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8 Minute Meditation is an app which helps in relaxing your brain with awesome and enchanted music. Instead is a micro-philanthropy app that allows users to impact the lives of others through donations while also making a positive change in their own daily life. Instead‘s ability to affect the lives of both parties involved in the donation process is both smart and motivating. It features awesome peaceful music which is specially prepared by taking into consideration all heart patients. The typical idea behind these apps is that many small donations can lead to a much larger impact. The app has intelligently used technology in order to inspire users to make a positive impact on society. It offers realistic nature music such as forest mood, mountain echo, and unconventional music.

From my viewpoint, the best part of the app is its peaceful music which is not noisy like other apps. Instead goes a step beyond comparable services, allowing those who donate to make a small change to their personal life that also has a positive impact. The app also has social elements to encourage users to complete challenges together, as well as the option for corporations to challenge their employees to work towards a common social good. This natural and peaceful music motivates your body to reduce role of excitement as well as hormones. In order to accomplish this goal, the app offers users various challenges that, when completed, result in the donation of money to a related cause. Instead does keep a small portion of the money donated (5%, which could be considered large considering the small amounts of donations processed through the app), but users can still feel confident their money is being directed to a beneficial source. It offers the music to help all the heart patients control their heart rate & blood pressure and forget their mental pressure.

The site’s homepage lists the example of a woman who is encouraged by Instead to brew her own coffee 3 times in order to provide clean water for three people. The app works directly with non-profits in order to ensure that the funds are being used wisely. After accepting this challenge, the woman brews her own coffee (saving money in the process) and makes a donation of $3 each time she brews a pot.
This money is directly donated to a charity which provides clean water in areas that need it most.

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