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This is the easiest way to change the Mac’s login window background picture, you simply copy a new background image file over the old one via the Finder. After authentication, the copy should go as intended, and your Mac login background is now changed!
The above screenshot is dated from our past article, but this method has been tested and works in Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6!
A while back, OS X Daily showed how to replace the grey-colored background with your own wallpaper. If you like to take the manual approach, the instructions are the same as found on OS X Daily, but I found that making sure the image file was exactly 428 x 248 pixels and in a .png.
I changed the four files using the correct file names and now I have the grey login screen but no logo.
Pardon my ignorance, but what do you mean, “drag them into the following path”? If you open that location in the Finder (press Ctrl+Shift+G and paste that file path in), you can highlight the four files (probably in your Downloads folder or on your Desktop) and drag them into the folder.
I was able to change the Apple logo with or without the user avatars (as seen in one of the screen shots).
Strange that it works on logout, but not startup… I guess the only thing I can think is to boot into Safe Mode (hold Shift) to flush out any cached files, and then reboot again.
So it seems to have a CSS-like opaque RGB grey in front of the admin image but I could see it right away because I’d left it sharp so thats done and dusted.

Icon does actually appear (the method replacing the set of 4 Apple logos) you’ll see it in the top left of the login, but it is so teeny you can barely it.
For what it’s worth I saw a couple threads of developers trying to hack the boot loading white Apple logo but no one seems to have cracked that one. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! They’re so into personalization, seems out of place to not allow the wallpaper to change on boot. We have covered this tip before but it was based around a few Terminal commands that might not be easy to follow for the average Mac user without command line experience. Newer instructions are available for making this customization in OS X Mavericks 10.9 or later.
I got so tired of seeing the log-in screen a former employee placed on my Mac editing suite! As of yet, I have not heard of a way to get an icon to appear or to eliminate the burred effect. I tried varying icon sizes like your suggested landscape size, as well as square up to 800px, made no difference. Now, to change the login screen background, open the image file that you would like to use and convert it to PNG format.
Customisability is one thing that I badly missed while making a transition from Windows to mac or from Android to iOS.

Paste the above line (you did copy it, right?) into the resulting dialog box and the Finder will take you there, without even asking for cab fare. Una vez hecho esto, esta listo, cerramos la sesiA?n de nuestra Mac o la reiniciamos y ya esta. At some point of time you would have thought of ditching the default apple canvas background on the login screen and you would have gone all the way to system preferences to change it. Be a safety-first computer user, of course, and save the original file elsewhere in case something goes horribly wrong. Unfortunately Apple hasn’t provided an option to change the background on the login screen on Macbook. Let the Google Image scraping begin!As the original image is only 256X256 pixels square (it tiles across the whole screen), a similar image file will need to be created.
Well, I’ve found a hack to change the background screen and also display a custom message on the login screen. Or, better yet, grab a favorite screen grab from the latest Doctor Who series and use Preview to make it the same pixel size as the monitor being used (my Macbook Air is set at 1366X768) with a resolution of 72 dpi.

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