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It is not uncommon to hear illustrations of folks changing jobs or accepting new professional roles and responsibilities in this ever changing world of ours. The frequency of changes in a person’s professional path traditionally happen more often in the early years of their career.
Having been abundantly blessed with a wonderful career of nearly thirty years in the foodservice industry, I recently chose to accept a unique and powerful opportunity within the Information Technology sector.
I have a great deal to learn as I ramp up my knowledge base in this dynamic, inspiring and powerful world of technology. Gary is a native of Franklin, OH and a 1985 graduate of the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. Network People in Largo, Florida, advises organizations on how to keep their data safe, as well as providing expertise in computer support, cloud, web design, and IT Security. Network People maintains a full-time team of certified systems engineers and technicians who boast high level security certifications such as CISSP, SANS, CCNA, Microsoft MTA, Network+, and many others. Kelly has her BA in Human Resources Business Administration from Eckerd College and her Masters of Science in Management from National Louis University. The sample career change cover letter below features Hillary Thompson, a customer service professional with 5 years' experience working as a Customer Sales Advisor. In the second paragraph, she expands on her current role as a Customer Sales Advisor, highlighting her achievements and demonstration of relevant transferable skills. The career change cover letter sample above is intended to provide insight on how to highlight transferable skills to transition towards other fields. I am a Systems Engineer, this blog is about the problems I encounter and steps I take to resolve those problems.
So, I hadn’t found the right post to tell you but I finally decided to become a certified health coach. It doesn’t matter what you study, what your occupation is or how old you are, most of the people have ever felt like they would love a career change. Each of us has had a different life, therefore our worries and life perspectives will always be different. It does not matter how many new projects you get involved in at your job, you don’t seem to find them exciting anymore.
This may be one of the most common symptoms and the curious part is sometimes we are just too blind to see it.
As some of you may know I graduated from an International Business Bachelor and making this career change into health coaching has taken a couple of years. It’s awesome to have you back dear Cathy!And thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with many others that are going through the same. Yo lo acabo de hacer, por fin me atrevi a hacer un cambio en mi vida y al principio tuve mucho miedo. I quit my job, although mostly because of health issues, it became really hard to go to work everyday because it was a dead end job that really did not allow me to accomplish anything. I often hear from so many people who are working themselves into the ground at a job they hate. Opportunities to advance a career path in a chosen field or a chance to generate higher earning potential are but just a couple of motivational factors that can influence a person to facilitate a change.
Consistent with this fact is the uncommon scenario whereby a person decides to make not only a company change, but a move into an entire new industry, most especially after having already celebrated one of those “milestone” birthday markers in life.

As a previous self-professed “technophobe”, my decision likely surprised a few folks, myself included. In the spirit of full transparency, I readily admit it is proving to be a bit daunting, at times. Blessed by a wonderful family, he and his wife, Donna, are the proud parents of a son, Alan, and a daughter, Chrissy.
She started her career working for Dale Carnegie Training and spent several years developing and managing the Education function for BayCare Health Systems.
She now wants to transition her skills towards the banking and finance sector and applies for a Personal Banker position using three short paragraphs. In the third and final paragraph, Hillary concludes by re-iterating her suitability for the vacant Personal Banker position.
It’s that fresh feeling of another morning that is just waiting for us to conquer the world. If any of your life goals is to have time freedom and flexibility to spend with your loved ones but your job makes you work extra-hours almost every day, you may consider some changes. One day you’ll find yourself sick, unhappy and regretful because of all the things you wish you have done. It has not been hard but it has required a lot from me and my real desire to make the change. It’s a series of events from physical tiredness to emotional exhaustion and the worst, personal depression. Before I took the hard decision of quit my job and change my life I was the perfect description of every of the 5 points above. Estoy muy orgullosa y feliz por toda la valentia, entrega y positivismo con que afrontas esta situacion. Long hours, no passion for what they do at all can only be damaging to so many aspects of your life. It was good money but it was long hours and she actually got sick with it several times and had to take time off. My girlfriend is a constant reminder and inspiration to me that you can make a successful transition into something you love doing.
Your girlfriend is a great example to many people out there that may be going through something similar. It is a rather common occurrence that happens many times every single day across a multitude of organizations in myriad locations around our great country and beyond.
All told, the opportunity to, once again, scratch my entrepreneurial “itch” and attempt to contribute to taking a company to the proverbial “next level” proved to be both attractive, motivating and inspiring.
Gary’s career has included senior leadership positions at both US Foods (23 years) and FMS Purchasing & Services (5 years). In this career change cover letter example, she starts by first affirming her suitability for the position (even though it is in a different industry sector) because of her relevant customer service and sales skills which she wants to leverage to transition into banking and finance.
I went through that and I would love to have the opportunity to share these feelings with you. Maybe you never considered a career change before but after reading this, you get to realize that’s what you need. It’s about getting excited just by thinking of your job, your tasks, your work environment and colleagues.

Even if it’s a job change or a whole career change towards an occupation that allows you achieve what you want.
All I want is to encourage you to start looking for the ways to get involved in what you want and transitionally make changes (unless you miraculously found a great offer in what you desire).
So I’m just here to tell you not to feel trapped by society patterns; go for your dreams! It’s amazing to see how life resolves itself and takes you to a better place if you allow it to do so.
She is very into physical activity and has a history of gymnastics as a child, which she loved. Congratulations to you too Andrea for making that change and it’s great to see it working out so well for you. This is just another proof that doing what your heart loves is what will guide you to real success. Knowing this, I welcome each and every new challenge that lies ahead and look forward to continuing to stretch myself in this new season of my professional life. In the early years, Kelly helped build Network People, while still working in healthcare as she and Nate saw the need for a technology company that employed trustworthy people who not only had outstanding technical acumen but also possessed excellent people skills.
He advises our clients on the best IT security practices and helps them meet their IT needs. She is indeed a suitable candidate because the Personal Banker job she is seeking requires the same transferable sales and customer service skills she already demonstrates daily in her current role as a Customer Sales Advisor. It’s feeling amazed by what you do and believe by heart that it contributes to something bigger in this universe. Trust that if they are there in your heart, it’s because you have everything within you to achieve them! Sometimes work IS your life’s purpose, and sometimes your work simply ALLOWS you to accomplish it. One of the things Nate enjoys most is learning about new organizations and what they have done to become successful. I am happier, I might not earn as much ( for now ?? ) but I have more free time for myself and family. Last November, she said goodbye to fund accounting and went into teaching Pilates full time. Success is something more spiritual that connects you with your higher-self and leads you to build great things for this world.
It was a transitional period as you say and it took time to do but it has worked and she is SOOO much happier! Nate enjoys teaching, whether it’s leading a class in how to do better IT or teaching kids in Sunday School. Her favorite activity is helping to lead praise and worship at her church where she sings and plays both piano and guitar. His other activities include snow skiing, hiking with the family, flying RC planes with his son, and soccer.

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