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Vendula FerschmannovaPosted on Tue, Oct 13, 2015 2:10 PMFor support, visit our public forum or contact Kerio Technical support. Unlocking rulesPrivileged users can continue to filtered websites if you enable this right for them. Zdenek KleknerPosted on Mon, Jan 18, 2016 1:58 PMFor support, visit our public forum or contact Kerio Technical support.
Vendula FerschmannovaPosted on Tue, Oct 13, 2015 1:55 PMFor support, visit our public forum or contact Kerio Technical support. If you have set up any firewall, even if it was only a simple home appliance, you are unlikely to experience any difficulties with the initial setup of Kerio Control.
Test VPN Access If you didn't tell the wizard to configure VPN access, run it again and do it now. The other reason I want you to configure VPN access is that this may allow you to skip configuring some inbound rules. If a packet matches an Allow OR a Deny rule, that's where it either stops or is let through.
If it does not match, the next rule is examined on so on until the "Block other traffic" rule is reached at the bottom.

Displaying the appliance statusWhen you connect your appliances to MyKerio, you can see their status in the Appliances section.
Zdenek KleknerPosted on Wed, May 4, 2016 2:50 PMFor support, visit our public forum or contact Kerio Technical support. Of course you need to know your basic network configuration, but the setup wizard will ask you for that and do the necessary work. Before you start adding rules for special cases, let's just verify the basics.First, you should have let the wizard configure basic traffic rules. If you are not using the Admin account for this test, be sure that you have given the user the right to use the VPN. The SMTP and HTTPS rule allows any address to pass through, but the ssh rule only allows certain addresses; specifically my machine and anyone connected by VPN. More rules Once you have this much done and working, export your configuration as a safe starting point and begin to add your other rules. Do you have it now?If you are stuck here, and are sure of your addresses, it's probably MAC address caching or specifically expected MAC at your ISP connection.
They are simple to install and configure - you could call an 8 year old at home and have them do the test (or, if you are one of my customers, call me).

I doubt that you'll ever need that "safe" configuration, but it is comforting to have it and it gives you freedom to muck around and test things without fear.A common need is to allow access to certain ports from the outside world.
If we allow port 25 traffic as I have above in that first rule, no other rules are looked at when a port 25 packet arrives. For example, you may have an internal mailserver or need to allow ssh access to some machine. If I had put that rule at the bottom, the packet would have run into the "Block other traffic" rule first and would have been stopped there.
You don't need any static routes, you don't need any more rules, nothing else needs to be turned on or configured. This is very easy to do, but let's observe one basic protocol always:Unless and until you really feel comfortable with the firewall, all you new rules should go ABOVE the rules that the traffic policy wizard created. If it doesn't, your machine is not going out through this firewall - did you leave the old one in place and are trying to take one of your public IP's to this one?

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