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When an organization approaches me to do any kind of organizational restructuring I like to address the project using change management principles.
A while back my colleague Linda Garrett Johnson and I completed a project with a government agency in which we helped to implement a state wide system of professional development for childcare providers. Organizational DevelopmentChange & Integration ManagementWill My Company REALLY Change? The expected result of this roadmap is for stakeholders to understand the Value Proposition of the Change and the pains of maintaining the status quo.
In order to effectively realign your organization, it is important to have participatory dialog sessions to uncover assumptions, values, attitudes and behaviors. Change Management consulting from Metaspire is simply the most effective way to keep your most profitable changes in effect because it is not just about managing change, it is about ensuring integration and sustainability.
Learn more about our  trainings, read our blog, or request your free assessment to get started today.
Organizational Development support for an extensive Capability Maturity Model Integration benchmarking project that identified $200 Million in technology savings by restructuring software development processes.
Metaspire is a Consulting and Coaching Company headquartered in South Florida (Miami-Dade, Ft. If you are serving in an internal change management consulting role, there is great value in having a set of core principles guide your way.
Similarly, the AIM change management methodology is derived from a set of core principles that provide directional guidance during the project lifecycle.
Since change isn't linear, these core principles provide the basis for a flexible, iterative approach to change management consulting that accurately reflects the reality of implementation. Stakeholders need to have a commonly held definition of both the present state and the desired future state. Implementation success requires the right number of change agents, with the right skills, traits, and characteristics, located in the right places.
No change occurs in isolation; it occurs in a context of all those priorities competing for resources, and is impacted by organizational stress and past implementation history and cultural patterns. You must communicate in the Frame of Reference of each Target, with a built-in feedback loop for every communication so you can check for understanding and identify sources of resistance. If your project conflicts with the current culture, culture wins unless you are significantly altering the reinforcements.
When an organization takes the important step to change their organizational, process or technology infrastructure, Novetsoph’s organizational change management consulting team will provide services to guide and manage stakeholders every step of the way. By applying an established, yet customizable, change management methodology, our consultants will manage all of the personnel-focused aspects of the change initiative in order to maximize adoption across the organization.

Novetsoph’s change management methodology aims to create a strategy to build awareness, gain support, and provide post-change implementation support for the change initiative.
Approximately 75% of all Organisational Change Management programs fail, largely because employees lack the awareness, desire, knowledge and skills to adopt new systems and procedures. TMS is highly regarded for our ability and experience in helping organisations overcome the barriers to successful change initiatives. We understand that poorly planned changes can contribute significantly to poor organisational health, including decreased morale, stress, deteriorating performance and team synergy, as well as absenteeism and increased employ turnover. As such, we utilise a range of strategies, processes and tools to develop engaging and change capable leaders, support human transition through change, fast-track team cohesion, and establish a positive workplace climate and culture, both prior and subsequent to change implementation. TMS Consulting has a long history of helping individuals, teams and organisations undertake change and realise the benefits from doing it well.
From this experience, TMS has developed the iADAPTE™ Change Management Framework for its clients.
We are very excited to announce that TMS Consulting has completed its move into a new, larger office in Melbourne’s CBD. If you are looking to develop a high performing team that is engaged and motivated, coaching will be critical to your success and must become a regular practice in your interactions with your team members. As we celebrate our tenth birthday, the team thought we'd pose ten questions to our founder and CEO, Helen Wood to get her reflections on the past decade.
This year alone we are likely to see major changes to Primary healthcare, Medicare rebates, private health insurance, prescription medicine payments, mental health care and electronic health records.
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We perceive organizational change as a chain of processes, which target the modification of some or all dimensions of an organization.
We differentiate our change management consulting services into consulting of 1st Order changes (organizational learning, further development) and 2nd order changes (transformation, radical new positioning).
Information & Contact Please contact us for further questions regarding our consulting Services. RGC Newsletter The RGC Newsletter keeps you informed on events, trainings, innovations, current special offers and RGC News. Change management, according to Wikipedia, is “an approach to transitioning individuals, teams, and organizations to a desired future state.” The change itself could include a new software program, a revised mission or a different strategic direction. This plan is needed regardless of the stakeholders, but it’s particularly important if your stakeholders include a group or groups of people who are already feeling disempowered. In organizations, as in our own personal lives, the more information and context we have at our disposal, the greater our ability to manage it.

The Voice of the Leadership team, the Voice of the Customer and The Voice of the Employees performing the work will continually be aligned specific to the value of the change and what they must do to obtain clear measures of success. In the below model, we see a typical conflict facing people both professionally and personally. Lauderdale, Boca Raton Florida, Broward County, Palm Beach County) and serves clients nationwide. Novetsoph’s organizational change management consultants leverage their methodology to plan, analyze and implement change initiatives from the perspective of each and every stakeholder. Our consultants engage and communicate with the stakeholders in order to encourage collaboration and gain commitment for the change initiative.
Our approach to Organisational Change Management is structured to support the organisation, its leaders and its people through the transition from the current way of operating to the future state.
It is a framework that manages change in a way that is proven, sustainable and yields ongoing organisational benefits. Discover new opportunities of the management of change processes and chose the optimal type of organization (e.g. Develop the vision, values and adequate structures for your organizations together with us. In unseren Projekten geht es im Change Management, wenn Workshopgruppen ein Unternehmensleitbild entwickeln oder auch in Schnittstellenworkshops oft darum, eine ganzheitliche Sicht der Wirklichkeit zu ermoglichen. Our consultants understand the human element of change, and thus utilize customized tools, techniques, and principles along with organizational change management best practices to ensure all stakeholders have a roadmap to transition successfully from current state to future state. Our organizational change management processes, techniques and tools are designed to mobilize, train and engage all stakeholders to lead, coordinate and facilitate the change. Novetsoph consultants coordinate with the client to align the organization’s structure, performance management process, incentives, and evaluation plans to continually measure the success of the change. It is a step by step guide and toolkit within an overarching framework that provides everything you need and more to deliver on change effectively.
Throughout the change initiative, consultants help all stakeholders navigate through the transition, learn the new skill sets to assure success, create and report acceptance analytics, and develop methods to sustain the change so that both short-term and long-term business objectives can be achieved.
In this way, behavioral expectations are aligned, integrated and sustainable within the work environment.

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