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Kim Sarubbi, her husband, Carl Abramson, and their three children are known as the Sabr family, which is a blend of the couple's surnames. Originally published on September 15, 2014 9:03 am When naming a child, some parents opt for one of the parents' last names, some hyphenate the two.
Lu Ann Ballew, who worked as a Child Support Magistrate in eastern Tennessee’s fourth judicial district, ordered the surprising name change of the eight-month-old child back in August 2013.
Ballew’s order came as a shock mostly due to the fact that both of the baby’s parents were seeking to settle an issue of what his last name should be, and not his first during a paternity hearing on August 8. Due to this incident, Ballew is still facing charges related to accusations that she violated her state’s Code of Judicial Conduct, according to the Daily Mail. If you think it is a good idea to change the spelling of a common name, A you may be wrong too.
If parents name their kids after fruits and flowers, locations or gibberish, it could even be consideredA as a mild form of child abuse. Still others invent a hybrid surname for their kids — though one Tennessee family discovered that state law bars them from doing that.

Her order surprised both parents because she changed the baby boy’s first name, Messiah, to his mother’s last name, Martin, and then changed his last name from his mother’s to his father’s last name, McCullough.
A That is not advisable since recent research found out that kids with a deviant spelling of a usual name tend to have slowed spelling and diminished reading capabilities.
However, nowadays they A have taken the conceptA of choosing unusual baby names to a whole new level.
The judge said the mother’s original choice for her son’s name should be reserved only for Jesus Christ. The order issued by Slone, however, does not give an explanation as to why he put an end to Ballew’s appointment. Studies also showed that names that sound as ifA they came from parents of low socioeconomic status might be tagged as less capable of making achievements.
He was concerned that the child could have to face bullying for havingA a nameA with such a strong religious connotation.
People who dislike their first name tend to have low self-esteem and that is a proven fact!

Their first two kids were born outside Tennessee, and their last names are a blend of their parents' surnames, Sarubbi and Abramson. And they sign holiday cards "the Sabr family." When their oldest child was a baby, the family once got held up at airport security because the baby's name was on a no-fly list.
Soon after coming home from the hospital, they received a document from the vital records office with the name "Sabr" crossed out. Eddie Weeks, the state's law librarian, says a 1970s Tennessee law "makes it point-blank clear that, no, you cannot combine two names in any way other than the whole last name of both parents, or either surname of either parent." To be clear, the Sabrs could go to court and pay $150 to change the baby's name. It would be as if everybody was in witness protection," says Laura Carpenter, a sociology professor at Vanderbilt University.
He has hired an attorney and plans to file a lawsuit against the state, in the hopes of changing the law and clearing the way for other Sabrs out there.Copyright 2014 Nashville Public Radio.

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