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The Relationship Navigator produces instant diagrams that you can browse with the click of your mouse to multiple levels. Relationships in easyCMDB enable users to specify which assets are related to each other within the repository and to describe the nature of that relationship. The relationship navigator is an invaluable tool when you need to view the relationships between your assets and people. The ITIL Change Management process is comprehensively described within the official publications, but within this article we attempt to provide a high level overview of the stages of the Change Management process, the various roles that need to be undertaken at each stage and also details of the responsibilities. You will need to provide and verify your e-mail address but your personal information will not be published or passed on to others.

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For instance, when a user requests a change, the Change Control Board needs to understand the environment and who will be impacted. In general, change requests go through 3 main goalposts: -Initiation-Approval-Implementation. How many people will the change impact - 1 person, multiple people a department or even the entire Organization? This flow here either assumes that all these steps are implemented in a controlled environment (where back-out can be implemented with minimal or no impact on production) OR disregards the need for such a critical control step.

Impact assessment must be done at a higher level than that of the person implementing the change3.
Finally, the Change Initiator (not the Change Manager) should be the one closing out the change request.

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