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Most elements in Windows 8 can be customized to one’s requirements provided that one is ready to go hunting deep into the Windows Registry. Changing the logon screen background color in Windows 8 is fairly simple, if you have worked with the Registry.
To change the background color of Start Screen and Login Screen, you can go to the Start Screen in Windows 8.1, open Charms, select Settings and then Personalize.
If you do not see an Accent key in the left pane, then right-click on Explorer, click on New and Key, type Accent, and press Enter.
The following figure sourced from MSDN shows the index of the color scheme as viewed in the System Settings. We previously covered How to Change Windows 7 Bootscreen, here at The Bloggie Man, today I want to share with you, a similar tool which will help you customize your Windows 7 logon screen, Windows 7 Logon Screen Tweaker. Change Logon screen background, Logon sound, Logon buttons, User picture, User name, Logon text branding. When you click on the Tools button on the bottom-right side of the program, all the above mentioned features are made available to you. The default login screen color in Windows 8 might not satisfy everyone and there has to be a way to change it. Feel free to learn more About me, Contact me if you need to, and ask to Advertise on the site if you think you're a good fit.
Hint: If you copy that new text color to your clipboard(Ctrl + c) then all you would need to to is each time white comes up first click the delete key and then use Ctrl + v to copy in the color. So use F3 to find the next white text, then use the delete key, then use the Ctrl + v to go through all of the white instances. After you get done with the Uifile 12400 and Uifile 12401 you will get a Compile script window that will open and then just click Yes.
After it has found all of the white instances you will get this window telling you so just click OK.
Now you need to take ownership give yourself permission and rename the .dll so you can change it. How can i change the text color to white?So i downloaded a theme for windows and it made everything black but i dont think the guy was thinking that the default text color of windows was black so i cant see any text so my question is. Logon Editor stands for an easy way to changing the logon screen in Windows 7 and replace it with any picture you want.
Once launched, Logon Editor will automatically show the logon screen currently in use in the largest part of its interface. All the tweaking is done in the upper part of the application window and all modifications will automatically become visible in the logon picture. The way the new photo fits the screen can be previewed in Logon Editor directly in an easy fashion.
If you have a different screen resolution you can type it in yourself or choose the easy way and set Logon Editor to open the preview in full screen. Reverting to the previous size of the application is not done through tapping the ESC key as most of the users would think.

Further options in the software permit you to modify the username to whatever you want and Windows 7 branding. If you are done tinkering around about the image you want to pick as the new logon screen wallpaper, you can continue the tweaking process by modifying the shadow for the text and buttons in the picture. One very handy feature for those prone to boredom easily is the possibility to build a logon screen and save it for later use. On the same note, if you open a previously saved logon screen the application does not let you apply it. There is a set of known issues with the application and there are also some unknown bugs at work in this version. Logon Editor is still in beta stage, but it fulfills its main purpose, that of freshening up the logon screen of your Windows 7.
Note: The application is still in beta stage and, as such we award it with our default 3-star rating. Here's how you can change the default Logon screen background in Windows 10 to use a solid color. As you know we’re now moving toward to “Windows as a Service” update model, where Windows 10 won’t ever (technically) be considered a complete product. Now, if you’re getting tired of seeing the same background image whenever you to type your password to sign-in to Windows 10, a simple tweak can help you to disable the logon screen background and replace it with a solid color that comes from the accent color you configure in your Personalization settings. Pureinfotech is your central source for Windows, Surface, Mobile, and Xbox - featuring latest Windows 10 news and leaks, Windows help & tips, deals, reviews, and recommendations to get the most out of your gadgets. If you want to change the default color of the logon screen look to change it to a color of their choice, this tutorial will show you how to, by modifying the Registry.
Sign in as an administrator and follow the instructions mentioned below to change the logon screen background color in Windows 8. Next, in the right-pane of the window, right-click in the empty area and create a new 32-bit DWORD value and name it as DefaultColorSet. This is a freeware made by Orbit30 at Win7vista forum.This is a really simple tool to use, allowing you to change logon screen background, logon sound, user picture, logon buttons, add custom messages etc. Noel Gallagher is an awakened soul who made me realize that I am a soul and that I am in a system of of manipulative control. Unfortunately, such feature isn’t present in the Windows 8 OS and you need to take help of a third-party app to accomplish it. Our forum is dedicated to helping you find support and solutions for any problems regarding your Windows 7 PC be it Dell, HP, Acer, Asus or a custom build. It can also add finer modifications to the screen, such as altering the text and button style.
The name is more than suggestive of its purpose but to make things clear, the application is designed as a quick method to modify the screen displayed by Windows at logon. It is also in beta stage (a pretty stable beta judging by our testing) and works only on Windows 7.
With the latter you do not have the liberty of typing in a text string yourself but simply select between the real Windows 7 editions: Ultimate, Professional, Home Premium, Home Basic and Starter.

You can disable all shadow, apply a light effect with half-opaque buttons or go with fully transparent buttons. Create several of them and load them alternatively without wasting more time making adjustments.
We noticed that whenever the application was launched it would display a message saying that it cannot retrieve the current user picture. But this edition is still in beta so everything is likely to be fixed for the final version. There are still some loose ends to be tied up, but all the major functions are stable and during our testing no important issues were detected. This change will tell Windows 10 to remove the default logon screen image and replace it with a solid color as a default secondary option. Simply, use the Windows Key + L to lock your current session and then when trying to unlock your PC, you’ll notice the new solid background color. Recognized as a Microsoft MVP, tech enthusiast and enjoys writing about Microsoft, Google, and Apple. It’s our mission is to provide great content to help users get the most out of their PC experience and do more.
This also can remove items from the logon screen such as the Ease of Access button, among others.This is a portable program so there is no need of any installation. We also provide an extensive Windows 7 tutorial section that covers a wide range of tips and tricks. Fortunately there are tools available ready to take on the challenge of refreshing the windows offered by the operating system and allow you to easily replace them with whatever pictures you want. Of course, for this screen to appear your computer account needs to be protected by a password.
This fact comes as a relief for newbies who’ll definitely appreciate the ease of use. For this you have the possibility to enlarge the application window of the program to a custom size or one of the presets available: 640x480, 800x600 or 1024x768. Or just send them to your friends, because every setting is saved in the file, so you can share the logon screen. For example, in Windows 10, the logon screen features the new default background, which we cannot change. It also contains a built-in Default button, which will revert back all the changes you made to default. Although, it’s a good design, we’re not expecting everyone to like it, even more after a while we always tend to get bored seeing the same image every day, and so it seems Microsoft has forgotten to add an option to let us change the logon screen background in Windows 10.

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