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When you change your password, you will also need to update any mobile phones, tablets and personal laptops that use eduroam wifi, University email, webdav connectionsA or anything that requires your University IT account password. If you have more than one or two devices connected to emailA or eduroam it may take too long to get around all devices to update your password, and you may risk your account being locked out before you have chance to do this. If your IT account is locked out, you can wait 30 minutes for it to automatically unlock, so you dona€™t need to call the IT Service Desk. On some devices if you have an eduroam connections, you may not be able to change the password.

If you use Apple devices you may need to do remove the current eduroam profile then reinstall it using your new password.
Otherwise, your IT account may become locked, as some devices will repeatedly attempt to connect with your old password until you change it. Where this is the case it may be easier to remove the connections from the devices before resetting your password andA add them againA from scratch afterwards.
You should remove the connection on all devices before you update your password, if you want to prevent your IT account being locked out.

Therefore you will need to forget the connection before you change your password and then set up the connection again once you have changed your password.A  This will avoid your account getting locked out straight away.

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