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If any post or images that appear on the site are in violation of copyright law, please email me and I will remove the offending information as soon as possible. Microsoft is betting that Windows 8.1 will be enough to jumpstart stalled sales of new Windows PCs and to coax reluctant Windows 7 users into making the leap. I’m staying with Windows 7, Just look how long people used Windows XP and how compatible it was with newer software.
Not necessarily, you’ve got Direct X 11, improved start up and shutdown, better memory management, power consumption and better security along with cloud integration just to name a few. Also, sales of Windows 8 hybrid has increased to 30% for the month of August alone due to the update coming up +the new Intel chip and the fact that the all touch coming up will be under $500. Under the hood Windows 8 is the best version ever but it takes a while to switch because we have been using the Start button since the 95 version. I like the article but I know that this is a game changer now that OEMs are on board for it. Win 8 may eventually manage to pick up (because for many Win fans, Linux and Mac are not options) but Win Phone 8 will always be an unsuccessful pile of sh*t. At the end MS having spent million of dollars for all kinds of research will get the number one spot again… I think. I had a full-on real-life exposure to Windows 8 when setting up someone who was transferring their business application from an old XP machine to a Windows 8 Machine. What would have taken me about Half an hour with Windows 7 or earlier took me more than two hours…. When I got to my Office, I made sure to put in a another order to Newegg for a another set of Windows 7 OEM installs so I wouldn’t be caught empty-handed in the next few years.
As as for you Tech Journalists who earn your living PLAY-TESTING this Monstrosity…No, Nein and NYET. For most people who are only using it for normal Office work (Excel, Word, etc) they will see absolutely no noticeable difference. Think of it– ALL the Performance gains you cite are NOT inextricably tied to the deletion of the Start-menu.
As for the rest of your explication about Intel and Ecosystem and integration…you verged off into Reputation Management Drone territory.
Report from Stream shows that gamers running win7 32bit are moving quick to win8 as it is faster. I could list facts that proves W8 under the hood and elsewhere is much better than W7, but yet you have people who don’t like W8 (yet).

An OS from another company could do exactly what W8 does and be compatible to it with a different design that wins people’s heart.
Many businesses now (even from other countries) are designing W8 apps for their client, Racecars company, Airlines.
If you prefer a touchscreen GUI for a mouse and keyboard, you’re a weak minded idiot. I can’t be bothered to discuss any further with you, you have totally ignored the facts provided. I dont have aero running on my work notebook thats on windows 7, i no longer have windows 7 on any of my pc’s at home but didnt use aero there before i removed the windows 7 partitions. Funny, I have the tendency on trying to touch the ok button on my friend’s non-touch screen laptop running W7. Checking this box causes your machine to bypass the Start screen and go straight to Desktop mode when you log in. Windows 8 Is like Windows Vista in terms of trying something new and see how things go, so Im gonna wait for windows 9 when they get their act together and see IF its better than Windows 7.
This is just a M$ marketing ploy to fool the uninformed that they fixed all the complaints. I beta tested Windows 8 and we all screamed for a switch to make classic desktop a default on PC’s. But sooner or later, you still have to get used to the modern UI unless you prefer to learn to use another OS. Just as they saw no difference between flipping a company Excel sheet with 4 cores vs flipping the same sheet with a Dual Core. New games will be faster taking advantage of the hardware and better resource management from W8. Many businesses are adopting the new ecosystem because W8 is more manageable, in their infrastructure. But thanks God I used the non-touch screen computer first, otherwise I might not like the mouse use.
All three upgrades went flawlessly, although as promised the upgrade from Preview required re-installing all my applications.
But I spent many hours tweaking it to work like 7 and it still has me cussing at it at times. I’m not even talking about phone but for the Surface or other like the Nokia 1025 tablet. Though I agree that the only reason the phone is attractive is because of the Windows Blue update coming for it in early 2014.

I don’t have a dept full of worthless 20-something IT drones sitting around checking Facebook while they pull a paycheck. I have used the last version for about 8 months and then I tried it on the W8 Preview version.
Off course some companies are not ready for it yet, especially if they have just made the move to Win7. I agree with Fabien, W8 does feel a lot smoother and is more noticeable on high end rig… Transitions are always smooth in 8 whilst in 7 it is most of the time but you do get occasional random lag here or there, nothing serious and something we are all used to in real world use, but in W8 the UI has smoother transitions giving the appearance of being faster or smoother.
I agree with you about the choice thing, it was a bad call and they probably did it due to concerns of adoption rate for RT development. For laptops and desktops at my job, we had to disable Aero for certain people with weak hardware, that would need updated anyway. Matching your Desktop background and Start screen background also seems like more of a sop than any type of real increase in usability. They spent billions on research to prove all everyone does is play with their cell phones .It is the future!!
App bars have been made a little more consistent — with Internet Explorer placing both of its at the bottom of the screen now, for example.
One company I know because I used to work there for my internship is the Kraft Group (Gillette Stadium). Ive read benchmarks on many sites showing it marginally slower on some, marginally faster on others.. Many more settings are available from the Metro version of PC Settings, although not enough to do away with the traditional Control Panel entirely. Having also helped someone else upgrade directly from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 RTM, I can truly empathize with IT professionals in that position.
Unlike in the Preview, you also don’t need to flip down to the Application screen to search for applications. The niggling bugs that kept various pieces of the Preview from working correctly seem to be fixed. They allow you to boot directly to the Desktop, and change the way the Start screen acts to make it less intrusive.

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