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Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other. There are no publicly exposed methods to access an EditText's hint typeface, but we can get to it with reflection. In the following example, we grab the EditText's hint Layout field, from which we can copy the TextPaint, set the desired Typeface on the copy, and then set that instance on the hint's Layout. I assume you'll want to set the typeface immediately after getting a reference to the EditText. The above code is just using one of the predefined static Typefaces available from that class, but you should be able to use whichever custom one you've got.
This could be easily integrated into a custom EditText subclass should you need this behavior on several instances, but if you need just the one altered, using the method as is seems the simpler solution.
Naw, I just thought the OP was talking about the faded background hint, not a pop-up; like here.

Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged java android android-layout android-xml or ask your own question. A CSS property which sets the size of a font, as specified in one of several different units. I tried to use previous posts on this site and searches in google, but I'm missing something. Hello, is it possible to make font-size same width as element and make it responsive or it must be fixed on every resolution ? After changing the base font size in Firefox settings the size of glyphicon-plus decreased while others remained intact. I'm using summernote and sometimes I need fonts with higher value than is available in font-size list. That user can write on this, I designed it by android widget UI, but How can I do it like this beautiful?

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In that case, we'll need to defer calling the above method until the EditText has laid itself out, and instantiated its member objects.
Now I want user to be able to click on buttons with + and - signs, to make the text in data grid larger, or smaller. We can do this by simply posting a Runnable to its Handler that calls the setHintTypeface() method.

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