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Often new web browser installations or browser updates change default browser setting and set default browser to IE, Firefox, Chrome, etc that you do not prefer to use as a default browser. Since I'm a web developer and a web publisher, I often download and install different web browsers. And although most of those web browsers ask during installation steps, to set themselves as default browser in Windows 7 or not.
But sometimes the browser setup may not ask this critical question and change default browser to itself.
I'll demonstrate in this Windows 7 tutorial how to set default browser to IE in Windows 7 using Control Panel options.
You can set your preferred default browser to any other web browser easily as you'll see below in Win7 Control Panel screenshots. The first step for setting default browser in your operating system Windows 7 is starting the Control Panel.
Using the Default Programs Windows 7 configuration screen, Windows users can manage all types of file extensions and the default programs associated with those file extensions easily.

But instead of dealing with file extensions, I'll show you to change default web browser and set file associations related with web browsing in one step which is more easier and simple. If you read the description text for the link, "Make a program default for all file types and protocols it can open.", you can understand this is one step process to change default browser setting for many file types. Just click on the web browser you prefer to work with as a default browser and press "Set this program as default" button.
As you see, I have already installed Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox, Safari, Opera web browser, Maxthon, and add Google Chrome to these web browsers list, you can understand how important is to change default browser to the one that you prefer most.
But let's say you didn't chose this option and later on you want to make Firefox, Chrome, Vivaldi or Opera or any other browser as the default.
Scroll down to browsers section, tap on the existing "Windows Edge" and choose the alternate browser you want. Select your browser in the left pane (Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi or Opera) and click on "set this program as default". Pinterest badge A pinterest social plugin for blogs to show latest pins and follower count.

This will redefine the interface colors for the tabs, toolbar and its window frame.You can play with these html colors to make them nicer looking for you. This entry was posted in Vivaldi and tagged customize vivaldi browser, vivaldi browser, vivaldi color scheme, vivaldi colors, vivaldi theme on February 6, 2015 by Sergey Tkachenko. Unlike its predecessor (Internet Explorer), benchmarks report it as faster and more efficient compared to Chrome and Firefox. So you have to install them yourself and all browsers usually give an option to make it the default browser on startup. Here's how you can change it to Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi, Opera or any other browser of your choice.

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