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So you got iTunes 11, launched it for the first time, and now you’re wondering where everything is and why it looks so different?
The new album view looks cool and all, but it can make it harder to browse music because it shows less music on screen.
The status bar in iTunes tells you how many songs are in a library, what the playtime is, and how much space it takes up. If you subscribe to podcasts in iTunes and listen to them frequently, you probably want quick and easy access to them from the sidebar. Apple (Jobs) also stated that iPods were too small to put video on, PowerPC chips were the future, and a 7 inch tablet was not in the works.
Also, I have renamed a lot of songs to help me identify songs with explicit lyrics, iCloud therefore thinks that my previous purchases are not in my library and all my previous purchases show up in my library as well. Right off the bat I don’t like the fact that in order to download missing album art work a person must share their entire library with Apple. That has always been a requirement, it shares the library information so it can match albums to artwork to know what album art to download. Does anyone know how to change the colored icons in the sidebar to grey colors like in iTunes 10? As someone who is colour blind the grey icons actually worked better for me but I’m sure I’ll get used to the colours back again. Good lord what will you people do when OS X and iOS merge in to one thing across machines a devices? You have people that are set in their ways and you have people with open minds, who like to experience new things. I think overall the new is an improvement but I really miss Cover Flow, which may be a patent related thing??? Gone: The graphical representation of the sound that appeared after clicking the progress bar when playing a track (I used that a lot).

I think a feature that’s missing is having tabbed browsing in the iTunes Store rather than having to go back and forth. Nice to know you can show the sidebar in iTunes 11, but the loss of Cover Flow means I will stick with iTunes 10.7 for as long as I can. I miss having the album artwork on the left side of the screen when using the column browser.
The missing album artwork column in Song view is something which is greatly annoying to me as well.
One fear I had before it was released was that it would not be compatible with Snow Leopard on my 2008 MacBook. A new and handy feature in iTunes 11 is you can right click on a song and choose a playlist to add it to instead of dragging it to the list. If you feel stuck with the iTunes 11 and want to downgrade to iTunes 10.7, and have a Time Machine, here is a solution I found in a forum. I think its awesome & with Jony Ive as head of human interface, it will only get better!! It would be nice to be able to open a play list in a new window again, but I might have missed something. There’s so much change for the sake of it (like the current iPhoto) and I just hate seeing functionality disappear. I was able to set the playlist I wanted iTunes Dj to play and set the playlist I wanted my guest to select from via IRemote.
Always make a backup of the itunes application from the applications folder before making any changes to itunes.
This is useful knowledge particularly if you’re trying to stuff an album or two onto a pretty full iPod or iPhone.
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We just spend 2 years trying to get them back to colour both in iTunes and the OS (Lion and Mountain Lion). After all, it is only a minor thing and there’s more things in life far greater to worry about don’t you think?
It seems that the search is performend only in the iTunes Library and not within the devices themselves……any suggestions to solve mi issue ? Currently I’m using the artists layout (before I would have coverflow ordered by date added). Completely different user experience, elegant design (in my opinion), works with your apple remote, free. That was the one killer feature that set iTunes above the rest and made it the player of choice for parties.
Other than that it seems zippier and does not warrant a fraction of the amazing vitriol and profanity being thrown around. I also have no intention of upgrading until they give me back my miniplayer with the progress bar, song name, volume (without opening Airplay – ***?) and such, and restore the other missing features in the larger player windows. I would be happy with 11 if iTunes DJ was brought back or the same functionality added to Up Next. Thankfully French designer Damien Erambert has come up with an easily installable hack to change the grid mode colors in iTunes 9 back to an attractive dark color scheme. Guests now have permission to skip songs, change volume control and can no longer vote songs higher in the playlist.

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