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UPDATE: I personally would not go this far, but you can also patch the icons if you feel strongly about it. Scott Hanselman is a former professor, former Chief Architect in finance, now speaker, consultant, father, diabetic, and Microsoft employee. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and do not represent my employer's view in any way.
Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2012 and Visual Studio 2012 represent the next stage in the evolution of the Microsoft Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools. Unless one is using a modern version control tool like GIT or Mercurial instead of the overpriced, marginally-better flavor of visual source safe that is TFS Server. Number one change I wanted was being able to create a project and set security in one place instead of 3.
I was looking out for a tool that can tell me if a browser has the next-gen features natively implemented or not. The RNGCryptoServiceProvider Class implements a cryptographic Random Number Generator (RNG) using the implementation provided by the cryptographic service provider (CSP).
Specifically in TFS 2012, Microsoft has responded to customer feedback on the previous product version, improving the project manager experience by relinquishing the product backlog and iteration backlog worksheets in favor of an enhanced user experience on the web. Although there are some tools and code available on the web that let you do that, I thought of writing this post to let you know about the FREE Shareware Starter KitThe Shareware Starter Kit was released a couple of years ago by Microsoft and is a sample application that implements the common features in shareware applications.
When you're writing code you usually focus on the code so I'm more concerned with the colors of the code than the chrome. How this feature works is when you are working on your code in the editor and click on a symbol (class, object, methods, properties, variables), then all instances of the symbol are automatically highlighted. Although this was released a couple of years ago, you can easily follow the code to create one of your own or enhance it further.
There are also new features such as the Feedback Manager and storyboards to facilitate communication within the team. I'll summarize these and other improvements in TFS 2012 from the perspective of the project manager, developer, stakeholder, and business analyst.
I also provide two videos that go into more depth about TFS 2012's project management, local workspace, and code review features.
When the page loads, the image path of this control is set to the last element of the array.

The product backlog worksheet is a spreadsheet in which potential new features are added and prioritized.
During iteration-planning meetings, user stories are selected from the backlog and added to the next iteration using the iteration backlog worksheet.
The advantage of a setInterval() function is that it continues to repeat the process of triggering the function at a specified interval, thereby sliding the images in a cycle. This worksheet includes capacity planning, a burndown chart, and a way to manage when team members are unable to work -- for example, because of holidays or vacations. This isn't the SharePoint portal from previous versions, which still exists in the new version, but a newly designed Web Access application. From here, project managers can view and manage their project, administer iterations and work areas, manage team members, and access reports.
The Team Favorites section provides a customizable dashboard view of any query, recent source control changes, and a build definition history. With that knowledge you can use the Quick Access feature (the search box up by the standard minimize, maximize, close buttons in the window chrome) and search for Preview. Also from this screen, you can add new backlog items and assign an item to a sprint by dragging it to the sprint on the left side of the screen. Clicking this icon opens the Velocity window, which shows what has and has not been done in the current iteration or sprint, using different colors on a bar graph. For example, if a task is dragged from In Progress to Done, the remaining hours for that task will automatically be set to zero. If a task that is in the Done column is moved back to In Progress, a validation error will be displayed, indicating that a task cannot be moved to In Progress unless it has time remaining. These items were presented as treeview menu items that can be expanded and contracted by clicking them.
You can compare the differences in the two versions in Figure 6, which shows Team Explorer in TFS 2010, and Figure 7, which shows Team Explorer in TFS 2012. When you click the My Work link, a screen containing a view of work assignments is displayed. Work items that are ready to be worked on are dragged from the Available Work Items section to the In Progress Work Items & Changes section. As a developer works on code in the TFS workspace, the files show as checked out in the Pending Changes screen, shown in Figure 8.

TFS 2012 Team Explorer now includes a local workspace (the default), which lets you seamlessly work disconnected from the server, in addition to the server workspace, which requires a connection to the TFS server. Team Explorer enables the local workspace capability by saving workspace information in a local cache on the client machine. When the connection is re-established, this information is synced to the server and can be checked in.
While this combo doesn't replace every grey annoyance in the IDE, it gets you 85% or so there.Only Microsoft can give us that last mile. Another new feature found on the My Work screen is the option to suspend and shelve work and then resume the work later. For example, suppose a developer is working on a feature and is told to stop working on that feature to work on a priority item instead.
When the priority item is finished, the developer can then resume the previous work, and the environment is fully restored to what it was when the work was suspended -- even to the point of restoring windows located on multiple monitors. I like the default themes but I'm trying to customize them into something other than white background but can't find the option. When the reviewer clicks the code file(s), a compare window opens showing the requestor's changes next to the original version. For example, Figure 10 shows a conflict occurring because the same line is different in the two versions.
However, if one version changed the color style, but the other version changed the font size, this type of change will not be flagged as a conflict -- as it would be in earlier versions of Visual Studio.
Clicking the link in the email message opens the Feedback client; clicking the URL link in the client opens the application that needs review.
You can even open a captured screenshot in an image-editing application such as Paint and add elements to the screenshot.
When the stakeholder completes his or her feedback, a Feedback Response work item is assigned to the requestor containing the feedback details.

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