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Good battery life is one of the most important things any phone or tablet should have, but iOS 7 isn't always that great at handling power consumption. Having instant access to monitoring your battery level is critical, especially when you're traveling or forget your charger at home. Energy Bar adds an adjustable beam to the top of the Status bar to indicate the current battery level. You need to know how much juice you have so you can adapt accordingly.If you have the featured enable on your Samsung Galaxy S3, you can quickly glance at the Status bar to see the exact percentage left, but to me, it just makes things more cluttered up there.

So, when you phone is at 20 percent, a red bar could be set up to let you know your battery's getting low. After all, you don't want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere with no juice left to make a call.So, if you're staring at the iPhone's battery icon in the status bar too much, why not make it a bit more interesting? In this softModder guide, I'll be showing you a quick and easy way to give your iPhone's battery icon a little more flavor. This is a jailbreak-only mod, so make sure you have a jailbroken iOS 7 device before continuing.

In my experience, leaving it uncheck is fine, but in case you want to leave it checked, you can easily get rid of the ongoing notification with a simple root mod. The free app is ad-supported with banners, but of course, we here at softModder have a few tools to fix that, so removing those pesky ads is a cinch.

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