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When you’re done you can preview your new site, and if you’re happy with it, you can save and publish your new website.
The navigation menu may not take a lot of space on your website, but it is definitely its most critical key component. Keep the “Show on all pages” option checked, since you want the menu to appear on all pages. Choose the font you like best (it may be necessary to make the menu bigger or smaller according to font changes). Some skins will also have the option to edit the “Corner Sizes” and customize the external borders of the menu. Promote your business, showcase your art, set up an online shop or just test out new ideas. This article will help you understand in how to customize the WIX Installer by using a third party tool WixEdit, which provides an interface to .WXS file.
These apps let you do a variety of things, some interesting apps are “Texty” which lets you add fancy texts to your website, or “Web-stat” which let you track your visitors, and ”Tint” which lets you display your social media feed on your website. Whether your visitors find your website user-friendly and easy to browse depends very much on how your navigation menu is set up.

You can choose a color for each menu function available for each skin (text color, mouseover text color, selected text color, etc.). Wix is a website builder thathas everything you need to build a fully-personalized, high-quality free website.
I ended up doing the following research with the help of google and couple of WIX related articles on CodeProject itself.
Here are 4 examples of how different your site can be just by changing the background and the color palette.
If you play around with the fonts of the header and body, just make sure your site has an H1 and other important SEO tags. Here, you can customize some of the settings of the element like the color border or background.
Your story told in text and images is the final distinguishing factor that makes a site truly original. That’s why we recommend you take some time to think about your navigation menu when creating a HTML5 website. You can drag and move boxes wherever you want and watch as the website quickly become your own.

When you select a palette, note that several elements such as the site background, the menus and the fonts, will change color. Note that once you choose a scheme, it will change the text everywhere, including the page header and body as well as menu buttons. This is the place for all things related to the management of your website pages (including adding, removing and duplicating pages). In this project, I've modified only welcome page background image along with the navigation buttons .
In fact, you can change so many elements in a Wix website design, it would basically be impossible to find the original template it was made from. This was a breeze for me since most of my clients videos have been uploaded to YouTube by their videographers.

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