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Bridging the Metro and Desktop divide, Windows 8.1 brings built-in SkyDrive integration (to Metro and Libraries in Explorer), and Search has been significantly bolstered, especially when it comes to web-based search results.
Pretty soon you won’t even be able to use yuor computer unless you log into a MS account first. But hey dont listen to a guy who has been doing IT for 15 years, stay afraid of change and watch while technology changes and leaves your traditional ideals behind. It is quite astonishing that, as the article points out, MS ignored beta tester input so completely. Absolutely true, I installed Win8 on the first day and hated it until I got a start menu substitute and configured to look like Win 7. If you think that the app environment is a better system than Desktop, by all means clunk around in it. And that is what I’m defending for myself, I agree with you that the MS-App paradigm is flawed and incomplete at this time. If it works for you that’s great, but you can do what you are doing without apps all in Desktop, thereby preventing you from the need to switch back and forth. One reason MS took out the start button was to FORCE people to go to Metro in order to find a program. If I were an avid tablet user ( and I am not ) I would possibly use windows 8 but as a desktop user; Microsoft has lost a customer. How do you like the way Linux developers made it so you can have several entire desktops, each with its own windows opened simultaneously?
I’ve been using Windows 8 for a good year now, in my personal experience, I have found the start screen to be utter ####, I prefer the start menu. I personally don’t even make use of the Libraries directory because most of my traffic takes place in the download folder from where I then send each file to their respective location storage. StartisBack is precisely what I got just a few hours after reaching my last point of tolerance with the start screen, I just couldn’t take it any more.
I recently clicked on the windows button on a Windows 7 PC for the first time in a while, I had a moment where I couldn’t help thinking to myself about how amazingly straightforward the start menu navigation layout is. Yep, the start menu is an absolute mess, just like having the dozens of apps shown on the start screen – a total joke.
Early studies found that beef stored in the dark over a period of three to ten days did not change color significantly, while beef stored under fluorescent lighting for the same amount of time began to turn brown after only 5 days. In a 28 day study conducted at the University of Zaragoza in 2000, ultraviolet light was shown to have a profound effect on the rate of beef spoilage and the creation of metmyoglobin, the pigment that gives meat a brownish surface color.
Beef displayed under PROMOLUX lamps and regular fluorescent lights with a PROMOLUX filter, which both block UV radiation, maintained virtually the same bright red color, fresh smell, low bacterial count, and low levels of metmyoglobin as beef stored in the dark, while beef displayed under a standard supermarket fluorescent light became brown and decomposed rapidly after only 12 days. After 17 days, meat under regular supermarket lighting had much larger percentages of surface metmyoglobin, higher levels of psychrotrophic bacteria, and poorer odour quality than the beef displayed under PROMOLUX lights or PROMOLUX filters, or beef kept in darkness. This study proved that ultraviolet light as emitted by standard retail fluorescent lamps accelerates bacteria growth, the brown discoloration of beef caused by high concentrations of metmyoglobin, and lipid oxidation which leads to rancidity.
PROMOLUX balanced spectrum fluorescent lamps and LEDs emit lower levels of heat and ultraviolet radiation than regular grocery store fluorescent lamps, thus reducing the rate of meat decomposition. PROMOLUX lamps and LEDs are designed for true color definition, they have a more balanced visible spectrum than other fluorescent lamps. This balance ensures that beef maintains its cherry red bloom while its fat and marbling are displayed in their true colors, rather than appearing brownish with yellowed or pink fat which often is the case with regular meat display lighting.

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and other groups estimate that up to $1 billion in beef are wasted each year in the United States, a loss of four to five percent of the wholesale price, while in Canada it is estimated that $200 million are lost each year as a result of beef spoilage in supermarket meat departments. Various studies have found that consumers consider color to be the most important factor when judging the freshness and acceptability of beef: they prefer beef cuts that are bright red. Bacteria contribute to the discoloration and spoilage of beef by accelerating the oxidation of myoglobin to metmyoglobin, the pigment that causes fresh meat to look brown. Windows 8 has replaced start menu with Metro start screen that can be little tricky for a novice. However the tutorial here is all about how you can increase or decrease the time, for which toast notifications are displayed by Windows 8. Here click on the drop-down menu under Show notifications and select the time you want for the notifications to display. Upon following the steps described here you can now increase or decrease the time for which toast notifications are displayed by Windows 8. LG Display replicates the company’s business scope expansion and business model diversification. I reverted back to Windows 7 after finally giving up after years of frustration of Metro getting in the way. If the Metro apps themselves weren’t so clunky, the navigation between them could be attractive in some respects. Seems like magical thinking took over in Redmond, that despite sound reason and ample evidence, W8 would propel MS into the 21st century. Even if you did, it’s not the three-digit price tag it is in the US- I think I helped someone downgrade and a license cost US$15-ish. So we go from classic to XP style and now to full-screen Windows 8 style, see a pattern there for all the haters? What do you mean I have to click throw 5 different things instead of just type the name of the program? When Windows first came out, it gave us more options, faster work environment, more efficiency.
You can see anything you want in the desktop and search at anytime by using a browser, which then allows you to search using different search engines also.
It’s about MS trying to keep people in a MS environment, keep them chained to the MS store, a MS account, etc. I had it during my few weeks with 8 and I decided to drop the whole arrangement and stick with 7.
At least the start menu was small and organised rather than being presented with dozens of icons trying to search. All fresh beef in this study were packaged in a modified atmosphere of 70% oxygen, 20% carbon dioxide, and 10% nitrogen. Compared to other fluorescent lighting, PROMOLUX lamps emit 86% lower UV B radiation, a shorter wavelength that penetrates and causes heating, and 52% lower UV A radiation, a longer wavelength that tends to affect surfaces. The yellow and green wavelengths that are predominant in regular fluorescent lighting are the most damaging wavelengths in the visible spectrum.
If the shareholders show a positive sign for the same, the company will reveal the new name officially by 29th Feb. It also reflects its transformation in corporate governance following the reduction of Philips’ equity stake, and LG’s commitment to enhanced responsible management.

And the entire process of changing the company name is expected to be completed by the end of June 2008.
MS was so proud to have gotten the ability to run apps 3 to a screen, and be able to resize them. The metro stuff has two uses for me: to glance data from the start screen (as in my Nokia Lumia 720) and to make a system (with indexing tweaked) and internet-wide search by writing on the new search charm. If you’re happy being in a MS environment and you trust MS to give you what you need when you search, then you will love Metro.
Win NT, 98, XP, 7 ( ok even Me and Vista ) kept things where people can (try to with Vista and Me) get things done. They want to make money off of every app a person buys by forcing them to go through the MS store. PROMOLUX lamps emit a more balanced range of wavelengths, including more of the red and blue wavelengths and more moderate levels of the yellow and green wavelengths.
As being discussing about some of the newly added features in Windows 8 here is another one i.e.
I played with BOTH previews and BOTH RTMs and I reformatted the hard drive put linux on it and slapped a MacOS VM on top of it.
I can have 100 windows open in the desktop and all of them different sizes, or I can INSTANTLY put them side by side, or cascade them.
I wonder what makes them compedent in introducing W8 to the public instead of just improving and releasing W7 with speed of W8, and maybe call it Windows 7+. Due to the changes brought out in Windows 8 many users face little difficulties in operating some feature in it.
MS is simply trying to force people into a MS world by forcing app-top and Windows Store on people. The thing is people get so distracted by the GUI that they completely neglect the under the hood improvements.
Like I said, the non computer literate and the Facebook crowd, plus lots of kiddies that are awestruck by bling bling will adopt Win 8 metro. I applaud those that stick to there guns and those that want to embrace what the Big M is giving them… Is there something that would make me reconsider and move back to windows for certain things ? Windows 8 is smoother, runs faster, has even better driver and software support, the list goes on. The Start button also makes its illustrious return, but all it does is bring up the Metro interface. The Start button can be configured to bring up a rejigged All Apps view, which is kind of like a full-screen Start menu, but it’s still a piggish to navigate with a mouse. Multi-monitor support for Metro has improved, too, allowing you to have multiple apps split-screened on multiple monitors.The Start screen is more configurable, the Lock screen is more functional (it now makes a great digital photo frame), and lots of stock apps have received much-needed updates.

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