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Reuters is reporting that a Russian hacker has stolen more than 273 million email passwords and are selling them online. This revelation, Reuters reports, comes from a security expert at US-based security firm Holden Security. If you, like me, use not only Gmail but a myriad of other Google services to keep your life organized (Google Photos, Google Keep and Google Map are soooo useful), a password change is in order. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. When it first commenced, people could only join when they were invited by a pal, however, as Google grew in quantity and quality, they eventually allowed individuals enroll themselves.

If true, this would be the largest security breach since hackers attacked US banks and retailers two years ago. This is where you’ll enter in your current password, as well as a newly selected password.
It’s for the reader who is interested in technology, but doesn’t necessarily live and breathe it. Eventually there comes a time when you might have to change your Gmail password to protect yourself from a digital intruder from stealing your stuff. Gmail was crowned largest email company, surpassing a lot of the leading email companies till then and has now a lot of active users around the globe and number continues to be increasing.

Gmail provides a lot of special features and services such as idea of common login you can use to login into Gmail and all sorts of other Google’s services for example YouTube, Picasa plus more at the same time.Do you want to change your gmail account password? In the crowd of countless emailing clients, it truly is almost challenging to write out which email application has better features and great power to fulfill your very own in addition to official requirements.

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