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ProjectXChange offers a comprehensive three-day change management course for clients who wish to maximise their understanding of the change process and learn to recognise it as an opportunity rather than a threat. Participants are taught the change management methodology and given the opportunity to apply the information in a practical way through the introduction of a case study at the start of the course. Change management is essential for the smooth transitioning of individuals or teams into a desired future state. In any organization change directly affects all departments, from entry level to senior management. TBAE’s Change Management Course offer leaders tools to implement changes smoothly and to have those changes accepted by the team.
The Change Management Course is essential for every leader who wants to be successful in a modern society where the only certainty is change. While there are numerous approaches and tools that can be used to improve the organization, all of them ultimately prescribe adjustments to one or more of the four parts of the organization listed above.
Responding to change requires a continuous change programme where the company can constantly and dynamically adapt. Going through change can be quite costly, but it is a necessary part of progressing forward. This course is designed to help the participants familiarise themselves with these topics so they can be prepared to handle them when designing or executing a change management programme.
What are major established theories on change management and how do they compare with each other? What goes through people’s mind when they are confronted with change in different stages? What are the 8 stages of change and what should you consider in each stage to maximise the likelihood of success?
What are the common problems when managing changes that if neglected can seriously impact the change process?
What are various options in filling these skill gaps and what are each methods advantages and disadvantages?
What are the tools used for brainstorming ideas on change and structuring your plans and activities? What tools can you use to monitor the scope of change and make sure that your plans are consistent and are applied at the right level? Change management is an extensive field as it touches on many aspects of organisational management including psychology, behavioural studies,  general resource management and project management techniques.
The course can also be used for people who are subject to change and not necessarily in charge of a change programme.
Once payment has been processed, you will receive instructions by email and will be given links to the download pages.

Skills Converged is a unique company that provides professionally designed fully-customisable training course materials based on the latest research in learning & development. We can also provide this training course for your staff or your organisation anywhere in the UK. The effective Understanding and Management of Change is absolutely critical to creating highly successful – and the correctly targeted - outcomes. Change Manager™ is a highly practical 2 Day Workshop, whose primary purpose is to enable each participant and the Change Team to understand and utilise the skills necessary to maximise the probability of successful Change Initiatives.
The approach is a combination of self-assessment, traditional and new cutting-edge tools, which can radically improve your ability to identify, lead and successfully implement ideas for improving the business.
Contact us for more information, costs or to book for ProjectXChange’s change management course. Effective change management utilizes tools and structures to achieve maximum benefits from change and minimize the negative impact on those affected by the change. It is vital that every employee in the organization knows how to deal with changes effectively. In this course,  the participants will gain insight on how change is implemented and given tools for managing reactions to change.
Change typically results as a reaction to specific problems or opportunities the organization is facing based on internal or external stimuli. The course was enthusiastically received by all participants, and the Trade Hub was encouraged to host other similar training events to address change management in the future.
Our technological progress is affecting every area of our lives and as a result of that, the markets are changing quickly too. Alternatively, an organisation may need to go through a major change programme periodically to remain competitive. People in charge of a change management progress must consider a variety of areas such as organisational change, persuasion, how to communicate the need for change, how to gain momentum, how to overcome resistance to change and how to deal with powerful resisting stakeholders to succeed. Participants will learn about established theories of change management and reasons for failure.
As a result, this 1-day course is designed to focus on critical parts of this field to swiftly familiarise the participants with important areas, guidelines and techniques that are well-established in the field.
This course will help this group of people to better understand what goes through a change programme and how they can contribute. Courses are designed with attention to detail both on content and style so that you can deliver unique state-of-the-art courses to your clients and get maximum results. Download our training resources and extend your portfolio to meet market demand and deliver state-of-the-art interactive training courses.
Unfortunately, because we tend to underestimate the time and thinking required to do this, coupled with only a scant appreciation of the tools and processes which will add tremendous value to our efforts, many initiatives fail or result in negative and unforeseen consequences – or simply do not address the fundamental issues which need “correction”.

It will introduce tools and methodologies to analyse, identify and prioritise the optimum activities and resources to successfully fulfil the defined Change Goals. This Change Management Course is usually delivered in an intensive Workshop Style programme and can best cater for up to 8 participants. In our constantly evolving, present day context, individuals and organizations face rapid change like never before. One of the desired outcomes of change management is that all employees buy in to the changes implemented by management. Participants will be taught how to prepare for change by defining a strategy and building their team. While the notion of 'becoming more competitive' or 'becoming closer to the customer' or 'becoming more efficient' can be the motivation to change, at some point these goals must be transformed into the specific impacts on processes, systems, organization structures or job roles. Of particular interest was the segment on mitigating fear of change when modernizing government border clearance services. Organisations that want to remain competitive in this ever changing market need to be one step ahead of the change or risk losing out to those who do. They will learn what is involved in each stage of a change programme and what they need to consider to maximise the likelihood of its success. Exercises are also designed to help delegates systematically discuss various aspects of dealing with change. We find ourselves in a situation where change is not only inevitable but also necessary to remain competitive and relevant in society.
Effective communication, training and personal counseling are important tools for change management in an organization.
They will learn how to understand change on an individual level and how the lead changes in a group environment. This is then complemented by people management techniques such as skills management, persuasion techniques, coaching, mentoring and motivating. Through these discussions delegates will learn from each other on different trends and techniques in change management and also practice persuading others on what they think is right. The course teaches participants how to gain support for change through data gathering, addressing concerns and evaluations.
The trainer can then relate back these discussions to persuasion techniques discussed in the course for further training on the subject. Further topics covered in the course include: using appreciative inquiry, bringing people to your side, building resiliency and building flexibility.

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