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In all organisations, there are documents which are subject to frequent change and updating. With FileStore EDM change control, teams no longer have to contend with updating and circulating paper documents or distributing multiple versions of documents to individual email inboxes.
FileStore EDM allows organisations to eliminate the risks and inefficiencies of unmanaged content creation by enabling authors to store documents with secure, authorised access.
Documents stored in FileStore EDM can be viewed by anyone with authorised access, no matter whether they are in the next office or on the other side of the world.
Authors can add comments explaining why the document is being checked out and can add similar comments when checking the document back in.
While checked-out, documents remain viewable to all authorised personnel on a read-only basis.
This white paper addresses the principles of today’s document management systems and helps quantify the return on investment (ROI) of implementing an electronic system. NetMRI is a network management product focused on network change and configuration management. Software Configuration Management an inventory of Software Configuration Management pages and information. August 16, 2011 By Jason Hofferle Software developers wouldn’t think of working on a project without some type of version control for their source code.
Version control, revision control and source control are terms used to describe the practice of tracking and controlling changes to source code.
Have you ever frantically searched for an old backup of a script because you can’t remember what you changed? Have you ever had to manually merge different versions of a script because someone else made changes the same time you did? Using version control software provides an easy way to keep track of every change made to your scripts, and it allows multiple people to collaborate on scripts easily.
There is a ton of information on version control software, with some very strong opinions in favor of a certain package or against another.
Fortunately we don’t have a difficult choice, because one of the best and most widely-used programs available is also one of the easiest to use. Tome Tanasovski wrote about using Mercurial with PowerShell in Why Every IT Pro Should Use Mercurial for Source Control with PowerShell. The question of Version Control for PowerShell scripts was recently asked at StackOverflow. AssurX’s Change Management Software is a flexible, centralized system used to orchestrate, track and document changes across all functional areas of a business. With easy, full integration to other quality related processes such as corrective action management, audits, nonconformance, customer complaints, document management, training, etc., no matter where an issue triggering a change originates, or how many departments a planned change touches, the system effectively controls the process. The AssurX Change Management system receives any type of proposed change and efficiently manages evaluation, planning, implementation and documentation across every part of your operation—all in a closed-loop workflow. A system of automatic escalation, notices and reminders integrated with e-mail can be easily defined and keeps the process moving to prevent issues and tasks from falling through the cracks. Unlike other systems that rely on third party tools to generate reports and metrics, AssurX comes with user-configurable built-in dashboards, metrics and ad-hoc query functionality that allows for real time monitoring, trending and analysis.
The system combines centralized control of the process with integrated collaboration, review and approvals from designated Subject Matter Experts. For FDA regulated companies, AssurX is fully compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 and Part 820, GMP, ISO and more.
With its highly configurable workflows, AssurX is the only vendor that provides a solution flexible enough to manage any type of change across all functional areas. Simple point-and-click configuration of workflows, fields, forms, rules, lists, signatures, etc. OnDemand (Software-as-a-Service) option gets you up and running in days with no hardware or software to install and no waiting for IT staff.

Its true zero-client architecture (CATSWeb) means AssurX runs on all browsers and operating systems with no need to install, upgrade, validate or manage client computers.
AssurX Change Management integrates easily with external business systems like ERP, PLM, CRM, LIMS and MES solutions to connect all quality related processes and procedures across the enterprise—so change requests triggered from any source can be immediately captured and acted upon. AssurX’s system of quality and compliance software solutions is designed to be simple to use, maintain and configure to meet each business’ precise needs. Version control software (VCS, also known as revision control software, RCM, and software configuration management software, SCM) is a tool used during software development to help track and control the process of making changes to the programming code and other files associated with the application. A software application consists of files of program code plus text files such as specification documents, and binary files such as the graphical elements that make up the user interface.
Instead of working on the master copy of the software, a programmer who is using version control will make changes to a working copy of the application that they have checked out of a repository managed by their version control application. The revision control software applies those changes to the repository in such a way that every past set of changes can be isolated, listed with its description, examined, and reversed if necessary. When we run an application on a computer, the computer "knows" what to do by stepping through a sequence of instructions.
We tend to think of URLs -- Universal Resource Locators -- as a website's address on the internet, and I suppose that's the case. Most of us are typing on keyboards that use a layout invented before 1870, before touch-typing was invented. FileStore EDM provides a secure and controlled environment in which to manage the process of content generation and change control. FileStore integrates fully with content generating programs such as MS Word or PowerPoint, allowing users to check documents in and out, and manage versions with a full audit trail. This means previous versions are not deleted, but are maintained in a managed version history.
In FileStore, simply right-clicking on a version allows those users to view a full document audit trail. So why is this is a rare topic for IT Pros that maintain production scripts with hundreds or thousands of lines of code? Merging the changes multiple people make to the same file is one of the primary reasons version control exists.
One thing to keep in mind when reading some of these discussions is that a large software project with hundreds of developers has different needs than a team of two or three network administrators that just want a simple way to keep track of their scripts.
My software of choice is TortoiseHg, which is an interface for using the Mercurial revision control system on Windows.
On Windows, Mercurial can be controlled through the command line, or using the graphical interface provided by TortoiseHg.
It creates a consistent, closed-loop method to process any change type (business process, product design, documentation, materials, packaging, line repair, etc.), even for regulated industries.
Feedback on the effectiveness of proposed changes and change plans is automatically requested, tracked and monitored to ensure that changes are properly planned and will deliver the expected results, before they are rolled out across operations. AssurX has simplified and streamlined an end-to-end workflow for processing all event intakes, reportable and non-reportable.
The turnkey process is provided with documentation, setup and user guides, validation scripts, template forms and workflows, executive dashboards, and everything else needed for quick deployment.
The configurable processes are designed to integrate seamlessly with each other providing a single, all-in-one solution for managing quality and compliance enterprise-wide. Any change to the application (to implement additional functionality, or to correct a defect) may involve changes to several of these files.
When all of the changes associated with a task have been completed, the developer checks in those changes together with a descriptive note. More rigid systems require each programmer to lock the files on which they intend to work, which blocks other programmers from working on them. They dispense with the locking step, and keep track of the checked-in changes, automatically merging them if they don’t conflict.

This is very flexible, and the approach is growing rapidly in popularity, particularly outside of corporate settings.
Who wouldn't want to own a piece of a lovely, white, fluffy cumulus that's been harnessed to a computer […]Can Someone Tell Me How to Decode a URL in an Address Bar? But if you look at the strings of text in an address bar, […]If Dvorak keyboards are so great, why isn’t everyone using them? Simplify your code development with Code Co-op, the affordable peer-to-peer version control system for distributed development.
Version control software allows a developer to easily see a history of the changes made to code, rollback changes and easily merge changes when several people are working on the same source files.
I’ve seen scripts where half the code was commented out in order to maintain a history of changes.
It seemed like a perfectly resonable way to maintain a history, but then I realized there was freely available software designed to do all the work for me. For a single person it’s helpful, but when there are multiple people it becomes essential.
Developers can afford to agonize over minor details because the software they select is so central to their work. This tutorial focuses on the command line, but the real value is the way it teaches the concepts behind version control with Mercurial. Our professional services group can also perform your validation and help create your PQ based on industry best practices and the latest regulatory guidelines. Unlimited best practices workflows can be added, and modifications to existing template workflows can be easily done with point-and-click configuration. This can be an impediment to efficient development, because two programmers may need to make a change to different parts of the same file, and this cannot be done if the file is locked for the exclusive use of one of the programmers. If two programmers make changes to the same lines of code in a file, the software will detect and flag this conflict.
The Linux kernel, for example, is developed using the Git distributed version control system. With Code Co-op your team has complete access to your projects on- and off-site regardless of a network connection. Version control is an infinitely better way to keep a record of changes made to a script over time. Project changes are distributed automatically via Email or LAN enabling you to focus on what's important â?? your development. If two programmers are modifying the same functionality, they should already be talking to each other to avoid conflicts, so the version control software simply flags what should be happening anyway.
It matches more expensive products in features that are useful to small development teams, and is easy to use and administer. Based on the widely used GNU RCS, it is fully integrated with the Windows Explorer, providing the most intuitive and easy-to-use configuration management and change control solution in the market. It matches more expensive products in features useful to small, distributed teams, and is easy to use and administer. LangAgent is a software localization suite designed to make the localization process as smooth as possible. As a project or company grows, managing code standards throughout your team becomes virtually impossible. Advanced comparison approaches, that consider the peculiarities of different programming languages, perfectly fit the needs of developers. The Frequency Analyzer technically speaking performs a Fast Fourier Transform of the sound (you need a sound card and a microphone to use this program).

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