related to ICT project implementation in Government.
I have sat frustrated often listening to many talk about “how kids learn today” but upon closer look, the same speakers do not put themselves in the situation where they are actually immersing themselves in that type of learning. Dewang Mehta, was a firm believer in this practise and brought about this line of thinking into the organisation, very early on. As Secretary, DOT, he was responsible for all aspects of policy formulation for the telecom sector and driving several key policies and strategies covering licensing, spectrum management, National Broadband Plan, Convergence, Manufacturing, Investment, security, R&D and the National Telecom Policy 2012.
He was conferred the Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Public Administration for the year 2007-08.
As Secretary of the Department of Information Technology, he steered the formulation of national policies for the IT sector, promoting Electronic System Design and Manufacturing and R&D in the Electronics and IT sector and designing the National e-Governance Plan. He has been conferred several awards including Data Quest Path Breaker of the Year Award in 2005 and Distinguished Alumnus award of IIT-Mumbai in 2010. Every step forward is a step closer to a goal; change agents just help to make sure that people are moving ahead. But I notice that when I get to the place of fully believing, feeling and acting as if it has already occurred, that’s when it manifests.

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