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Just about every semi-technical person has setup a wireless router at home or in the office, and in that process has wondered which broadcast channel would be the best to use. In the below screen shot example, the best channels chosen are 2 and 3 for 2.4 GHz, and 149 and 157 for 5 GHz.
As mentioned before, changing the broadcast channel will vary depending on the router manufacturer and the IP address used.
The wi-fi network should now be faster with less interference for all devices on the network, not just the Mac used to scan and detect the best channels. Well, hold on there… I have 3 or 4 dozen WiFi neighbors near enough to me that I could choose any one of them to try to connect to.
There are no recommendations in the wifi tab as shown here, the box at the bottom simply doesn’t exist.
And what about the ‘Select Best Channel’ option available on the Airport Extreme? You now turn on your router and set it to channel 3 but, BEFORE you connect your device to the WiFi you re-run the scan. Is the tool smart enough to know that you’re now connected to the best channel or (since your router is broadcasting on ch.3) will it still recommend a completely unused channel?
This method is 100% guaranteed to see any devices registered on your network, but not every router contains this valuable info. Of course, not all your devices will have helpful names, so you’ll need to figure out the IP address of each computer and WiFi device you own in order to cross-check them against the list. This may be taking it a little far, but running the MoocherHunter live CD tracking suite will enable you physically hunt them down by triangulating network signals. Any router purchased in the last 5 years or so should be able to support a more secure authentication protocol, so log in to your router again and find the Wireless Settings screen. Hiding your SSID: You can hide your network name so it won’t be seen, but freely available hacking tools such as Backtrack will reveal them instantly. IP filtering: This blocks out a specific IP, but changing IP is as simple as refreshing the connection. MAC filtering: More secure since it blocks a device via the unique hardware address that is given out when it’s manufactured, but again, anyone trying to steal your WiFi can easily “spoof” their MAC address. For anyone with a spare PC or who doesn’t mind messing with the command line, you could create an open WiFi network specifically for these freeloaders, and run everything through a Linux proxy. Oh, and let us know in the comments if you’ve found people stealing your WiFi before, or have any amusing WiFi stories to tell. Enter your mobile number to receive a free text message with the download link for the app. If you used MAC blocking, they could simply keep changing their MAC as you blocked each one. Ultimately, the only effective method is to use a long, random password with WPA2 protection. Well I just tried it and in my case it takes me to localhost showing IIS … how do I get around that?
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From its humble beginnings some ten years ago, peer-2-peer file sharing has evolved in leaps and bounds, with the majority of Internet traffic now focused on the "torrent" protocol.
You may some day encounter a situation in which you will require a wireless internet connection for a desktop computer.
Look at it - staring you down so innocently, yet I know that your Linksys wireless router refuses to give you signal. Just because something is perpetuated every single day by your boss doesn't mean it's true.
WirelessMon es una herramienta de software que permite a los usuarios monitorear el estado de inalambrica WiFi Adapter y recopilar informacion sobre cerca de puntos de acceso inalambricos y puntos calientes en tiempo real. Advanced IP Scanner es que un analizador de red LAN local de Windows.Advanced IP Scanner es capaz de dar informaciones acerca de equipos de la red LAN. La MAC Address o direccion MAC (Media Access Control address o direccion de control de acceso al medio) es basicamente un identificador hexadecimal unico e irrepetible que poseen la mayoria de los equipos relacionados con redes. Afecta altamente P2P (Peer-to-Peer) programas, puesto que ya utilizan el limite maximo de conexiones disponibles (10) y no hay suficientes conexiones para otra actividad de internet. Sure, some wi-fi routers make it simple and will recommend a channel on their own, but often it’s left up to the user to decide. Going further, the amazing OS X Wireless Diagnostics tool can also be used to optimize wi-fi networks further by measuring signal strength as you physically rearrange the placement of a the wireless router in relation to computer hardware.
Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! I have spent countless hours trying to sort out wifi dead spots in our kitchen which were interfering with streaming. The only Apple product in our household is my iPhone 5s and we are constantly being dropped from the network or very slow connection rate.
If your router is still using old security methods such as WEP, then there’s a very real possibility that someone has hacked in to steal your WiFi.
I covered how to find your IP address a few days ago when I showed you how to control your torrent client from your mobile.
WPA2 is more secure, but I find it’s incompatible with some of the devices on my network so I chose the option that allows for both.
The proxy can setup to cut directly into their internet stream, and one interesting outcome is that you can turn all their images upside down. Set your own rates, never worry about payment processing (they handle everything), then just collect your check if someone has used your hotspot – you’ll get 75% of the money paid. Our judgement is in no way biased, and our recommendations are always based on the merits of the items.
WirelessMon puede registrar la informacion que se recoge en un archivo, al tiempo que tambien proporciona graficos completa de senal IP de nivel y en tiempo real y estadisticas de WiFi 802,11.
Usted puede escanear puertos en maquinas rapidas en pocos segundos y puede realizar analisis de intervalos de puertos predefinidos. Esto retrasara el proceso de carga de paginas web, independientemente de la velocidad de su conexion de internet.
Change the appropriate channels for each protocol, save settings, and you’re good to go.

This works exceptionally well and is worth taking the little time to perfect, particularly fi you feel a wireless network is sluggish or problematic. In my article on Cool WiFi Devices You’ve Probably Never Heard Of, I showed you a $100 commercially available router that would automatically hack your WEP-protected WiFi network in less than half an hour.
Don’t forget that an iPhone or Android phone will also have it’s own IP address if it’s using your WiFi, so you’ll need to account for those too. Don’t choose the Enterprise option as it is designed for companies with authentication servers.
Remember, you’ll need to live in a big city for this to be viable with lots of potential customers. Estas herramientas utilizan paquetes TCP para determinar hosts disponibles y abrir puertos, servicio asociado con el puerto y otras caracteristicas importantes. For average people, it’s a bunch of meaningless technical jargon, they just want wireless internet, and they want it to be fast, right? All you need to do is place the iPad or iPhone in the general region of the hardware that will access the primary wireless router, then temporarily turn on the Personal Hotspot.
This is why OsX Daily is now, and always will be, the first resource I use for intelligent and knowledgable Mac advice. You need to run it again after making the changes and it will probably recommend your original set channel.
Apart from the obvious fact that your internet will be slower, the hacker might be using your internet to do nefarious evil things – all of which could easily be traced back to you. If you can’t find a password anywhere, and don’t remember changing it, then check the database of default passwords here, or phone your ISP (assuming they gave you the device).
When choosing your password, make sure it is at least 15 characters long, includes upper and lower case letters, numbers, and punctuation.
I’ll look at this option more at a later date to show you exactly how you can set one up if you’re interested.
Angry IP scanner simplemente hace ping a cada direccion IP para comprobar si esta vivo, entonces opcionalmente puede resolver hostname, escaneo de puertos, etc.. El programa es muy facil de usar: el primer campo de texto le mostrara el numero maximo de conexiones, que probablemente sera el '10'.
Thankfully, OS X Mavericks makes this simple when a wi-fi router doesn’t, with a simple solution offered through the bundled wi-fi scanner app that works with every single wi-fi router brand out there. So how you can find out if someone is using your WiFi, and perhaps more importantly – what exactly can you do about it? El campo siguiente sera la cantidad de conexiones que desee cambiar a, el desarrollador dice que '100' sera suficiente para la mayoria de los usuarios, pero puede cambiar este valor a cualquier numero que desee. Para cambiar el numero de conexiones, simplemente elegir cuantas conexiones que desee y pulse el boton [Add a tcpip.sys]. A diferencia de otros parches, Half-Open limite fijar tiene la capacidad para restaurar el archivo original.

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