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This presents a HUGE opportunity for you to help them with this chore and accumulate a lot of names on your database. Here’s a quick and easy strategy to WOW your clients and build your business by sending out “Change of Address” notices.
Linda sends out note cards in envelopes but I’d suggest sending out a post card with an eye-catching photo of the home on the one side and the new address on the other.
After a few weeks, ask your buyer clients if they got the post cards in the mail and if they need any more printed, or ask them if the emails were sent. Every time you have a buyer client close, get a list of their contacts and mail a change of address post card FOR them to all THEIR contacts. This strategy leverages off the TRUST your buyers already have with their friends and family… so your mail is seen in a more positive light than when you show up uninvited (as in the case of farming for new clients).

Usually I don’t learn much on article blogs, but I would like to say that this write-up forced me to take a look at my business and improve it! Today, I installed a software which I activated on a different PC before but it gave an error of MAC address check failure. Please note that some of the device drivers provide an option to change the MAC address but some don’t. Then continue to follow-up with your all your new contacts (now that you have their mailing addresses) with a monthly real estate newsletter that is not all about real estate – so it’s welcomed and valued instead of trashed. I have 2 network adapters, one is D-Link DUB-E100 while the other one is Broadcom NetXtreme 57xx Gigabit Controller. Disable and then enable your adapter and check your new adapter MAC via ipconfig -all command to be run on a Command prompt.

Right after that, I started online search for a utility to change MAC address in windows 7. For example, my current MAC is 00-18-8B-BA-DD-55, I will choose 0018 since the first four HEX numbers of the MAC are 00-18.
In XP, there were free utilities available on internet which changed MAC address but I couldn’t find such utility for windows 7.
To change the MAC of such an adapter which doesn’t have such option, you will be required to modify in registry.

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