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As of this moment, the Galaxy Nexus is getting crushed in Laptop Mag’s Smartphone Madness bracket by none other than the HTC Titan II.
Update:  In about an hour and a half, we were able to erase that 900 vote lead and jump up by 1,600 votes. Believe me, I am no fan of the iphone…… but how was it burned in the first round? I love my Galaxy Nexus, notwithstanding occasional self shutdown, its the best phone I’ve ever had, especially with ICS. About Droid LifeWe consider ourselves to have the greatest Android community in the world, here at Droid Life. I accidentally updated my phone and lost root… Really want to uninstall this software update. Thanks to a changelog posted by Verizon, we now have even more details for the Android 4.3 update that is scheduled to hit the Galaxy S4 over the coming days.
The image above is just a quick look at the Galaxy Gear and how it will work with the Galaxy S4, but you’ll get a better feel for it by looking at our full review.
In terms of other goodies, it looks like Verizon caved in on Blocking Mode and has now enabled it on the Galaxy S4.
It’s a bit weird that Verizon released 3 updates to this phone within the past 2 months.
The only reason this came out quickly is because Verizon wants to sell a lot of Galaxy Gears and that’s easier when more than one phone works with it.

Wow if you don’t own a Galaxy Gear watch (which I don’t) this update is almost useless!
In the enthusiasts eyes the S4 and the N3 will be the last for Samsung, we will be looking elsewhere from now on. Unfortunately I doubt they really care about the enthusiast or modder market, we represent less than half of a percent of Android users.
Then the question becomes why not sell 800 trillion by unlocking the bootloader for the ones that want it and the ones who don’t care would still buy anyway. Go get the developer version of the S4 or One then if you need access to the core so badly.
If nothing else, at least HTC releases the kernels of their phones so that it’s easy to root them.
The update looks like a massive bug fixer, as it includes improvements to performance, brings updates to bloatware, and addresses all sorts of issues. You should get full functionality when paired to the GS4, just like you would see on the Note 3.
They also brought in Samsung KNOX, updated the phone to Android 4.3, switched Starter Mode back to Easy Mode, removed Viewdini, and fixed some bugs. I jumped on the $0.99 T-Mobile Sim Kit just in case I want to jump ship from Verizon in the very near future, The T-Mo speeds are insanely fast here in Denver. But again people are missing the point that there is no reason to not unlock the phones and make everyone happy.

Nice try Verizon, how many “improvements” did you have to come up with to convince us to update and loose root!? In the images included in this post, we not only get a deeper look at build VRUEMJ7, but also a Galaxy Gear tutorial for those new to the smartwatch, since the GS4 will support it going forward, and new additions and tweaks you’ll be glad to see. I have owned 3 of their phones over the last 5 years and all of them had very frustrating glitches.
So let’s show Windows Phone again how good this Nexus is and rack up some votes over there.
I even got a zero lemon extended battery that fit under the stock back but still didn’t like it.
We had to replace her phone three times inside 6 months for no other reason than poor programming on their part. She would plug her phone in to charge and when she came back it had turned off and would only flash lights when you tried to turn it on.
And when I contacted LG about the issue their response was that the G2 comes out in a month and should have fewer glitches.

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