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According to a March 2014 report generated by the Project Management Institute (PMI), 48 percent of strategic initiatives supporting organizational change management are not successful.
The bottom line is that in order to effect sustained transformational change, you need purposeful interventions that have impact.
Don’t make the mistake of imagining that if client conveys a strong enough message at the start of an initiative, people will automatically understand what to do. This will help your sponsors reach their team in a way that ensures genuine commitment to the cause. Create structure, reward systems, ways of operating, training and development as part of any project plan. This model helps organizations identify and drive change through the tracking of activities and goals. Managing change is a strategic initiative that should be aligned with other projects taking place within an organization.

If you’re uniquely positioned to influence stakeholders and gain agreement about the case for change and the particulars of its implementation, build awareness by managing communication strategically. In order to build awareness and then create desire to support the change, stakeholders not only need information, but they also need plenty of opportunities to give and receive feedback. People won’t have a desire to support and participate in the change without consistent communication. We’ll release a “Part Two” of this article that will discuss how you can measure change that will clearly communicate value creation with our clients. There are countless thought-leaders of change management who profess they know the “best way” to manage change. Your integrated communication and change management plan should include a focus on active and visible interactions; face-to-face meetings, work groups, stakeholder interviews, coaching sessions and presentations. Thus, from an informal perspective, be attentive of the culture while focusing communication efforts that will govern front-line decision making.

Navigating change successfully requires that we execute the basics in order to take individuals through the change process. For example, distribute a change impact assessment before, during, and after the change initiative to measure the project team’s performance and maintain a “pulse” on your stakeholders.
Try working with internal resources to craft new messaging that reflect operational realities post-change to shift the “We just do what we’re told” mentality. Assessments are critical because they not only provide indicators to facilitators, but they also generate transparent discussions among project stakeholders when results are provided.

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