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Information for change, resulting from a modification project or work package, is assembled into a working set that undergoes the change process as a unit. An efficient search feature enables the user to easily find the relevant data to include in this set, which can include tags, documents, their metadata and files.
Full management of changes to technical information created by modification projects or work packages, with a full audit trail.
A multi-lingual, class library-driven user interface also enables a user to make changes to data directly. AVEVA Change Manager validates all data against your defined information standards: information handover specifications, external application registers and code tables. Familiar check-out and check-in features for tags and documents prevent more than one change happening simultaneously.

Built-in, best practice workflows support complex business processes and control change from initiation, through implementation, validation and publication back to the master systems of record. Role-based access control ensures that users perform only tasks appropriate to their role in the workflow.
AVEVA Change Manager has a rich integration with AVEVA NET for browsing, navigating, contextualising and visualising the digital asset. During and following the change process it provides valuable information back to AVEVA NET, including the reservation of new items and highlighting of items currently under change. Maintaining information both accurate and available requires standardised tools, business processes and procedures for controlling changes to information and synchronising them across multiple business systems. AVEVA Change Manager enables plant operators to optimise, control and monitor their change management process for all technical information.

By assuring information integrity, AVEVA Change Manager delivers increased operational efficiency and regulatory compliance on all types of plants.
But if information changes are not rigorously managed and controlled, they will rapidly erode the quality and reliability of asset information, leading at best to increased operating costs, and at worst, to hidden safety hazards.
Combined with AVEVA NET, the solution highlights information changes to its users, enabling better-informed decision making. Implemented as a combined solution with AVEVA NET Gatekeeper, users can validate new and legacy data against configurable, predefined information standards before making controlled updates using AVEVA Change Manager.

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