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The change of your name may occur in situations like marriage or if a court orders for the change. In situations where your passport was in use for a time span of not more than one year, then you should fill form DS-5504. For those individuals whose passport has been in use for more than one year, they will be required to fill in form DS-82. In other situations, the individual might not be in possession of either a marriage certificate or the court documents showing change of names. When considering US passport name change, ensure you are prepared because it is a series of steps that have to be followed for it to be successful. The necessity to change the name on a passport may be a rare occasion but will still arise in many people’s lives. The process is a reasonably basic one which takes a very little time on the web and some mail work. For almost any expedited passport name change, actual proof has to be given to the issuing agency. All the web sites could have a typical form to be completed and the criteria regarding the existing passport must be met.
For individuals who have to have this completed in a hurry, there are services that are available that can make this process go very quickly, for a fee of course.
Websites like these are all fee based services and as with many other forms of expeditions, the faster you want it, the more it will cost. Along with all of the other information that has to be gathered, it is also a good idea to include an updated photo.
These expedited US passport name change documents will have to be physically mailed to the issuing agency and their suggestion across the board is that a trackable mail service is used.
In order to travel beyond the borders of our country, every citizen from an infant on up to a full grown adult must acquire a passport.
Who you are and the reasons why someone has changed their name are important factors that play into getting a name change for a passport. In cases of marriage or legal name change within a year of the date a passport was issued, changing the name on a passport can be done through the mail.
However, if a passport was issued over a year before needing the change, new guidelines need to be followed.
To prove identity in cases when no legal documentation of the name change exists, the government will require other items to document the name change. Parents or guardians who need to change the name of a child’s passport, several rules must be followed.
There are many twists and turns and special caveats that go into a successful passport name change.
US Passport Now has years of experience in passport expedition and ensures a simple, fast and easy solution in receiving your passport back in time you require. The Philippines has instituted the electronic passport (ePassport) system for all its citizens. Photocopy of any valid identification card where the middle name is fully spelled out, such as state ID, driver’s license, Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, or Baptismal Certificate, if applicant’s last passport is the brown one.
Self-addressed return envelope, with appropriate stamps for express or priority mail with tracking numbers via US Postal Service, or with pre-paid mailing envelope from private courier of choice, if Passport is to be mailed back. Philippine National Statistics Office (NSO) Birth Certificate, if born in the Philippines; photocopy of Report of Birth, if born abroad. Change of name due to divorce (valid only for those Filipinos who did not act as Plaintiff in the divorce proceedings, i.e. NSO-certified original copy and one (1) photocopy of marriage certificate, if marriage was solemnized in the Philippines (original will be returned). NSO Marriage Contract, with annotation reflecting the annulment of marriage, for annulled marriages. A travel document is a certification or identifying document containing the description and other personal circumstances of the bearer, which is issued in lieu of a passport and valid for one-way, direct travel to the Philippines.
Philippine National Statistics Office (NSO) Birth Certificate, if the passport is lost or the expired passport is the brown one. Self-addressed return envelope, with appropriate stamps for express or priority mail with tracking numbers via US Postal Service, or with pre-paid mailing envelope from private courier of choice, if Travel Document is to be mailed back.
Signature of the Notary Public must be authenticated by the Secretary of State where the Notary Public is registered (for applicants coming from states in the U.S. Four (4) original duly-accomplished Report of Marriage Contracted Abroad form, typed or printed legibly in black or blue ink, signed by both husband and wife.
Self-addressed return envelope, with appropriate stamps for express or priority mail with tracking numbers via US Postal Service, or with pre-paid mailing envelope from private courier of choice, if Report of Marriage is to be mailed back. All marriages solemnized outside the Philippines, in accordance with the laws in force in the country where they were solemnized, and valid there as such, shall also be valid in this country, except those prohibited under Articles 35, 37 and 38. Four (4) original duly-accomplished Report of Birth application forms, typed or printed legibly in black or blue ink, with the portion for witnesses duly-filled out when applying by mail.
One (1) original or certified true copy and four (4) photocopies of proof of Philippine citizenship of either parent at time of birth of the child, such as Philippine passport (original will be returned), and photocopies of alien registration card, for green card holders.  If only one parent is a Filipino at the time of child’s birth, the non-Filipino parent must submit four (4) photocopies of a government-issued identification card or passport. For parents who are dual citizens, four (4) photocopies of Order of Approval or Petition for Reacquisition of Philippine Citizenship, indicating the name of the child as a minor-beneficiary of the parent’s re-acquisition of Philippine citizenship. Self-addressed return envelope, with appropriate stamps for express or priority mail with tracking numbers via US Postal Service, or with pre-paid mailing envelope from private courier of choice, if Report of Birth is to be mailed back. The Consular Officer may require additional proof or documents from applicant to determine the child’s citizenship, identity, or eligibility for registration of birth under Philippine laws. Mortuary Certificates are issued when remains or the cremated remains of a deceased (Filipino or foreigner) are to be transported to the Philippines. One (1) original copy of the duly-accomplished Report of Death application form, typed or printed legibly in black or blue ink, signed by the representative (if deceased is a Filipino citizen). Self-addressed return envelope, with appropriate stamps for express or priority mail with tracking numbers via US Postal Service, or with pre-paid mailing envelope from private courier of choice, if Consular Mortuary Certificate is to be mailed back.
If deceased is no longer a Filipino citizen, reduce the number of photocopies by two (2) for requirements # 2 - 10. Under the principle of derivative citizenship, unmarried children below eighteen (18) years of age, whether legitimate, illegitimate, or adopted, of former Filipino parents who reacquired their Philippine citizenship under this law, may also be deemed Filipino citizens, if they are included in the parent’s application for reacquisition of Philippine citizenship. Dual citizens who wish to apply for a Philippine passport will need to make a separate application and submit the requirements as specified in "passport for dual or newly-registered PH citizens" link on the left. Applicants scheduled for oath-taking are requested to come dressed in at least decent casual attire, which does not include sleeveless shirts (for men), tank top, spaghetti strapped or mid-riff blouses (for women), shorts of any kind, and slippers.
The right to practice one’s profession, provided that a license or permit to engage in such practice is obtained from the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), or the Supreme Court in the case of lawyers.
Under the Comprehensive Tax Reform Program of 1997, incomes earned abroad by Filipinos from 1998 onwards are no longer taxable. Travel Tax exemption is being granted to dual citizens departing the Philippines and returning to the United States whose arrival is stamped on the Philippine passport and whose stay does not exceed one (1) year, the same privilege accorded to Filipino permanent residents abroad.
Dual citizens whose stay in the Philippines exceed one (1) year will pay the travel tax irrespective of which passport they are using for travel.
Residency in the Philippines is NOT a requirement for those who reacquire Philippine citizenship.
As long as the foreign spouse and children travel with the Balikbayan, they will be entitled to a visa-free entry to the Philippines for a period of one (1) year. Note: Documents submitted which are in a foreign language must have an official English translation.
Nationals of a number of countries with which the Philippines maintains diplomatic relations, including the United States, may avail themselves of visa-free entry into the Philippines, provided their stay will not exceed 30 days. US citizens who wish to stay more than 30 days in the Philippines and nationals of countries who are not extended the 30-day visa free privilege should apply for a visa before traveling to the Philippines.
Returning Balikbayans or former Filipinos may also enter the Philippines without a visa and stay for a period of one (1) year, provided that they have a passport valid for 6 months beyond the intended stay in the Philippines, a roundtrip ticket, and proof of former Philippine citizenship (e.g.
Of the above, the most frequently-applied for visa at the Embassy are the 9(a) Temporary Visitor’s Visa, 9(c) Seaman’s Visa, and the 9(e) Foreign Government Official Visa.
Applicants may check the Philippine Bureau of Immigration website to check if they need to apply for a visa.
One (1) colored photo, 2” x 2”, taken within six months before the date of application, showing a clear front view of applicant’s face, with a white background. Proof of Financial Capacity (photocopy of latest bank statement and an employment certificate from the employer indicating position and salary, or affidavit of support), for Tourist Visa (for pleasure only). Letter from employer or sponsor of the trip, indicating its specific purpose or nature and length of stay (inclusive dates) in the Philippines, for Tourist Visa (for business only). For minor visa applicants (below 18) traveling on their own, affidavit of support and guarantee from either parent, as well as photocopy of parent's bank statement. Self-addressed return envelope, with appropriate stamps for express or priority mail with tracking numbers via US Postal Service, or with pre-paid mailing envelope from private courier of choice, if Passport with Visa is to be mailed back. Four (4) colored photos, 2” x 2”, taken within six months before the date of application, showing a clear front view of applicant’s face, with a white background. A non-quota immigrant visa may be granted to the spouse and unmarried children under 21 years of age of Philippine citizens (13A) and to former Filipinos who have already acquired foreign citizenships including their spouse and unmarried minor children (13G). Processing time for 13A and G visas is two (2) weeks after complete submission of requirements. Four (4) identical colored photos, 2” x 2”, taken within six months before the date of application, showing a clear front view of applicant’s face, with a white background. Medical Examination Report, duly-accomplished by a licensed physician, which should include his contact details, and which should not be more than six (6) months from date of application, together with laboratory reports (original and one photocopy).
Chest X-ray, negative, standard size, or in CD (preferable), to be presented to the Embassy and hand carried to the Philippines.
Health certificate issued by US authority and authenticated by Philippine Embassy or Consulate. Secure a health certificate for each pet from a duly licensed veterinarian or from the U.S.
Enclose self-addressed return envelope, with appropriate stamps for express or priority mail with tracking numbers via US Postal Service, or with pre-paid mailing envelope from private courier of choice, if authenticated health certificate is to be mailed back to sender.
Enclose authentication fee of $25 (non-refundable) on money order made payable to "Embassy of the Philippines".
As the largest city and capital of Indonesia, Jakarta is also among the largest cities in the world.
Online passport services prove invaluable when you need a passport or any sort of passport service, and you need it fast.
A prime attraction in Jakarta is the National Museum, and there is plenty of stuff in this museum to explore. While exploring Jakarta, you’ll probably catch a glimpse of the famous National Monument at least a few times. Jakarta is famous for the plenteous shopping opportunities, and you’ll want to make sure to have plenty of extra room in your suitcase to accommodate your shopping. Gorgeous Fatahillah Square resembles a historic district in that an older section of the city and a great place to simply explore and experience the culture.
Popular for both tourists and locals, Taman Impian Jaya Ancol is an area full of entertaining parks and attractions.
The renewal or trying to add new passport pages are easier to obtain because only updates to the original information need to be added; initial applications can take much take longer. In their web site, the Bureau lists the many documents and steps required to get your paperwork in order. Expediters are professional companies that can work magic to get your request processed in record time with a us passport expedited replacement. The Expediter will have you respond to a number of questions to first determine what kind of document you need. Learning how to get a passport name change is important if you want your passport to reflect the change in your name since your most recent passport.

You have two ways about getting your passport name changed if your name was changed legally (due to marriage or court order).
In the case of passports that were issued less than a year ago, applicants are not required to pay any fee.
The legal document that proves your name change is important when applying for a change in your passport name.
When filing out a DS-11 form, the passport office requires you to submit this and the other supporting documents in person.
So, if you want to know how to get a Passport Name Change, then we’ve covered that in this article. Meanwhile, there’s another slightly different set of requirements if your passport is less than a year old. There are instances where applicants who apply for a name change do not have the required documents needed, such as the marriage contract and the court order.
Filling in the Form DS-11 requires you to submit your application plus the supporting documents in person.
So, if you want to know how to use a passport courier service, then we’ve covered that in this article. This season we were poised at the edge of our seats waiting for the latest in bridal fashion to make it's debut. When Jordan first spotted Jessie in 2004 at a Princeton University tailgate party, his friends told him she was way out of his league.
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Each of the nine bridesmaids carried a vibrant bouquet of parrot tulips and wore a cashmere shell and custom silk evening pants or a taffeta skirt in a different shade of blue. The ceremony was held in the Powerhouse Room where the couple exchanged vows by a mirrored wall of candles. Guests located their seats courtesy of a huge bug mural: Each insect illustration was printed with a name and table number. Next up: dinner and dancing in the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life, under the museum's iconic 94-foot blue whale. Aptly, guests sat down to either "land" (short ribs and filet mignon) or "sea" (Arctic char and crab cakes) entrees. The cascade of fondant rose petals on the white wedding cake was inspired by the bride's gown.
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If you had acquired other legal documents like national identity cards and passports, the names will be conflicting. In addition, the original document should be mailed together with the form, which must be filled out correctly. However, you will be required to provide some cash in situations where you require the process to take a shorter period.
Where one has an adopted child with a passport bearing their names, inquire whether you can transfer the child’s surname to match yours. Consider following the tips to avoid situations that might lead to rejection of your change request. There are several internet sites accessible which provide this and other passport services and they may all be found by conducting a brief search.
For most cases, this can come in the form of either a marriage certificate or court document showing the actual change. The actual passports must be more than one year from their expiration date and if this is not met, it must be renewed before the name can be changed. Even if the court documentation is missing, you will find steps that can be taken to make the changes that the applicant needs to have done. People change over the years and it is always best to have the most recent representation of the applicant on the passport.
This can be either the postal service with delivery confirmation or a private entity such as UPS or FedEx. Someone trying to change their name needs to send the government their old valid passport and a completed DS-5504 form with name change application. This can also be completed through the mail by sending the current passport and a completed DS-82 form.. The officials at the agency will need to be provided with 3 public records with the new or assumed name. Each situation requires different legal documentation and fees appropriated for processing documents. The ePassport features microchip technology and a host of other security features thereby ensuring that Philippine passports are virtually tamper-proof. Southeast Region, please refer to the directory below of authenticating officers of the Secretaries of States). Self-addressed return envelope, with appropriate stamps for express or priority mail with tracking numbers via US Postal Service, or with pre-paid mailing envelope from private courier of choice, if document is to be mailed back. Document must be authenticated by the Secretary of State which has jurisdiction over the issuing government agency or the place where the private institution is located (please refer to the directory of authenticating officers of the Secretaries of States).
Document must be authenticated by the Secretary of State which has jurisdiction over the place where the issuing office is located (please refer to the directory of authenticating officers of the Secretaries of States).
Self-addressed return envelope, with appropriate stamps for express or priority mail with tracking numbers via US Postal Service, or with pre-paid mailing envelope from private courier of choice, if document is to be mailed back. Hence, all Filipinos abroad, including those who have reacquired their Philippine citizenship, have been exempted by the Philippine Government from paying Philippine income tax on incomes earned abroad.
For this purpose, a Travel Tax Exemption Certificate (TIEZA Form 354) is issued upon presentation of both the Philippine and U.S.
Filled to the brim with culture, adventure opportunities, and busy city excitement, it’s becoming a very popular spot for vacations. This museum is all about he history, culture, and people and evolution of Indonesia over the years, and features tons of prehistoric, archaeological, and ethnographic exhibits. Huge malls can be found all over Jakarta, with some of the most popular being Grand Indonesia,Pacific Place, and Plaza Indonesia.
It’s pretty amazing to be able to stop and unwind in an area right in the middle of the hectic, busy city, but Fatahillah Square makes it easy to do just that. In this huge area are Ocean Park, Sea World, which happens to be the biggest aquarium in southeast Asia, Fantasy World, lots of restaurants and stores,flashy resorts, a beach, and more. Create the perfect itinerary, and be sure to get your passport expedited or replace your damaged passport as well.
You must jump through a number of hoops, including submitting it in person, proving you are a citizen, and many other frustrating steps.
They have pared down the application process because they know exactly what you need and can get it organized fast.
Try reading through one of the sections on requesting that your paperwork be expedited at the government web site, and you will quickly call an Expediter.
Time constraints for deliveries are less of an issue in New York City than in a small town in Alaska. Sometimes it is better to find help than to try to do something all by yourself, even something as simple as trying to get a passport replacement.
A name change applies when you get married (and have taken on a different surname), or your name has changed through a court order. What option is available to you is determined by the time when your latest passport was issued. In case your passport was issued over a year ago, you are required to apply for a new one by mail. If, however, you choose to have your application expedited, then you will have to pay an additional fee.
And since the office might be far from where you live, it pays to ensure that you have filled in all the information and have all the documents you need before proceeding. Just make sure you find out what your situation is before you proceed with your renew passport online application.
What you need to submit are: your latest passport, two copies of your recent ID picture, the supporting legal documents mentioned in the last paragraph, and the filled out DS-5504. If this situation applies to you, you shouldn’t worry because you still have an alternative option. Because of this, it’s very important that you check whether you have fulfilled every requirement even before you leave for the passport office. Just make sure you find out what your situation is before you proceed with your Passport application. Instead of beginning the planning process with a complete vision of your dream celebration, start with what's absolutely essential—a license, an officiant, a venue&mdashand build from there, says Stever Robbins, a Boston executive coach. Sit down with your fiance and come up with individual lists of your top five priorities for the big day.
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But the real action was on the dance floor, where wall-to-wall revelers rocked out to '80s and top-40 tunes. Buses whisked everyone to the West Village for an after-party at The Darby, an exclusive supper club. Liza, the chief executive officer of branding agency Apartment One, had just wrapped up the star's two-year creative campaign—Simon had scaled Mt. But it was perhaps the ring bearer and bride's 10-year-old cousin who drew the crowd's attention.
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Here, pastry chef Zoe Clark of The Cake Parlour, in London, baked dozens of macarons in soft, sunset shades and used the cookies to decorate matching fondant-covered tiers. If marriage was the cause of the change, a copy of the marriage certificate should be forwarded together with the form. In this case, you will be required to present the certificate of marriage and a recent colored photo.
The address to which the documents require to be forwarded to is usually provided on the form so one does not need to worry. For those that require constant use of their documents,such services will ensure that no travels will be interrupted and it beats filling out a new passport application.
Once a provider is situated, the actual instructions on their websites are fairly easy and the only real issue is the criteria that must be met. These documents cannot be uncertified copies or even notarized copies, and they must have the seal of the issuing body attached. Lots of the internet websites give you the correct forms and solutions required to complete this without the need to navigate elsewhere. While we would all like to think we are perfect, even the best of us misplace documents from time to time and when there is a crunch in getting the details of the passport changed, it is nice to know that it can still be handled. It is recommended to use a local photo shop that offers the passport photo services as the pictures will be properly sized for the passport. This insures the US passports safe delivery and return along with the ability to watch its progress and guard against loss. Once a passport is received, at some point, it may be necessary to change a person’s name for a plethora of different reasons. Documentation, like a marriage license or court order proving the name change, must also be produced. They will need to bring along their current passport with the old name and prove to officials that this was their former identity. Provided that their immigration status in the Philippines is as temporary visitors and not as permanent resident. Foreign spouses and their minor children may avail themselves of this privilege if traveling with the Balikbayan. The health certificate should be dated within 30 days before the date of arrival in the Philippines. You’ll need a passport before you go, but if you go online, you can get a new one, replace a damaged US passport, and more.
If you can, take the elevator to the top for some absolutely breathtaking views, and don’t miss out on the informative museum in the basement.
The square is full of interesting places to stop, quaint places to stop and eat, and plenty of opportunities to people watc asl well.
For those who have let theirs lapse, or for people who never had one, an emergency trip out of the country can be more than stressful. The Bureau of Consular Affairs, which oversees issuing documentation, understands this and does make some allowances for faster processing.
They state that you should have your document by the end of six weeks, three weeks for a renewal. They can come through for you when you need it most, and have even made claims they can get you on the way to your flight in as little as seven hours.
Trying to sort through the details will stressing about an urgent international trip is a surefire way to get a headache.
After determining the type you need, you must confirm that you are, in fact, eligible to receive one.
The cost for this service increases as the amount of time you have to get it grows smaller.
In both instances, you will have to go through the passport office for expedited US passport due to a name change. Once you’ve determined that, you will need to submit the necessary documents that each option requires.
These requirements are: your latest passport, two recent photos, the supporting legal documents such as the ones mentioned in the last paragraph, and the DS-5504 form for your passport name change.
The US Department of State recommends expedited passports for anyone who intends to leave within the next 10 weeks. This requires you to complete a DS-11 form, as well as submit your latest passport, two color photos, and pay the applicable fee. Aside from that, be thorough in ensuring that you have all the necessary documents filled in or attached before mailing or submitting them.
In both instances, you will have to go through the passport office for US passport renewal. This third option requires you to submit a DS-11 form for an expidited passport application, two ID pictures, and your latest passport, as well as pay the applicable fee. Follow our advice to minimize the stress, keep your inner bridezilla at bay, and still have time for your fiance, your friends, your family—and yourself.
This strategy will help you stay focused and stop you from getting caught up in elaborate, time-intensive details that you may have to cut out later. Some of his favorite time-savers: nixing a sit-down rehearsal dinner in favor of a cocktail party, skipping the Sunday brunch, and eliminating the bridal party.
While moderate exercise can boost well-being, drastic calorie-cutting and hard-core workouts can drain energy—and potentially lead to extra alterations come dress-fitting time. She later discovered Simon had concocted several elaborate proposal plans—not the least of which involved a mariachi band and bar takeover—but "when the day came for him to pick up the ring, he just couldn't wait," Liza says. At the top, a muslin canopy—hand-painted with the words "All You Need Is Love" by the bride's mother—was hung. The famous jeweler's stones have been featured 48 times on the silver screen (who could forget Marylin Monroe swooning over them in Gentleman Prefer Blonds?) and first graced the pages of Brides in 1938! Take a cue from your our groom's choice of wedding ring and choose a timepiece that will complement this lifelong accessory.
The result is warm and romantic, and the lucky guests get not only a slice of cake, but a sweet macaron treat, too!
For one to travel comfortably,it is advisable that you make the necessary arrangements for US passport name change. Moreover, there is one restriction and that is that minors cannot apply for such changes using form DS-82. Another requirement is that one should provide at least three public records that show your birthplace and date.
This is particularly true when the couple has made the decision to leave the nation immediately following the wedding and all documentation must be up to date.
Once in this office they will be asked to complete a DS-11 form and will have to pay for the new passport. Along with a DS-11 form, parents must supply their own legal documents to prove a relationship exists between children and guardian. The Philippine ePassport has an integrated circuit (chip) within its pages containing data that are essential in verifying the identity of the passport holder. The health certificate should certify that the animal is free from, and has not been recently exposed to, any dangerous or communicable disease, and that it has been given anti-rabies and other required inoculations. Be sure to bring your bargaining skills, because vendors at these markets are always willing to haggle prices. If your job demands that you take a flight in the next day or two, the cost is obviously worth it.
The following requirements are: your current passport, two recent color photographs of yourself, the DS-82 form that you have filled in, plus the original or at least a certified copy of the legal document that proves your name change.
On top of these requirements, you will be required to provide three public records with your date and place of birth that shows you using your current name for at least the last five years. Aside from these requirements, you will also need to present three public records with the date and place of birth that indicate the use of your current name for the last five years. Prioritize, manage your time wisely, and make sure "having fun" is at the top of your to-do list. Higher-ups will wonder if you're spending more time on invitations than on your job, and some of your colleagues may start avoiding you entirely.
Concentrate on details that will impact your guests' experience and create lasting memories. Both, however, are huge animal lovers, which made choosing the American Museum of Natural History as their site an easy decision. Our guests wrote notes to us and stuffed them in the wine bottles, which we'll crack open and read on our upcoming anniversaries." The couple also had a thumbprint tree guest book, painted by a friend, and calendars on which guests were encouraged to note their birthdays, anniversaries and other special dates. In addition, they should indicate that you have been using the old name for more than five years. These include the personal biographical information found on the data page of the passport, the biometrics of the passport holder, the unique chip identification number, and a digital signature to verify the authenticity of the data stored on the chip. Believe it or not, Jakarta is a great place for antique shopping, and these are often great places to purchase authentic hand-made goods and souvenirs. It’s fun to explore the cobblestone streets, the cozy cafes, the historic buildings, and to relax under the shady trees.
Depending on your case, it will either be your marriage contract or the court order on your change of name. The chip technology allows the information stored in an ePassport to be read by special chip readers at almost every international port of entry. The timing wasn't right." They stayed in touch, but things didn't turn romantic until Jordan's senior year, when he called Jessie to tell her he'd accepted a job at a private-equity firm in New York.

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