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Install FVD downloader extension to your chrome browser and you will be able to download any video from Facebook just by single click. Using your favorite email client, send an email to that email address with Subject as the text you want to appear in Facebook Status. If you attach a photo with email and send it to your Post by email address, then it will be uploaded to your Facebook timeline with description as the title of your email. Using a Facebook application, you can easily track all your pending friend requests on Facebook. By Using Facebook Ads Remover for Google chrome, you can disable Facebook advertisements and enjoy cleaner Facebook look. By using fabulous extension you can Customize background colors of Facebook website and add custom background images, change font size and styles etc. Enjoy a full zoomed view of any photo on Facebook regardless of its privacy settings and without clicking on it using Photo Zoom extension for Facebook.
Using Facebook messenger for windows, you can access Facebook chat right from your windows desktop.
You can create stylish font text styles for Facebook status and other social networks using simple tricks. You can choose a custom title and description for links you post on Facebook by clicking on them.
You can now subscribe to updates of your favorite Facebook pages and easily get notified as they update their Facebook page status.
It is another cool Facebook trick that will let you send big files directly through Facebook. Live broadcasting on with a custom channel is now possible directly on Facebook using usteam. Login to Facebook account and get the email address of the person you want to add to as a friend. Finally upload that file through the previous window and your friend request will be sent to Facebook users with those email addresses.
Have you noticed that recently Facebook recently introduced a new feature that notifies Facebook users whether their Facebook private message is seen by the receiver or not. Facebook recently introduced stickers in Facebook chat and many new emotions are also added to Facebook chat. By using this website, you can generate inverted or flipped text for Facebook chat messages or status updates.

You can also generate crazy and stylish cool text for Facebook and get chat codes for hidden Facebook emoticons there. It is another fun prank for Facebook that will let you create custom Facebook status updates, alerts, events on the behalf of others. Again by using the above JavaScript code, you can modify status updates of your friends and have fun.
First of all open Facebook page in any web browser (I’m using chrome) and right click anywhere and select option named ‘Inspect Elements’.  It will open the source code of Facebook. Facebook allows people to like their favorite stuff but you can’t dislike things that you hate. If you know about another trick related to Facebook then share it in comments so that we can include it in our list. Sorry Mikee, Facebook has recently updated their privacy settings and now the option has been disabled. Asc ahmed raza please help me, my fb acount or my uses name i change several time my user name ‘and i want to change new name, how i can change user name fb ? All the articles on this blog are under our copyrights and so they can’t be reproduced on other pages.
About CokidCoKid is an organization with a unique editorial focus on innovation in progressive education and child development. Written for, by, and about teachers, aims to inspire readers and users to think beyond traditional boundaries, lead conversations, and create the future of child development. You can Turn off chat for some friends or become visible for selective friends using advanced Facebook chat settings. In order to do this, move your mouse over the page like button and click on get notifications. You can store files in the locker till certain number of days so that your friends can download them.
So, if you have added 5000 friends to your Facebook account then you will not be able to add more friends. Using ustream Facebook application you can record videos or broadcast live and share it with your friends and followers on Facebook. After getting blocked, you will not be able to send friend requests on Facebook even to people you personally know.
Now you can easily detect which friend is using Facebook secretly while keeping Facebook Chat offline.

Here is another cool Facebook trick that will let you send any image to your friends via Facebook chat as emoticon.
Remember that there is a word javascript written at the start of code else this trick might not work. After clicking on the any activity feed, you will be able to see the post and all its comments. Recently I have shared some Cool Facebook Fun apps that were much liked by many Facebook users. You will find a unique email address that will be used to update Facebook status using Email. You can also check notifications, recent friend’s activity, friend requests and messages etc. You can convert your Facebook account into Fan page and all your friends and followers will be converted into fan page likes. Here is a cool trick that will allow you to send friend requests to people even if you are blocked.
Just Install FB unseen extension to your chrome browser and your friends will never get notified when you read their messages. Just install Bulk Download images (ZIG) extension to your chrome browser and you will be able to download albums from Facebook with single click.
You will have to select your time zone and then enter your desired status message, time and date for status update etc.
So, after apply the trick, you will be able to see whatever is typed in the password field.
Just replace password with text and you will be able to see whatever is written in the password box.
You may also schedule status updates to daily, every other day, weekly, monthly, yearly etc.
In the similar manner, you can access as many Facebook accounts as you like using Google chrome.
Bank institution completely filled application given application format along with a photocopy.

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