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Now that Windows 10 has Cortana, Microsoft's personal assistant, not only will your computer talk to you, but it will also address you by your name on occasion. I set my name to a profanity due to MS thinking they have a right to censor my Computer, which she happily says while at the same time she is censoring my computer.
If I type a word anywhere on MY PC, I as an adult expect that word not a bunch of asterisks. You can set it to address you however you'd like, from Heisenberg to Beyonce, by following these steps.

If Cortana says it incorrectly, click "That's wrong," and you'll be given the option to say the name aloud. Casey worked in publishing and product development at Rizzoli and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, respectively. Henry joined Tom's Guide and LAPTOP having written for The Content Strategist, Tech Radar and Patek Philippe International Magazine. He divides his free time between going to live concerts, listening to too many podcasts, and mastering his cold brew coffee process.

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