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India, known to be a land of never-ending traditions and customs, and mostly those which are meant for women, has had a tradition to give up on a woman's maiden name and adopt that of her husband's. However, contrary to popular belief and the prevailing customs in India, the Indian law gives the freedom of choice to women to retain their maiden name even after marriage.
Moreover, as per a recent amendment in September 2011 to a crucial rule framed under the Family Courts Act, 1988, if a woman has not adopted her husband’s name after marriage, she can initiate divorce proceedings in her maiden name or any other name that has been adopted and notified in the official gazette and cannot be compelled to add her husband’s name to her name while filing a marriage related petition. So with the law on name changing being clear, and if you do decide to change your name after marriage, it can be done so by getting the changed name published in the official gazette.
Wedding websites are being popularly used by couples as the smartest way to share their big news.
Ironically, the Western world is seeing the fad finally starting to fade after thirty years. Now the more interesting part - Did you know that some Indian communities follow a tradition of changing the bride's first name after marriage? Personal orthodox beliefs are not what prompted Sudha Naik, a pre-school teacher in Bangalore. Shalini Mirchandey was thrilled when she learnt that her in-laws did not care for her to follow this norm of their community. Expert Advice, Personality, Immigration (US), Tarot, Hot Couture, Body Care, Matrimonial Laws, Sexual Health, Life, etc, Man vs Woman, Fitness. Even after Menaka promised to give up her modelling career, the Gandhi family were not ready to accept her.
Some communities in India have gone to the extent of changing a woman's first name as well, after she gets married, which in effect completely wipes out her identity before marriage.
There is no provision of law which mandates a woman to change her name after marriage which makes it clear beyond doubt that the option resides completely with the woman herself.
On the other hand, even after divorce, if the woman desires to continue with her husband’s name, there is no restriction on that, unless of course she does so with an intention to defraud him.

This can be done by submitting a form for name change to the Department of Publications (Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India) which is then published in the Gazette of India Notifications. Here are some magnificent designs of bracelets, earrings & rings showcased from the Surat Diamond Jewelry Collection. Not even an option until a decade ago, the decision whether they should change their last name to adopt that of their husbands is high on the agenda for soon to-be brides. Recent studies at Harvard show that an increasing number of brides in North America are now opting to take on the groom's last name; with no hyphens.
Sindhi, Bengali, Maharashtrian, Kannada and certain Punjabi families change the bride's first name.
Besides, I did get a say in the chosen name; only the beginning alphabet was calculated by him", says Heena D, a jewellery designer.
In India, there are two ways by which a marriage can be registered: either under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 or under the Special Marriage Act, 1954. Get a joint notarized affidavit from a notary public, which will list your maiden surname, your changed surname, your signature and pictures of you and your husband. This has been affirmed by the court of law recently wherein it was held that a woman had the right to define her own identity, and her name being her biggest identity.
Many women prefer to stick to their husband’s name even after divorce due to the cumbersome procedure of getting the name changed in all legal documents like passports, ration cards, voter identity cards, driving license and other official documents and also because the children might be using the husband’s surname. Some have a name change ceremony after the wedding, where the groom carves his bride's new first name in rice using a ring. However, she maintains her full maiden name (first and last) at work since it's just more convenient. The affidavit along with your marriage certificate should then be used to change your surname on your bank records, driving license, tax documents, passport and the likes.
The exercising of the option to change your name or not after marriage, should be solely a womans decision, and she should not blindly follow the traditions unquestioningly.

Many women today would respond by saying it should not be their burden alone to maintain peace in the family.
The new last name itself was difficult to get used to." Her sister-in-law to be does not have the same circumstances. Rupjot and Shalini, like many others, are questioning the old belief system where women should bow to any requests from their in-laws.
Nowadays, most women prefer to keep both surnames (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan a case in point). They reason that this is the best way to retain their own identity and merge with that of their spouse. Rebellious and fashionable, yet she agreed to change her first name, which many women equate to one's complete identity. Since Sunita shares the same first name with her mother in-law, she'll have to change her first name after the wedding. My parents and old friends continue to call me by my maiden first name while my in-laws use my new name.
So the latest trend for the urban Indian woman's signature is to appear something like ''Mrs. Imagine the comedy of errors in a household with two women sharing identical first and last names. Legally and professionally I sign with my maiden first name and my new last name (due to laziness I got only the last name changed on all legal documents).

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