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If you value your privacy online, and want to stop anybody from having access to the sites you visit, then you need the most advanced Internet encryption software there is. Identity Cloaker uses the same encryption technology used by the US Military, protecting you from everybody. It is one of the most diverse and unique security applications available today, able to not only cloak your online activities but also unlock restricted websites that your Internet Provider, School, Office or even Government has decided you should not be able to read. Identity Cloaker uses a network of servers located all in countries all around the world, when you connect through Identity Cloaker all the data sent from your computer is encrypted and send to one of these servers. Here you can see that all the data being sent from your computer is transmitted directly to the Identity Cloaker server and then on to its destination, while we are not of course able to stop hackers or Governments from intercepting your traffic if they do so all they will see are encrypted data streams.
Generally speaking free proxy servers, while on the surface being able to offer similar features, should be avoided.
The Identity Cloaker service has been in operation for several years now, their software has been certified Spyware, Adware and Virus free.
If you want to access other sites which you don’t normally have access to, for instance YouTube, BBC iPlayer, Hulu or even Gambling sites then you will need to take out a subscription. HOW-TO GEEK BOOKSRead our first book, the HTG Guide to Windows 8, or check our upcoming books. Enter your email below to get exclusive access to our best articles and tips before everybody else. Most everybody can figure out how to change their IP address using Control Panel, but did you know you can set your network card’s IP address using a simple command from the command prompt? Note: The following commands require you to have an administrative command prompt open by right-clicking on the icon and choosing Run as Administrator. Changing your IP information requires two commands, one for your IP address, subnet mask and default gateway and another for  your DNS settings. Armed with this information you should obviously switch the settings out for some that are suited to your network.
As far as DNS goes you only have two settings to set, a primary DNS server as well as a secondary one. That’s all the command line magic you are going to need to impress some of your friends, so what are you waiting for? Taylor Gibb is a Microsoft MVP and all round geek, he loves everything from Windows 8 to Windows Server 2012 and even C# and PowerShell. I had to change on in the office because all of a sudden, he couldn’t get on the network and the dynamic IP that the Router was giving him was in conflict with another address.

As an OEM developer, most of the equipment with which I develop and support have different IP schemas. How can you “easily” change your name on the computer system before you sell it? Remove the grab from your DHCP admin link, then either reboot the offending computer or figure out why both computers are reporting the same MAC address for the ethernet.
I would assume that one of the simple applications of this could be handy when watching movies online on sites that have a time limit. At my company we rely heavily on RDP both within the network and also connecting from outside. On the whole I cannot see a lot of uses for this trick but it is good to know it can be done. DID YOU KNOW?Air Force One is not the name of a specific plane, but the name assigned to any plane currently carrying the President of the United States.
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It is perhaps the ultimate freedom tool available on the market today, for unlike other similar applications Identity Cloaker requires no installation, no administration rights and records no logs of your activities.
From there the server transmits your data to its destination, and return information is sent back to the server and encrypted before being sent to you. The encryption used in Identity Cloaker (Rijindael AES-256) is extremely powerful, it is in fact of the same strength permitted to be used my the US Army for the transmission of secret information, thus it is almost impossible that anybody (or any government) will be able to decrypt it.
You will find numerous articles on this site, and others around the Internet, highlighting the extreme dangers of using a free proxy service where you have no idea who is running the service and what they are doing with your data.
There is a free Demo version available, that is unrestricted with regards to time or use but only gives access to selected sites. You might, however, be wondering how you can go from using an already set static IP address to getting an address from DHCP. The last thing you might want to do it set your DNS settings to be assigned dynamically, which can be done through the following command. Furthermore, I have two VMs configured for different control systems that I support, AB, Siemens, etc. Typically the router assigns IP based on that identifying MAC address and won’t assign the same address to two different ones.
And if it is really stupid (possibly might be, I am not a computer expert) why would one then want to post it?

I work in data center migrations, where we might have to change the ip addresses on anywhere from 2 to 50 computers in order to move them to a new data center. If an index is specified, the DNS server will be placed in that posi8tion in the list, with other servers being moved down to make room. There is no way anybody will be able to see your data or what sites you are visiting, even if they intercept your data all they will get is an encrypted mess. Remember it is highly unlikely they are running this service from the goodness of their hearts!
These sites are ones commonly used by people, such as Facebook and Twitter, and regularly banned by governments around the world. Better to resolve the issue in DHCP, rather than having one rogue terminal out there with a static that you have to keep track of.
All PCs use port 3389 as the default RDP port so instead of changing it we just route to the IP address instead. Also did you know Small Business Server has a nice gateway to allow RDP access to workstations without all the port translation stuff?
The reason it is restricted is because the content they provide is only licensed to them for distribution in a specific geographic area.
By putting the server name and IP’s in a file, I can eliminate the possibility of manual data entry errors by using the FOR command and the netsh program. I remember when I was messing with a few things at home and at work and they all needed different static addresses, a few projects were APs that for some reason I had their admin interface not no the network they were passing traffic for so I needed to connect then set a static to admin the device. If DNS servers were previsionsly obtained through DHCP, the new address will replace the old list. Putting the above commands into a spreadsheet and making bulk changes then running on the VMs is a great timesaver. You will be sending all of your most valuable online assets through their service, passwords, bank logins and personal contact details. Outside of those areas it is licensed to someone else who has done a different deal with the production house.

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