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There may be a situation where the Folder Font Color and background color are same as shown below.
Or you want to personalize your windows by changing the background image of the folder instead of plain white.
If you intend to change your current theme, switch to a different one, or create a new theme, you may find the Design tab in Word or the Page Layout tab in Excel as the right place to start. First off, open a new document, choose the ‘Designs’ tab, click the drop-down arrow of ‘Colors’ and pick the color of your choice. Next, from the customize colors window that opens up, click the button adjacent to the theme color of your choice (for example, Accent 1 or Hyperlink), and then pick a color under ‘Theme Colors’. For creating a customized or your own new color,  click ‘More Colors’ and pick a color on the Standard tab or enter numbers on the Custom tab.
For changing the default fonts click on the Design tab, then ‘Fonts’ and pick the font set you want. Then, if the ‘Create New Theme Fonts’ box is displayed, choose desired fonts under the Heading font and Body font boxes. The author Hemant Saxena is a post-graduate in bio-technology and has an immense interest in following Windows, Office and other technology developments. Here is a black theme for Windows 8.1 with white titlebar text created by deviantart user x0lis.

While you can apply the black color of window frames using Personalization, Windows 8.1 does not allow you to change the font color, so it stays black and unreadable. Get this amazing visual style from the x0lis's deviantart gallery and don't forget to say 'thanks' for his great work.
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Customize the way the text appears in the Code Editor as well as other places in Visual Studio. Some even change the default app settings for you Textra allows for the colors, bubble colors, font, text size, notification icon and even a pop-up notification to all be changed exactly to your preference. AnywayFYI by clicking the "Customize it" button, you can make various changes depending upon what product it is, like change the background to have coloror no color, choose trim colors, move text or change font size, etc. If you code (or hack and slash your way through other people’s code) then you’re likely very familiar with Notepad++ as it is one of the best free tools for the job. Many people know how to use bar styles to change the color of the bars on the right side Gantt chart. It makes me share some tips, every time I discover something new with the productivity suite that I am not aware of. I open it up, agree to the terms and conditions, press install, and finally I press yes when it asks me if I will allow the program to make changes to my computer.

Microsoft doesn't provide that option, but there's a trick to turning the default white text to black. Continue by choosing the appropriate font type, size, color, and other attributes (when available).
But I bet you don’t know how to use text styles to change the text on the left side of the Gantt Chart, and other sheet-like views. Now you can get in there and change the menu text, title bar or secondary to a bright red color (or any other of your choice) that's sure to set you apart from all those me-too fanboys. Creating a System Restore Point first before installing a new software, and being careful about any third-party offers while installing freeware is recommended. There is no way to change the text color of an Equation Editor objectfrom within Equation Editor. I tested it on Windows XP, but I think it will work on VISTA (although, officially you can not change colors or background image in VISTA now). I want the text, which has a class of .open-close, to change from #FFA500 to #000 on hover, which worked.

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