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A computer programmer has revealed how he was able to hack into any Facebook account using relatively simple software.
Anand Prakash, a product security engineer at Indian ecommerce company Flipkart, said he was able to access accounts without a password by using a common “brute force” cyber-attack on the Facebook website.
The flaw left Facebook’s 1.6 billion users at risk, although it only existed in the wild for around two days before it was discovered, and was quickly rectified.

When a Facebook user loses their password, they are asked to enter their email address, username or phone number, and are then sent a six-digit code which they can use to log in on the Facebook website.
As with a password, Facebook tries to stop hackers guessing this code by repeatedly entering different combinations, locking the process after a certain number of guesses. But Prakash found that Facebook’s beta website, which is used by software developers but lets anyone log in, did not have the same restrictions.
Using a program called Burp Suite, he was able to rapidly try all possible combinations until he found the correct code, allowing him to log in, enter a new password and log out other devices using the Facebook account. Prakash told The Telegraph the vulnerability was “very easy to exploit” and that “this hack was available to everyone”.
Luckily, Prakash alerted Facebook to the flaw, which rewarded him with a $15,000 (?10,500) reward, and fixed it in February.
The vulnerability was introduced by a Facebook update around two days earlier, and was fixed a day after Prakash reported it, but allowed anyone to potentially exploit it.
Professor Alan Woodward, a cybersecurity expert at the University of Surrey, said the simplicity of the hack was worrying. For starters, after creating new Facebook account – it is important change and set a strong password. Read moreYou can send ASCII Art (animal picture, flowers, greeting, person, and much more) through Instant Message to your IM's friend of Yahoo Messenger or MySpace IM by using Art Sender.

And why are they being so impersonal and not using your name?Subject lines used in this malicious campaign include "Facebook. He demonstrated the flaw to show how he was able to log into his own Facebook profile, and access private information including messages and credit card numbers. He said that all that a potential hacker needed was a Facebook member’s username, which can be found publicly by searching for their Facebook profile (Mark Zuckerberg’s, for example, is “zuck”). For few users, Facebook is life due to their profound level of usage and ultimate connection to online community of friends.
Hence, it is important to keep your Facebook account secure by changing Facebook account password regularly after certain period of time.
Type your current (existing Facebook password) and then type new password for your Facebook account in two text boxes (as seen in screenshot).
Also, you can try logging out from Facebook account and then attempt to login using new account password of your Facebook account (just to make sure that new password is working for you).
It must be different from your old passwords.You can also use complex password generator tool for creating strong password for your Facebook account and stay protected.

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