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The ability to put our own personal stamp on things we own is a great opportunity to stand out from the rest and really enjoy something unique.
Sometimes, it’s the simple tweaks that make the difference, such as those that allow us to change the carrier name to whatever suits.
You can follow us on Twitter or join our Facebook fanpage to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Microsoft, Google and Apple. UPDATE [06 March 2011]: Many users have complained that this Cydia app (iName) has caused problems on their iDevice. We suggest you use an alternative app such as Fake Operator or FakeCarrier, both of which can be found in Cydia to change the carrier name on your device.
We have seen apps such as Fake Operator that let you change carrier name on iPhone running on iOS 4.2. J’ai un gros probleme, j’ai installe Iname et j’ai voulu marque autre chose que Ipod et mtn il y a marque “device”. Make sure to read through all the posts there though because some of the issues aren’t fixed until further discussion. Also, if you fix the “device” bug and want to use iName again, Installing erica utilities before you install iName will make it function properly!

Changing the carrier name from an unlocked iPhone's status bar has been possible to do ever since Cydia released Zeppelin earlier this year.
Whether it’s a private registration plate or a simple an item of clothing, most of us like to make our own choices. Sure, it’s not overly intrusive to have the carrier’s name there to remind us of which company we signed up to and pay money to on a regular basis. The developer of the app has confirmed this, saying that GreenPois0n jailbreakers were the ones who were mainly affected. That way they will get installed automagically, and more of us won’t have this problem! It also has a whole slew of upgrades including iPad support and gets rid of dependencies on what caused the bug in the first place, so go ant download it today! Our Smartphones are no exception, yet we are often restricted to somewhat run-of-the-mill changes from the onset by the very companies that bring us the technology. But some of us hate our carriers with a passion do not require that constant memory-jog, and could definitely find something more interesting to replace it with. Though there are some limitations on the characters that can be used, and it doesn’t work on every phone running Android.

To start, you'll need to find a design of your choice that will look good in the status bar, as it's only only 20 pixels in depth.For this example, I've chosen our WonderHowTo logo. Luckily there are many tweaks and applications that can be installed in order to accomplish a reasonable level of customization for those of us who can’t just settle for changing the ringtone or Googling custom wallpapers.
It will not function on HTC EVO 4G with stock Sense ROMs nor any ROM on any Android device that only displays the network you’re connected to (which the developer is currently working to address). I just hope the new Jailbreak will release soon because I am starting to loose my cool with this device and thinking of switching to something that can be Jailbroken. Next, click on About and scroll down until you find Carrier, which should then have the version number you'll need next to your carrier name (eg.

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