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Since we are based in Chicago, Illinois, the information provided here will be more specific to our county, but the Social Secuirty process for changing your name is the same nationally. In Cook County, when you apply for your marriage LICENSE you will need to put your legal name as it is now, how it appears on your drivers license or other legal ID. On your wedding day, with a Cook County marriage license, your ceremony officiant will be the only person who will to fill out and sign anything on the license. We recommend ordering at least 3 certified copies if just one of you are changing your name, and at least 5 if you both are changing names. When you have received your certified copies of your marriage certificate, the next step is going to Social Security.
Here are some helpful links to the Social Security website where you will find information about what documents you will need in addition to your marriage certificate, and how to apply at your local social security office. The specific application form you need to fill out is the SS-5 - you can download it online from the above link. When you have your SS-5 application filled out, an original copy of your marriage certificate to give to Social Security to keep, and other proof of identification (specified on their web site above), then you will be ready to go to your local Social Security office to apply for a "corrected" social security card.
After you receive your new Social Security Card, then you can go to the DMV for your new drivers license, apply for new passport, and change any other forms of identification that you had before getting married.
If you need more certified copies, you can always order more copies of your marriage certificate at any time from Cook County Vital Records. I actually went to the DMV today like a bum, not expecting to have to get a new photo done for just a name change, but I had to.
In my old license pic I was wearing Santa earrings and had a mug-shot look on my face because I had my test the day before Xmas Eve and I thought you weren’t allowed to smile!
Mine is so bad, hence why the turd bun was rocked, it actually is better now after keratin but I didn’t style it, so I threw it up! I think my best driver’s license photo was when I was 16…it all went downhill from there! In Iowa if you wear glasses they make you take them off so you can’t really see where to look for the picture!
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I have always found it fascinating how we as a nation will, in my opinion, interchange words into places they clearly don’t belong.  It’s as if we come up with several words for the same definition.
For example, after a person has gone through an extensive amount of education, hands-on training, and passed a litany of exams, he or she would be given the title of pilot and be given a pilots’ license. The implication is that they have demonstrated the skill and can be trusted with an aircraft.  And while most of us may not be pilots, I think we can all remember learning to drive a car, taking the exam, and the rush of freedom we felt when we first got our drivers license.
So, from those two examples, we can assume that when someone receives a license, they are qualified for the job at hand.  So far, so good- that makes sense. I don’t know about you, but the next time I get on an airplane, I want my pilot to have a license- not just a permit!
Truth is, they’ve never taken class, attended a workshop, or worked one-on-one with a coach or counselor.  However, with some brief paperwork and a few bucks, they’ve got a marriage license.
I realize that I’m throwing around semantics here, but my goal is to really get people to stop and ask:  Am I truly qualified to go through with this project? In a perfect world (wow, I’m really stretching now), when a couple applied for a marriage license, there would be some type of mandatory marriage class or workshop series that would need to be fulfilled before a license would be issued. The point is that we have to go above and beyond if we really want a marriage that not only survives- but thrives!!
However, in doing this much needed soul-work, we realize that being perfect is a complete delusion and we therefore release that fantasy.
When people discover that I’m a Relationship Expert and Life Coach, they often have a variety of questions about what I do and how I do it. References allow you to track sources for this article, as well as articles that were written in response to this article. After you are married, you will order copies of the marriage CERTIFICATE, which will also show your name as it is now. When your insurance, job, or other places ask for a copy of your marriage certificate be sure to ask them if they specifically need a CERTIFIED copy, or if just a photo copy will be okay. I am however a professional wine drinker ; ) Affiliate Links and Sponsored posts may pop up on HDL. Hahha my renewed one is much better and the guy even gave me a few options and took several pics!

Nate (the bf) came home for lunch one day and was like, let’s go get our new licenses! So it figures that in the six months I went blonde last year I had to get my new drivers licence (also for a marriage name change!), and I’ll be stuck with that photo for 5 years! However, your name actually does not legally get changed on your marriage license or certificate, no matter where you live in the United States.Your name change legally happens through the federal Social Security Administration. I got my first snow scraper thingy yesterday :)) It snowed this saturday though, and it was beautiful!!! It’s time to change your last name, there are so many important documents with your name on it that will need altering. I had to get my new passport photos taken on the weekend and they made me push my fringe out of my face.
Marriage is probably one of the biggest milestones in a person’s life and if we took pause to improve ourselves maybe we would have less divorce and be better parents.
Make sure you have your Marriage Certificate before trying to make any leeway with any of the steps below.
But the lady at the DMV asked what I weighed and I said 132 and she goes, oh we can put 125 if you want. Everybody kept telling me to wait and see and that it will not be exciting later when it REALLY snows :))) I’m enjoying it for now!
One really important factor before changing your identification (drivers license or passport) is to make sure you wait until after your honeymoon or preplanned trips before changing these docs. If you change it before your trip, the name on the official travel document and your identification won’t match.

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