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UMC Climate Change Policy sets out policies and adopts various measures to guide the company in its practices regarding climate change. UMC established its Climate Change Policy, Low-Carbon Commitment and GHG emission reduction goals from 2010 to 2020 as the company's guiding principles. According to the product carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions inventory results, the major contributor of UMC's product carbon footprint is manufacturing, with the major sources being electricity and FC gases. In addition to promoting energy saving annually, UMC established its a€?FC Emissions Reduction Teama€? in 1999 to implement its FC reduction plan. New factories introduce new machines with lower greenhouse gas emissions, such as CVD machines using NF3 gas and RPS (Remote Plasma System) devices, in order to achieve the highest efficiency and lowest emissions.
Introducing high efficiency treatment equipment in end-of-process to ensure lowest emissions. UMC's energy consumption mainly relies on purchased electricity, followed by a small amount of natural gas; indirect energy is not used. Furthermore, UMC promotes energy saving programs in the office and public areas, accompanied with promotional activities and training to enhance employees' ideas and habits in energy saving and greenhouse gas reduction. UMC and other companies participated in the climate change risk assessment project which gained the support of the Science Park Industrial Association, Science Park Administration, National Science Council, Water Resources Agency, Taipower, and Taiwan Water Corporation to re-evaluate risks caused by climate change and extreme weather, including: interruptions to water supply, power supply, gas supply, transportation and communication, flood damage, wind damage, and drought.

UMC not only engages in climate change management but also requests and assists suppliers to follow our lead. Suppliers are required to collect carbon inventory data in their manufacturing plants, develop a product-based carbon footprint and provide carbon reduction performance data.
Suppliers are required to collect water inventory data in their manufacturing plants to establish a water footprint, and to provide a specific water resource management plan. Other climate change risk management- Due to the increased risk of storms, water shortage, flooding and transportation and communication disruption in recent years resulting from global climate change, UMC requires suppliers to prepare contingency plans, such as support from overseas production, to reduce the impact of such events. All measures are formulated by UMC's CS committee, approved by the CEO and executed efficiently. In 2014, UMC met or surpassed many objectives and will continue to launch more innovative measures to lead the industry and move the world toward sustainability. UMC has thus formulated plans to reduce electricity consumption and FC emissions in order to reduce its carbon footprint. Therefore, reducing energy consumption is the effective key to alleviate the environmental impact caused by the greenhouse effect.
Shane Bishop, pastor of Christ United Methodist Church in Fairview Heights, Ill, told the July 12-14 quadrennial meeting at Belmont University, “Men don’t become great because they expect God to do what God expects men to do.

Our goal is to reduce FC emissions by 35% in 2014 compared to 2010, far exceeding the 30% reduction level by 2020 set by the World Semiconductor Council (compared to 2010).
To effectively drive energy saving activities, UMC formed an energy saving committee chaired by the CEO. The committee will formulate plans, set targets, and coordinate with all departments to drive cost saving strategies and implement action plans.
The committee will hold regular meetings to track schedule, verify performance, explore new energy saving technology, and develop improvement plans to achieve noteworthy energy savings.
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