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So you are looking at ways to change background color of an HTML element, every X seconds using jQuery? The Javascript code above will simply toggle the background color of HTML body once every 2 seconds.
The above code uses animate function in jQuery to create the transition between base color and specified new color. DisclaimerPlease note the websites referenced in this guide may have changed since the screenshots were taken.
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This seems like something that should be pretty easy, but I really can't find a way to do it. I need to change & transition the background color of a page when you click on these respective links.

Basically, I have a list of links, and when you click on any link, it plays a different song (via html5 ). This is a good answer but I would recommend making the jQuery a little more simplified and universal!
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged html css css3 or ask your own question. I recently worked on developing a website which required toggling of main div’s background color every 4 seconds.
If you want to fill the background with random colors, use change_random_bgcolor(change_time) function to do it.
I've tried replacing the pseudo selector of :hover to everything imaginable, but nothing 'sticks' after you click a link. I want the background to transition-change depending on the song that is currently playing.

I looped two functions that set 2 different colors with setInterval function and used setTimeout to give a gap between one color and another color. So you will see the background animating to the given first color from white during  seconds 8 to 9.
But it animates to a different color and halts 3 seconds as there is a blank function call is specified in setTimeout after 3000 milliseconds.

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