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Con orientamento professionale si intendono tutte le attivita di supporto che vengono attuate nei confronti di chi si trova a fronteggiare una transizione occupazionale.
Lo scopo dell’orientamento e aiutare le persone a realizzare i propri obiettivi professionali prendendo decisioni coerenti sia con le attitudini e gli interessi personali sia con le opportunita offerte dal contesto, come le dinamiche del mercato del lavoro e le possibilita di carriera presenti nel tessuto economico e sociale in cui ci si vuole inserire. L’orientamento professionale si realizza in un percorso condiviso tra consulente (orientatore) e cliente (persona da orientare). La durata di tale processo varia a seconda delle caratteristiche specifiche del cliente e del progetto professionale che si intende perseguire. Come puoi vedere dal mio profilo e dalle mie referenze sono uno psicologo del lavoro con base a Treviso e mi sono occupato per piu di 30 anni di gestione e coordinamento del personale in aziende di livello nazionale e internazionale. Chi sono Mi chiamo Roberto Marini e sono uno psicologo iscritto all’Ordine degli Psicologi del Veneto.
Resume Resources: We are glad to offer this free Career Change resume sample free of charge. In order to connect the dots better, we invited Vibhav Agarwal a former IT professional who successfully used his MBA in India to manage a career change into Product Management. As I sat in my small apartment in Tokyo, filling out the ISB application, I was wondering whether having worked in IT for the last 4 years (2 of which were spent in grueling Japanese work environment!) was enough to set me apart.
Working on Enterprise Products from the start of my career, I think I had the advantage along with my good GMAT score (750+), but is that enough? I read and re-read my essays to ensure that I am bringing out my aspiration of getting into Product management or Marketing after the MBA. At the time of writing my MBA essays, if you ask me truly, I didn’t particularly believe in or knew what I was writing. In simple terms a Product Manager prioritizes of next set of features to be built into the product and manages their development, quality and fit for the product. The key skills required for a good Product manager today are Customer Empathy, UX thinking and managing rapidly changing requirement sets from customers and markets.
Product Marketing Manager on the other hand, looks at how to position and sell the product in the market vis-a-vis competition.
An MBA degree from a good business school can really jump-start one’s career in Product Management and Marketing.
As a Product Marketer, when I negotiate budgets with my top management for my products, the ability to present clear thinking on the future revenue, market impact, competitive positioning and brand value is paramount. My Product Manager counterpart needs to do the same to show the marginal cost of getting a UX designer for his team vs.
The frameworks and 2 x 2 matrices which are cornerstone of almost all core courses in ISB themselves may not render to every situation Product people face in the marketplace, but sure enough aid in gaining clarity of thought among the menagerie of ideas floating around. Today, as the Indian Startup market is exploding and finally the mindset focus is shifting from IT services to IT products, I think it’s the most exciting time for Product folks. Whether its big companies like Amazon, Flipkart and Google or smaller startups, the opportunities are just awesome. The end to end experience of identifying the key business requirements from the CXO level to the feet on the ground, understanding the nuances of online classified business model to devising the corporate strategy for disciplining the growth as the company went public was truly a rewarding one.
Having an MBA from an esteemed institution not only allowed me easy audience for my ideas but also ensured that I was able to provide the audience with a 360 degree view of the product which we were implementing.
As I have moved from Info Edge to my current organization, I realized the importance of my experience across IT and Product helps me in donning different hats while talking to prospects, understanding their perspective and empathizing with them.

Having grown from handling a single product to a whole product portfolio in my current role, I think MBA has helped me jump many queues. My competency to communicate across a wide variety of audiences ranging from set of CXOs at business conferences to Gartner Analyst to my CXOs at business reviews and to present a cohesive set of ideas and their impact forcefully is one of the most important results of having had an MBA education. While Porter’s five forces and Kotler’s 4Ps do not find any presence in my presentations and arguments, there is a definite influence and balance they have lent to my thinking on Product Marketing strategy. Going back to that Tokyo Apartment and my essays, I realize that being in IT for the first few years and having had the experience of handling customer (a demanding Japanese customer at that!) prepared me well for my Product Marketing career as well as my MBA. Today IT is well entrenched in Business strategy and the trend of Digitalization truly changing the way business is done.
As an IT person, you need to understand the impact your project or product is having on the organizational business strategy and bring that out in your essays as well as interviews with prospective employers.
In the interview and essays, you need to provide examples where you have understood the customer and consumer requirements (yes those two are different!) and how you have acted on them within the product. But as a good Product guy, you should be able to focus and bring out the business outcomes of his work. Managing to bring it out in an emphatic manner will definitely give you an edge in your MBA Application as well as interviews.
Too many times, IT folks are only focusing on their work experience and outcomes, but MBA is also about ability to communicate and make an impact. Showcasing the competency of influencing people within your teams and outside your work is a big differentiator for getting into MBA and as well as Product role. As a principal MBA admissions consultant & career counsellor with MBA Crystal Ball, MG has helped many get into the top B-schools from ISB to Wharton. 4) Or just go for a world tour with the savings ( I know it sounds too dreamy and impractical but just considering it too.) I hope it would shine on resume as good as MBA.
The short answer to your question is that all four options are feasible and awesome in themselves. I am Btech graduate having 4 years of Experience in Manufacturing industry- No growth economically and , which includes extensive travelling. I am one of those who are confused about their career after spending 10 years in the IT field.
I have done 3 Years Engineering Diploma in Computer Science & Engineering and Arts Graduate (Part Time). I have also shortlisted Master of International Business from Queens University, Smith School of Business, Canada..
Hi i did engineering in ece branch and have 2 urs work exp in softwate testing but i was promoted to Assistant Manager in Indiamart(b2b) company and i was looking to go for Mba is it ideal for me or should i stick to technical and then go for mba? Hire UsWhether it's career counselling or MBA application consulting, working with us could be among the most important career decisions you'll make. Nei casi piu semplici puo essere estremamente breve, concludendosi anche in un unico incontro, oppure puo essere impostato come un processo ricorsivo che viene attuato, sospeso e riavviato in un secondo tempo alla luce dei risultati ottenuti fino al raggiungimento di una piena soddisfazione da parte del cliente. Lavoro come consulente di aziende, organizzazioni e persone nell’ambito della psicologia del lavoro e dell’organizzazione aziendale.
Review resume writing services, resume professionals, resume examples, resume objectives, resume tips, example resume formats, and helpful resume articles on this comprehensive site.
If you’ve read our earlier posts on Product Manager Job Description and Product Management Syllabus in MBA, you may have seen the overlaps already.

I can say that essentially Product Management and Product Marketing are 2 sides of the same coin. A good Product Manager needs to be hands-on with Technology as much as he needs to obsess about customers. The key skills required for a good Product Marketer are customer empathy, great communication skills and strategic bent of mind. There is of course the factor of credibility and academic qualifications which one automatically gets, but then there are a number of others. Whether it’s the choice of wide variety of courses across Marketing, Finance and Strategy or the set of activities you want to participate in. As the company set a scorching pace in revenue and customer growth in the beginning of the broadband era in the country, I was tasked with designing or buying a product to managing the revenue and customers. He is an IIT topper, an ISB alumnus (Dean's list honors) and a former McKinsey strategy consultant.
I am 8.5 years experienced IT professional and wants to pursue MBA from abroad but I am not sure how logical it is.
As you know there are many schools which does not even ask for scores and offer the degree.
In my opinion, the question that can help you choose the option is to think about how do you see yourself 7 years from now.
I Worked in IT Support Wintel Platform for the past 10 years and realized I am on wrong path. In order to support this endeavor i am planning to do second MBA from reputed B schools in these countries.
We can also help you find CV experts who can develop an amazing curriculum vitae for this industry. A good Product Marketing manager should be able to tell the prospect how this product will not only solve his current business problem, but also deliver sustained value.
A clear answer to that question will help you prioritize the need for an MBA and the kind of school you will need to do it from.
I questioned myself many times and realized the reason I am looking to switch is little work life balance.
The cost factor is a short term thing and should not be a hindrance in your decision making process.
Due to job type and support model (24×7) I have to work in odd shifts which is personally affecting my personal and social life.
Being a typical IIM ( Indian IT Male ) , I understand that my profile is very generic and its difficult to get into to Top colleges.
But just to understand, I would like to know more about the reason you would to change into a completely diverse field after 9 years of experience. MBA has clear long term benefits from a career and personality perspective and the cost and loan elements should not deter you to getting those.

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