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The Management Consulting Competency Framework defines the competencies and standards for management consultants, and forms the basis of the IMC USA's Certified Management ConsultantA® qualification (CMCA®). Leadership Horsepower - Expertise - Leadership development requires training in both the 'hard' skills of planning, strategy and decision making, as well as training the 'soft' skills, such as interpersonal effectiveness, social and emotional intelligence. Leadership Horsepower delivers revolutionary leadership, behaviour and communication training programs that are practical, effective and transformational. Utilising cutting edge emotional intelligence theory and the superior effectiveness of Equine Assisted Learning (EAL), our leadership training delivers amazing results. In order to increase emotional intelligence we must appeal to the limbic system (the emotional center of the brain), therefore the experiential learning must trigger similar emotions to real life scenarios. As you know, there are many ways to 'do' leadership, however we are actually remembered for 'how' we led. At Leadership Horsepower we pride ourselves in being a leader in developing and harnessing the power of emotional intelligence.
As a former Royal Marine Commando, Stuart focuses on performance through leadership, teamwork, wellbeing and productive behaviour. Stuart is passionate about creating programs that inspire real change and meaning for participants. Lee is a specialist in Leadership Development, Culture Change and Executive Coaching with substantial experience working with senior leaders. By combining his diverse career experience and professional study with his authenticity and creativity, Lee facilitates unique and powerful development experiences for his clients that directly improve their effectiveness as leaders in business.
Lee's humility and sense of humanity gives him an uncanny ability to connect with his clients to encourage a deeper level of understanding and self-awareness. Throughout this process, Helen discovered how much there is to be learnt from horses on a human level.
Leadership Horsepower is proud to work with a facilitator of Helens insight and wisdom in order to bring a richness to our unique and meaningful development programs. Anne started her career as a primary school teacher, then moved into university lecturing after obtaining a PhD from the  University of Alberta in Canada. As a result of undertaking various leadership courses during her management roles, Anne became inspired by the field of Emotional Intelligence and decided to obtain a qualitfication in counseling. She has specialised in Jungian psychotherapy and dream interpretation in order to gain insight into our personalities and how we relate to others.
Anne blends her corporate and management experience with her intuitive counseling skills and brings her unique combination of experience and skills into the team at Leadership Horsepower.
Completing the personal horsepower course has been a massive leap forward for me in my own personal development and effectiveness. Leadership Horsepower - Personal Horsepower - Leadership development requires training in both the 'hard' skills of planning, strategy and decision making, as well as training the 'soft' skills, such as interpersonal effectiveness, social and emotional intelligence. This one-on-one modulised program is designed to equip an individual with the specific skills required to gain a more positive influence and higher personal performance. The participant is then guided through a coaching process with the horse and facilitator to develop the new skills in a focused and supportive environment.
What challenges have you found when implementing green or sustainability practices in your business? Lack of focus on the team.  New managers often have not yet found their comfort level and they tend to revert back to their default communication style. Failing to offer and solicit feedback.  Employees need to know where they stand with their manager.
Delegating without authorizing.  Since time management is always an issue, delegation is important and often appreciated by employees.
Supervising everyone the same way.  Most teams are a mix of experienced, inexperienced, motivated and less motivated employees. Certain industries such as fast-food franchises expect employee turnover to be as high as 50 to 145 percent – much higher than in the manufacturing sector for example. When I started this series of blog posts about growth opportunities for new managers, I mentioned time management as the #2 biggest opportunity.  Managers working in a business that is already fast paced and somewhat frantic, like fast food franchises for example, find that once they have taken on a new position, their time schedule has become almost unmanageable. Get honest.  Identify the areas in your new position that you are not yet comfortable with. Start moving your staff towards independence by empowering them according to competency.  People will continually draw on you if they are not sure where you stand on allowing them to make decisions.
Allow them to get to know you:  what do they need to know about you that helps them do their job confidently and effectively?
If you over plan your day, you inevitably will run behind, and eventually run yourself ragged. Time Eaters can be our own ineffective habits, and some of the questions above may help you.  Other time eaters can be employees, peers, even your own manager - boundaries need to be discussed. Tell us how time management works for you, or what your challenges are – we know the solutions are often not easy to implement. The areas involved  can range from setting boundaries,  execution of appropriate professional behavior, managing moods and tempers, engaging in gossip,  and time management – amongst others. New managers frequently revert back to performing some of their old responsibilities, rationalizing that they can do it so much better. There is much more to self-management work, but I’d love to hear from you.   What are you experiencing? Especially in fast paced and high turn-over businesses, such as fast food restaurants, new managers are expected to hit the ground running. Thankfully it is not all that difficult to identify patterns in the leadership development needs of leaders in new positions. 2.       Time-management – A new position usually comes with new duties and new time parameters. 3.       Communication – These skills are usually not taught, much less monitored for impact on employees. 4.       Team development – It’s tough to show up strongly as a new team leader when you are still insecure in the new role, yet strong team-ability skills will increase productivity levels quickly.
There is so much more to say on each of those four subjects, so watch for my next blogs – I will get into more detail on each of them. It is easy to promote someone who does their job well  - but how often do we monitor how well they do with all their new responsibilities, and more importantly, how effective are we at supporting them?
Snow days provide a wonderful opportunity to pause and reflect in life.  Whether you’re held up in a hotel or hunkered down at home with family while the world outside is brought to its knees by Mother Nature, the best thing to do is to utilize it!  So on this fine Ontario Snow Day, I’d like to suggest that you take some time now to reflect, re-assess and re-align your direction.  I call it a life tune-up!
What course correction is needed in my life right now?  Based on all the new information and experiences and learning since you took a pause and reflected on things last, what needs to change to make sure you are tracking on target once again?  A full review of all areas of your life is in order once in a while to identify adjustments that might be needed on the plan.
What do I want?  So often we forget how to allow our ‘wanter’ to be activated, by believing something unattainable, too much work, or a pipe dream.  But every now and then it’s good to let those lost dreams bubble up, to play with them and adjust them until we gain some new clarity about that positive future outcome that we’d just love to create.  So pause and ask yourself, “what do I really want?

What’s holding me back?  Really, what’s getting in the way?  What gets me stuck?  And what support do I need to get through or around the obstacle to get back on track? So I hope you enjoy this break from the routine, even if it only afforded you a remote work situation for the day.  And I wish you all the best as you re-align your life towards more of what matters most and more enjoyment and success. There are many reasons why people hire a coach, and we covered several in our blog post titled Why work with a coach?.
If you have never worked with a coach before, it’s worthwhile to give some thought as to what you want your selection criteria to be. Finally, you need to know that working with a coach is most often an enjoyable, rewarding, enriching and often life changing growth experience. 2.      You have leveled out in your career, or you are put into a new position demanding different competencies from you, and you want to prepare yourself for the next level of success. 4.      You are unhappy with certain interactions with people at work or at home, and you are stressed by the conflict you need to manage.
7.      Your family or relationship is in a state of change or crisis, causing stress and anxiety.
9.      You are successful in your career but your personal style often leads to negative interactions or results. 10.  You are new in your position, and you feel lack of confidence, confusion and overwhelm. If you find yourself anywhere in those 10 scenarios, get in touch with us and we will discuss how we can help. If you are thinking of retaining a coach,and you want tips on how to look for a coach that suits your style and needs, read our blog post on What to look for when you hire a Coach. It will be the unconventional and unofficial leaders that will need to emerge to make a difference, challenge the status quo, dare to share a new dream.  Because so many of the designated leaders are blinded and bound by the system in which they operate that they can’t remove themselves sufficiently to get a realistic view of the situation.
These challenging times call for full spectrum leaders, according to Richard Barrett, world renowned for his cultural transformation tools and levels of consciousness model. So as you go about your day or week, as you make choices and decisions, try making them not from your past experiences or from your beliefs (which are often limiting in possibilities) but rather make your decisions from your personal values.  What choice is most in alignment with my values and therefore my aspirations and vision for the future? What do you notice is different when you make values-based decisions, rather than business-as-usual decisions? One example of the implications of carbon-based fuel scarcity is the need to reassess supply chains and just-in-time models in order to increase resilience against energy supply disruptions (in the short term) and prohibitively-rising energy prices (in the long term). The competencies presented herein set forth the knowledge, skills and behaviors required of successful management consultants. We value each participants experience and input and we support them through our programs with follow-up business coaching to ensure that change and action happens. Stuart shares with his clients a wide range of skills developed through a diverse career in the corporate and professional world. His diverse career background includes Finance, IT, Change Management, Relationship Management and Human Capital.
This special talent brings a richness to the Leadership Horsepower programs that sets them apart from other offerings. This saw Helen travel to UK, USA and Canada to explore training and advanced certification in Equine Assisted Learning as well as certification in Riding for the Disabled. Helen has accreditations with EAGALA (Adv Cert), Diploma in Counseling, BHS A1, PCAA (Level 1 instructor), RDAA (level 2 instructor) and is cert 4 in workplace assessment & training. She then moved into various senior positions in policy and management in the Queensland Government.
Her motivation was to become better equipped to understand and manage her relationships and those of others at work and at home, by recognising and understanding the emotions that influence our interactions.
A 360-degree feedback profile is gathered from team members and superiors to develop a personal action plan for the participant. Most new leaders are a little insecure within their new leadership position and this can lead to behaviors that are perceived as either over-assertive or under-assertive. They might retreat to an introverted position, not showing up enough on the floor, or they might micro manage to the point of annoying experienced staff.  Distancing themselves from those they supervise leads to misunderstandings at best,  increased uncertainty and poor leadership in the worst case.
Hidden agendas and unclear expectations have never motivated anyone to work harder or smarter.
Problems occur when the delegated task does not come with sufficient authority to follow through to successful completion. While in a low paying entry level job, turnover is always expected to be higher.  Most contributors to turnover can be directly related back to management practices.
Here are 6 time management strategies that I know have worked for some of my clients in the past. Classic time management theory advises that no more than 60% of the day should get scheduled.
4 Growth Opportunities for New Managers, -  I named self-management as the #1 growth opportunity for new managers. Susan has stepped into a new position and needs to step into completely new behaviors – no one has prepared her for it.
Her husband gets into an accident and  Susan has a hard time managing the stress of worrying, caring for him plus performing in her new position.
Discussions what this new role demands from Susan should be arranged with the boss as well as, to a lesser degree with her former peers. The industry does well in the area of systems and processes training, but often falls short in training for leadership development skills. I have dealt with numerous leaders at different levels, and I see similar issues emerge as recurring challenges for these managers. This could include gossip,  keeping boundaries, and managing moods and tempers, amongst others. Insecurities within the new leadership position can lead to behavior that is either over assertive or under-assertive – both impact employees negatively.
Backtracking from that exciting dream or goal, what are the milestones that need to occur back to now?  It’s far easier to figure out the immediate next step if we work backwards from the final outcome and identify the milestones needed to be achieved back to the present. Sometimes the thing that’s in the way is removed simply in the process of identifying it.  Other times, some work is required to uncover the root cause and to devise a solution. What relevant or interesting pre-coaching career experience that the coach have that may interest you?
The ICF is the governing body of professional coaches, so members of the ICF are governed by professional practice and ethics guidelines. These day many people “borrow” the name coach, but they might actually work in other areas, or are trainers or facilitators.
Look for level of ease in the conversation flow, professionalism, rapport between you, and listening skills (who talks more, the coach or you?

More experienced coaches typically charge more than junior coaches – but there are a number of trade-off’s to offset the price differential that come with more experience and training. Who else focuses entirely on you in any of your conversations, with no other agenda other than to have YOU be successful – however YOU define success for yourself?
A coach will help you get clear on your goals, identify your obstacles and help you overcome them.
Retaining coaching services, sometimes with involvement of your supervisor, is an effective way to advance professionally. A coach helps you identify underlying issues, develop helpful perspectives, and helps you find and execute options to deal with the issues at hand. A coach helps you identify priorities, and supports you in planning for more effective time management.
A coach can help you find your areas of passion so you can return to living with positivity and purpose. Hiring a coach for you, the family or a couple, will alleviate the stress by involving a neutral third person to take the heat out of the discussions. A coach focuses you, acts as a cheerleader and a sounding board and reality check, holds you accountable and celebrates interim results with you until you reach your destination. Your coach helps you transition into the new role by identifying patterns to adopt and those to leave behind.
Solving today’s problems requires a higher level of consciousness than that which created the problems to begin with.
There are three levels of progression: early (technical expert), advanced (expert management consultant and CMCA®), and mastery (CMCA® widely recognized for expertise and actively sought by senior level executives), all underpinned by professional behaviors and ethics.
His professional qualifications include a Post Graduate Certificate in the Neuroscience of Leadership and he is accredited in The Leadership Circle™. This has lead her to explore the benefits of working with animals and how they can teach us to become more authentic communicators. This is a plug-in that will allow you to leave a link back to your own site when you leave a comment. As uncomfortable as it is to hear about one’s shortcomings, better to be clear about where individual improvement is expected and will be rewarded. Empowering the employee appropriately, combined with follow-up and feedback assures that the employee is set up for success and the task gets done.
Honoring the old rule will keep relationships smooth, while still communicating any important information effectively. Turnover tends to be higher in environments where employees feel undervalued or ignored or where they feel helpless or unimportant. This is a plugin that allows you to leave a link back to your own site when you leave a comment. This practice allows for unforeseen events, running overtime and having time available for special projects.
Demonstrating professionalism and the corresponding behaviors are critical to success for young or inexperienced managers – so it helps to train how to self-manage.  Supporting leaders here will show strong impact on performance of the individual and their team. She feels she needs to offload some of the stress by confiding in Jenn and a couple of the other staff members she has known for a while. Transparency around her new duties and accountabilities will make it easier for everyone to adapt to the change in the management team.
Disgruntled employees can affect customer satisfaction, employee turn-over, staff morale and reduce productivity. Effective delegation also often does not come easily, at least until the individual is secure in their role execution. Procrastination of “difficult conversations” leads to poor execution of standardized procedures such as employee reviews etc. Listen to your gut when you are ready to make the final decision – it is almost never wrong.
Your coach helps to identify the key issues as well as core goals for everyone, and then helps everyone reach their goals. Your coach will act as a confidential critic, helping you understand what behaviors, conscious or unconscious, are preventing you from reaching your objectives. Form a new role (Chief Energy Officer) and if possible a new team, responsible for leading this major change management initiative for the long term3. Being intentional about which leader should use what style with which employee is an art and a science. Clearly, if managers come across as  impersonal, arbitrary, or demanding, there is greater turnover risk.
Get used to all aspects and expectations of the new job and use your advanced skills from the previous job to help your staff do their work better. Naturally, the topic of issues in the store comes up, and they also talk about fellow employees. How will this new position and the new responsibilities change their behaviors and their accountabilities?
Pretty soon the gossip mill is active and word is getting around that Susan is being very moody and emotional. The truth is that understanding and stepping into new role competencies is a challenge for most leaders, and smart franchise owners support their new leaders early in the game. I’d love to hear back – please leave a comment here on the blog or drop us a note at Integra Leadership and tell us what works for you! Integra Leadership keeps in touch with numerous coaches with various skill sets and background experience, so there is always a choice for you. Experimenting with these skills is what makes the life of a supervisor interesting and in the end, the proof is always in the pudding: how well your team interacts, performs and stays with you is feedback any manager can learn from. Fortunately, management behavior and communication skills can be trained and improved so that turnover can be kept to a minimum.
Sometimes they laugh, other times they vent their frustrations about other staff in the store.
Since Susan has been in the job for a while and has proven herself to be a capable and talented employee, she applies for and is promoted to the position of assistant store manager. This is a plug in that allows you to leave a link back to your own site when you leave a comment!
Clear expectations reduce time investment, as you don’t need to regurgitate every issue with each team member.

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