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I’m going to walk you through how to manually change app icons on your iPhone without jailbreaking. Step 5: Delete the default icon and drag your replacement icon to the aforementioned app folder in iPhone Explorer.
I tried this process by replacing the default Twitter icon with the Tweetie 2 iPhone icon from Matthew Rex. As far as I know, the process I outlined in the tutorial is the only way to actually change app icons without jailbreaking.
If you are using the correct resolution, I still noticed that that can happen occasionally. I am on a iPhone 3G and was exporting the same icons you mentioned from Candy Bar,increasing the resolution doesn’t help,tried already. Just so you know, iPhone Explorer won’t let me drop files into my phone on a PC, but on my Mac it works beautifully. I have tried this with my iPhone 5 on a PC and it wont even delete the existing icon, the PC version doesnt have the buttons on the screenshot you have above, so I cant refresh, I cant view the actual picture of the icon to see what it looks like to tell if it has been replaced or not. In iExplorer it shows a changed icon but on my phone it is the same default icon that it was before. Some stock icons you can change, like iMessage, Phone, and Navigator (I found out via Cocoppa) but others I haven’t been able to change like Calendar and videos.

Here's another of those curios changes folks are noticing in the just-released iOS 6 beta: The App Store's layout and icon parameters have changed.
As you can see from the above screenshot comparison, the app icons are dramatically bigger (and so take up more screen real estate) in the iPhone version of the new App Store. Of course, while that jibes with recent rumors regarding a 16:9 iPhone display, it could also be a simple stylistic alteration. The file must be a .png file and the size must be 114?114 for retina display and 57?57 for older devices. If you use a square image, iOS will automatically round the corners to make the icon look uniform to the rest of your homescreen.
They have to be decompressed in order to see the directory tree given above in that screenshot.
I haven’t released anything to the App Store since they were just test apps to get my feet wet. The only thing I can recommend is to try exporting the icon again in CandyBar with a slightly higher resolution until the app is no longer undersized on your homescreen.
I tried to use iExplorer to see if I could access the images for them and I couldn’t find them. One source, speaking on the condition of anonymity due to Apple's strict NDA, opines that the change seems to favor a display with more vertical pixels than the current iPhones offer.

In truth, the new layout doesn't look at all bad applied to the iPhone's existing 3:2 constraints, so there's still some hope that said ratio will be preserved in the new model. If you want to make a retina display icon for an app that hasn’t been updated yet, 114?114 is the resolution to use. Just make sure to keep a backup of your app’s original icon in case you ever want to switch back. Either way, you can’t change the icon of an App Store App without going into the iDevice itself and modifying it like the article describes. This is also great as a lot of really popular apps still don’t have retina display optimised icons yet and I’ve got a bunch that are fuzzy and nasty looking!
Another problem I was thinking about is how would you customize your calendar icon and still get it to change the date everyday?

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