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A friend recently turned me onto this book, and I’ve found the material in it fascinating.
One thing he stresses is that in order to control things like weight management you need to determine how your brain is affecting your body. On his website he has questionnaire to help you start the process of figuring out what type of weight management issue you have and then how to tailor your brain health regime to achieve your goals. We respect your privacy, and promise your information will never be shared with a 3rd party.
Change Your Brain, Change Your Body Deck: 50 Ways to Boost Your Brain for a Better Body by Daniel G. Products mentioned in the video that have been helping with my eczema- dry itchy skin and red patches. I am also focusing on my emotions and reading some books about changing the mind to change the body has been helping.
Change Your Brain, Change Your Body  (I have the audiobook) *I will note I do not agree with everything he says regarding weight loss. As I mentioned in the video I went to see an allergist last week and got a few different tests done. Allergy test done on my arms for environmental and certain foods. And then a patch test on my back. I came away from treatment (in Oklahoma)being cured of 30 allergies, including several that were previously diagnosed by scratch tests and blood tests. I also wonder if you are doing EFT, or tapping, for the emotional issues, which may be the root cause. I hope you find answers, and applaud you for sharing your deeply personal journey in order to help others.
Thank you Deana, I have looked into a NEAT as I mentioned in the video I am on a waiting lists.
Dr Amen has conducted over 55,000 SPECT brain scans to check on the health of people’s brains.

Why people have such poor results in weight loss programs is that one treatment, one program or one method don’t work for everyone. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Daniel Amen's bestselling Change Your Brain, Change Your Body showed countless readers how to get into peak physical condition by mastering the brain-body connection.
As I mentioned I got it more for the bigger picture of understanding your brain and how it can help change your body. I have TERRIBLE environmental allergies and get extreme Oral Allergy Syndrom with food that cross reacts to pollen. I can’t imagine what it is like to deal with such large patches of skin irritations, and I know there are millions of others with similar stories.
I know exactly what you mean about overly focussing on diet to try and gain control of the things that are bothering you.
He supports the scientific evidence that introduced the concept that your mind has a very powerful influence on your appearance, your moods, stress levels and overall health.
She was just going to write me a prescription, but I told her I will wait on that as I have other doctors lined up to see.
I know all the reasons why testing is not always accurate but of all the food tests I felt this one was best. Due to my severe autoimmune disease, my immune system becomes even more weakened during intense pollen times.
I know how frustrating the body can be…especially when you’re doing your best to take good care of it!
I have mentioned this before to both you and Lori, and I am not sure if you have tried it yet…. He gives solutions to help you boost your brain functions so you can get and keep the body that you’ve always wanted. Amen realizes that not everyone is able to get a brain scan to check on the health of his or her brain.

And it’s either going to tell me what I am avoiding already is right or help show me what I am still eating that is causing my flare-ups.
I agree with what ucsdgirl above posted about letting yourself relax as much as possible, especially with the food and your restrictions. All allergist have offered me are allergy shots( which I don’t really know will help). I feel like we all feel the need to fit in and taking control of our diets and weight seem to be the way to go, but it can be so controlling that it does more damage than good (speaking from personal experience here, not targeting you!). So like I said in video I am thinking they are caused by different things – the red patches and itchy skin. I think it’s so confusing in the world we live in to look after ourselves well without overthinking things! Also, remember that when on vacation, even without all of the products, things were better. I believe that orthorexia (which I’m not saying you have!) is a bigger problem than people give it credit for, and hints of it can so easily enter the mind and be poisonous. For some people it's stomach and skin issues, other people get chronic pain elsewhere. The books and meditation are a great idea and I think something everyone needs in this stressful world. Maybe try to just eat a little less clean, let yourself really relax, and try to find centered peace in moderation, as opposed to stringent, behavioral patterns.

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