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A web browsers user agent is how a website knows what type of computer, operating system, and browsing app you are using. We’ll cover how to change the user agent for all popular modern web browsers available to the desktop user in Mac OS X and Windows, including Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. All new versions of Chrome include the ability to change user agent very easily, and it’s more powerful with more options than the simplified options available to Safari users. Chrome also instantly redraws pages with the new user agent, and if device metrics are set it will also use that devices set resolution size when redrawing the page. Note that if you hover over a specific user agent, the exact UA string used will appear in a yellow box alongside the menu item.
After selecting any of the user agents, you will find the currently open web page will refresh. Firefox can also do this by default, though it’s arguably the most clumsy of the modern browsers and thus not really recommended since some Firefox extensions handle it better. Keep in mind that changing the user agent does not change the way the web browser renders pages itself, unless it is being served user-agent specific content. The Army insist on making some of it’s applications very IE friendly, making it tough to do things at home. Now suppose, you are using Chrome on Android and you want to tell a website that you are using Chrome from iPhone. Phone must be rooted with a Super User app installed(Chrome doesn’t let you change UA String).
Unless you need to change it, it’s not recommended to change user agent as some website may misidentify your device browser and you may face bad experience. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was originally entitled Headcheese, but was changed at the last minute. Some sites serve different themes, CSS, content, or even different sites to different browsers and OS’s, and many developers often need to change their own user agent to be able to test these abilities and build these alternate sites. With Chrome’s user agent overrides, the user agents device resolution can also be specified, forcibly redrawing the page within that resolution. If the page in question happens to serve different information to alternate browsers you may find the page looks different.

For example, using an IE8 user agent is not the same as visiting a page with IE8 and letting it render the page, a need often mandatory for web developers. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Other than these some sites are optimized for mobile devices and they render better on such devices. If you change user agent, then a website may take it as different web browser while you may be using same web browser.
Now, users can set their own custom User-Agent string in Opera to deal with the sites involved in  browser discrimination.
After downloading and installing Chrome User Agent, open it, you should see different kinds of User Agents like iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone, Windows 7 IE10 etc including the default on too. For example, changing a user agent to a mobile device and mobile browser may cause some web pages to send you to their mobile websites, or serve a different looking page through a responsive layout. For that you will need to actually take the time to run Internet Explorer in a virtual machine on top of Mac OS X, that is free and fairly easy to set up.
For that you will need to actually take the time to run Internet Explorer in a virtual machine on top of Mac OS X, that is free and fairly easy to set up if necessary. There are also many magazines and journals which are viewable only with certain user agents. It will also help developers to test their web sites and applications by setting custom user agent string in Opera.Opera 12 is going to be the most feature-loaded release from Opera Software, with tons of new features. In the same way, a website can change its layout depending on whether you are from Android, iPhone or iPad. You can also switch to Desktop User Agent to load the Desktop version of any website (if the website loads its design depending on User Agent other than screen size). Now you can just open chrome and Chrome will always show the changed User Agent to every website.
If you are using Google Chrome, you might already know that it does not provide any option to change the user agent from the settings menu.So in case you want to change the user agent in Chrome, there are many free extensions available for it.
Popular web browsers like: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox support user agent switchers.

However, process to access settings for changing user agent is different in each web browser.Change user agent in Internet Explorer1. This new addition is specially useful for the web developers and users to figure out cross-browser compatibility issues.How to set Custom User-Agent in Opera?Opera already has the option to spoof the user-agent string to the that of Firefox and Internet Explorer. Users can opt-in to identify their browser as Firefox or IE to ensure proper rendering of sites. Alternatively, press Ctrl key to see top menu toolbar and then goto Tools > Developer Tools option.
User Agent Selector:This extension allows you to modify the User-Agent HTTP header sent by Chrome, so that you can mimic different browsers.
Different tabs can send different User-Agent headers, you can also add, edit, export and import your own User-Agents. This is a very valuable tool for mobile developers, but also for people at work who want to spoof their browser agent.3. To set your own custom string, type opera:config in the address bar and search for “Custom User-Agent” in the quick find box.
This will open a input box where you can enter your user-agent string to spoof the settings:Although, this feature may not be useful for a common end-user, it is certainly going to help advanced users and developers. It includes all the popular user agents including multiple versions of IE, Firefox, iPad, iPhone and Windows Phone.4. Tagged Opera 12, Opera 12 New Features, Opera Config, Spoof User-Agent in Opera.About the AuthorArpit Kumar is a web enthusiast watching browsers for long. It supports vast number of user agents including Android tablets, Kindle, Googlebot or you can even add your own user agent.
Switching to different user agent in Mozilla Firefox is more complex routine as compared to Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.
Enter the value and click OK button, now your Firefox browser is using different user agent.

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