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Read responses to questions regarding The Ohio State University Research Commons, its services and promotion that we did not have time to respond to during the “Fostering research community through library spaces and services” webinar.
Research intelligence tools can greatly facilitate the evaluation of research performance using citation-based measures, enabling libraries to tell better stories about research performance to the faculty and administrators.
In this webinar, librarian Jenny Delasalle will walk you through some key article, author and journal metrics and put them in a librarian’s context. Attendees of the 2016 Medical Library Association Conference in Toronto, Canada, are invited to an Elsevier luncheon featuring Dr. The global community of librarians, researchers, publishers and scholarly collaboration networks (SCNs) needs to work in tandem to improve the article sharing experience.

In recognition of International Women's Day, we would like to share a selection of articles below explore the role of gender in research performance and how analyses of gender and IS should employ gender theory. In this webinar three experienced librarians will explore outreach activities to engage various user groups, and how services and a physical space - like a research commons or makerspace - can enhance collaboration, interdisciplinarity and raise the profile of the library.
Scott Brady, Professor and Head of Anatomy and Cell Biology, University of Illinois at Chicago.

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