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Yesterday I found the need to change the password for MySQL (using WAMP SERVER) and realised that other people might need to do the same. On the right hand side under Login tab provide your new password and confirm the password again.
This entry was posted in MySQL Workbench and tagged MySQL Workbench, student project, Technicise, Tips by shovan. I have got read some of the articles in your website currently, and I like your kind of blogging. This is a short tutorial to show how to install Mysql and PHP on a Centos 6 server with the Webmin control panel.
2- To change Password manually, first enter your current Password in "Old Password" text box.

8- To use of new password after the copy to safe place, checkmark "I have copied this password in a safe place".
11- To mange Password Generator before click "Use Password", click "Advance Option" text link.
12- In this page, you are able to choose that how Password Generator make the password for you.
16- Now, everything is ready to change and save your new Password by click on "Change your password now" button.
I did it like this - purged, installed again and when asked entered password for phpmyadmin which is different from MySQL root password.
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Tried to log in to phpmyadmin as root with this password - not works (and works fine with MySQL root password). Users root and phpmyadmin have their own passwords and you can't log in as root with a password from phpmyadmin.

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