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Some users complain that the cursor blinks too fast (or slow) in their computers, while other people would like to know how to speed up (or slow down) the cursor blink rate. Open Search panel by Windows+F hotkeys, type cursor blink rate in the box, choose Settings and click Change cursor blink rate (or Keyboard) in the results. If you think the cursor (see the following picture) in Command Prompt is too small to identify, you can go to change its size. Right-click the Start button (or the bottom-left corner), and select Command Prompt in the menu. In the provided cursor size options, choose one from Small, Medium and Large, and then click OK. For instance, if the Medium size is selected, the cursor size is changed accordingly, as shown in the screen shot below.

Remembering shortcuts for each and every macro is not easy so you probably required buttons with label to recognize macros and easily run them. Step# 1: Go to Insert menu and click on the shapes then choose Rectangle shape and give it name by edit text in mouse right click option. You can best use it as a calculator button like you must have seen simple accounting application which has excel cells for input and submit button to runs a macro that calculate and give you output. For your better reference, the article specifically shows you how to change cursor size in Command Prompt on Windows 10 computer. You can also open the VBA console window by pressing Alt + F11 and paste the below macro code. If you want format button, move button or assign another macro to the button, you can do it from the options available on mouse right click.

Select cell A and move cursor to the bottom right of the cell, a black plus sign will appear, drag the plus sign to cell C5 to copy the formula in these cell. Although you can Add or assign a button to macro in almost all version of MS Excel like Excel 20013, 2010, 2007 and 2003 but we are considering Excel 2007 menu to explain example here.

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