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When you connect a router to the Internet it gets a few settings from your ISP automatically.
Some ISPs choose to abuse the DNS system and map unknown names to servers that they control.
By changing your DNS setting in your router you will effectively change the DNS setting for every computer on your network. There are 2 really great DNS servers on the Internet that you can choose from right now: Google Public DNS and OpenDNS.
When you change the DNS settings in your router, you usually have to enter a Primary and a Secondary setting. To get started configuring the Alcatel-Lucent I-240W-Q DNS page you need to login to your router. When you are on the Device Information page of the Alcatel-Lucent I-240W-Q you should see some links on the left side of the page.
The first box is labeled Domain Name, you can either leave this box empty or type in the word local. Next is the IP Address, enter the primary address of the DNS server you have chosen for your network. Now you are able to enter another address, again either leave the Domain Name blank or type in local and add the secondary address of the DNS Server in the box labeled IP Address.
Most devices on your network will not begin using the new DNS settings until they have been rebooted.
Here on NDC, we strive to provide access to American Netflix in the UK, Canada, and internationally. Free DNS codes stop working every few days, leaving you to change them over and over again. Hackers have been known to distribute free DNS codes throughout the web in order to steal your sensitive information.
That being said, I’ve found a much better alternative to accessing the US Netflix called Overplay.
Overplay allows you to access the American Netflix (and all other regions), as well hundreds other channels like Hulu Plus, HBONow, SlingTV, Amazon Instant, and more. Overplay provides it’s users with an exclusive DNS code that is confirmed to be safe. You’ll also be able to access every region of Netflix (25+ countries and counting), including the US, UK, Canada, and more!
Overplay works with all devices including iPads, iPhones, android devices, Smart TVs, set-top boxes, gaming consoles, and more! For you Better Call Saul fans, you’ll be able to access each episode a day after it airs through the UK Netflix! For a limited time, we are giving away one month of Overplay to NetflixDNSCode users for $0.99! The codes listed towards the top are the ones that have been confirmed to be working the most. Note: We realize that several of the best servers have stopped working over the past few days.
As many of you have probably realized over the past few weeks, Netflix’s proxy crackdown has blocked a large number of VPNs, proxies, and SmartDNS servers. As many of you probably have probably already heard by now, Netflix expanded into 130 new countries as of January 7th.

Firstly, it can be expected that a lot of these new countries will have sparse content catalogues to begin with. Regions like Italy and Japan which launched in September and October (respectively) both still have around 1200 and 1700 titles (respectively).
Both of the these regions are dwarfed by the massive American Netflix catalogue, containing over 8,000 titles at the time of this article being published.
Thus, it is inevitable that the clever people from these 130 countries will figure this out and come NetflixDNSCodes in order to access all the great content possible with American Netflix DNS Codes. Along with its rival the PS4, the Xbox One is without a doubt one of the most popular devices used to stream Netflix. To do this, we will be using a special set of DNS codes that are managed by a company called Unblock-Us. Lastly, and perhaps most fun, is the fact that Unblock-Us allows you to access 25 countries (and counting), which means access to a total of 17,000+ titles!
2) Afterwards, click here and follow the guide to configure the Unblock-Us DNS codes on your computer. NetflixDNSCodes has partnered with Unblock-Us to get you an entire month of Unblock-Us for just $0.99!
With over 25 million PS4s sold worldwide, the PS4 is quickly becoming one of the more popular devices to watch Netflix.
We, on the other hand, just gather all the public DNS servers we can find and put them in one place. This method should take less than 5 minutes to setup, and will work for you regardless of the country you are in. 2) After signing up, go here and follow the steps to set the Unblock-Us DNS codes on your computer (compatible with Macs and PCs). With Apple releasing the fourth generation of the Apple TV just a few months ago, now is an exciting time to be exploring all the new features. As it so happens, the Apple TV is also one of the best devices for accessing American Netflix.
They are also optimized to work with the Apple TV (they will also work with any other device). 2) After signing up, click here and follow the guide to configure the Unblock-Us DNS codes on your computer (compatible with Macs and PCs).
This can be done in a way that you don't know it is happening since your router is getting its DNS settings from your ISP. This is because when a device is connected to your network your router automatically hands out its own DNS settings to that device. After rebooting a device you can go to it's network settings and verify that it is using the DNS servers that you specified. She is available on Google+ and you can find more of her articles in the Networking section of our site.
We’ve written a brief Overplay review for you guys below, highlighting some of their key features. Click here for more details or click the button below and enter the promo code to start today! I’ve received several emails with users notifying me of DNS servers that are no longer working. It may stop working, but according to the information we’ve heard thus far, the worst that will happen is a redirection to your native region.

Having already written several tutorial articles on how you can get American Netflix on iPhones, PS4s, Rokus and more, I think it is about time we discuss how to get American Netflix on the PS4! Unlike the free, public DNS codes we post here on NetflixDNSCodes, Unblock-Us codes have quite a few additional advantages. Unlike the free codes posted on NDC, Unblock-Us’ Netflix DNS Codes are guaranteed not to intrude on your privacy or personal data. This intermediary setup process is required in order for Unblock-Us’ DNS codes to work properly on your Xbox One. In this article we will be showing you how to get American Netflix on your PS4 with the simplest, most secure method available. Unblock-Us is a reputable company that has been running for several years, with hundreds of thousands of customers. Whether you’re in Canada, the UK, Australia, or wherever, this will get you American Netflix as well. Setting Unblock-Us up on your PC first is a necessary step in getting it to work on your PS4. 3 bars  should light up, which means everything is set up properly. Now, simply go to the Netflix region picker, select the USA region, and click Update!
Among the latest additions to the Apple TV are Siri functionality, a swipe-enabled remote, and perhaps most important, APPS!
While some devices (like Rokus) lock the ability to change your DNS, the Apple TV does not. We do not recommend using the free codes posted on our website, which are often unreliable and expose you to security risks. The process is simple, intuitive, and should not take more than a few minutes of your time.
Setting up Unblock-Us on your computer is required in order for Unblock-Us’ DNS codes to work properly on your Apple TV. DNS stands for Domain Name System and it is used to convert Internet names into actual IP addresses.
For guides on how to get American Netflix on a variety of devices and countries, please check our navigation bar. It doesn’t seem like Netflix has deployed its measures against region-hoppers just yet, so we have no idea what is coming. Number one is that unlike the codes posted here on NetflixDNSCodes, Unblock-Us actually runs, and maintains these servers themselves. However, in this tutorial, we will be using a special set of DNS codes from a company called Unblock-Us. Unblock-Us runs its own private DNS servers which are optimized specifically for the purpose of accessing American Netflix and other geo-blocked US content.
If you would like a much safer, and reliable alternative to accessing the American Netflix, click here. Among the new app additions are Shomi and CraveTV – perfect for Canadian cord-cutters.

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