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Has anyone found a way of successfully setting the homepage in microsoft edge via group policy or logon script? I want to change the homepage in the edge browser via registry but it's encrypted and i see (protected - it is a violation of windows policy to modify.
Creative Posters Raise Environmental ConsciousnessHow many Carnegie Mellon design students does it take to get you to change a light bulb? One of several assignments given by Melissa Cicozi in her Design and Social Change class, the project asks students to design a poster showing how an individual can reduce carbon emissions by changing a single behavior.
While some of the students try to get you to make the switch to fluorescent bulbs, others suggest you turn the lights off altogether.

In a second component of the course, the students get together in groups and study the recycling habits of the Carnegie Mellon community.
Cicozi's Design and Social Change class is just one of more than 100 Carnegie Mellon courses exploring environmental issues through a variety of disciplines.
A few encourage you to plant a tree and even consider getting on your bike instead of into your car — all in the name of saving our planet.
After careful consideration, they design an improved recycling plan - complete with container and label design, a strategic plan for placement of the containers, a plan for "communicating the plan," and a proposed ad campaign for the nationwide college and university competition known as Recyclemania. Global Change Research Program has released the Third National Climate Assessment.Integrates federal research on climate and global change, as sponsored by thirteen federal agencies.

Judging by this year's design-a-poster project, they're all very skilled at influencing by design. Windows 10 has finally released a new and up-to-date web browser that is more secure and much quicker than that old internet explorer was. New microsoft edge browser in windows 10 follows opensearch standard for search providers, we’ve told you how to change edge default search engine.

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