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To the great majority of smartphone users, personalizing a smartphone translates to changing its wallpaper, placing a widget or two on its screen, and maybe equipping it with a flashy case or bumper. HTC is no stranger to making beautiful phones, but Crackanug a€“ an XDA Developers member and an HTC One owner a€“ wanted to take things to the next level.
When Hackaday member Joe Faber came across a Kickstarter campaign for an NFC ring, he was so keen on the idea that he decided to make his own. Ever wanted to examine plant cells from up close or to read the microscopic text on banknotes? 4 On the Settings screen, you'll want to focus your attention to the second section of options.
8 The next screen, Wallpaper Preview, will show you what your wallpaper will look like while chatting. 12 Once the photo is open in Wallpaper Preview, you can press and hold to move it around to where you want it on the screen.
13 If I want to pick I different one, I just tap Cancel at the bottom left corner to go back to the Camera Roll.
14 As well as moving the photo around on the screen, you can also zoom in by pulling from opposite sides with your fingers, or zoom out by pushing them together. 26 You just watched me changing chat wallpaper on the WhatsApp application while using the iPhone 6. 7 Tap on albums if needed and tap on a picture to set it as wallpaper.Was this step helpful? If you have problems with any of these steps, ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.
Others are into flashing custom software, thus teaching their phones tricks they weren't originally supposed to do. He used sand paper and polishing products to bring his phone's back to a shine, then etched the logos of two favorite web sites to show off his cred. So he gutted an NFC keyfob, put the NFC chip along with the antenna around a pipe, and covered the circuitry with epoxy.

Basically, you place a smartphone inside of this cardboard contraption, which you assemble yourself, and a lens beams the image from its screen onto a flat surface. Well, you just need the lens from a cheap laser pointer and a smartphone with a decent camera.
Removing a camera's IR filter gives it real nightvision properties, and the guys at Eigen appear to be pretty good at pulling off this hack. The guys at ColorWare would gladly treat it to a new paint job, or sell you a brand new modified unit. This one doesn't earn money on every click but ads are placed based on the popularity and visits on the site.
The more unique subscribers you have the more the more revenue you get from ads irrespective of someone clicking that ad or not. A lot of these options could be accessed underneath the privacy section on the device under settings. Then there's the kind of folks who come up with cool hack and mod ideas a€“ folks who don't mind rolling up their sleeves and getting dirty for the sake of repurposing their gadgets or giving them a unique look. For best results, you have to be in a really dark room, and the phone's brightness must be set to maximum.
As shown on Instructables, placing the lens in front of a phone's camera produces some serious magnification, and using a 2-lens array could give you up to 375x zoom. Available for a number of popular phones, they consist of an extra large battery and a replacement back cover designed to accommodate the larger cell. In fact, they will gladly sell you a modded camera module that can turn an iPhone 5s, Nexus 5, or a Galaxy Nexus into a nightvision device when paired with an IR flashlight.
If there are 10,000 visitors the ad revenue would be less a site with 20,000 visitors a day. She enjoys watching sports, spending time with friends and sharing new ways to make life a little bit easier for myself and others. Of course, such a setup won't come close to the image quality or brightness output of a proper projector.

In terms of colors, you are given a broad palette of hues and the option to customize the phone's external parts individually, which brings the number of possible color combinations well into the thousands. For 60 bucks, they'll treat any phone to a layer of water-resistant coating, which prevents water from sticking to the device's surface. So PA, wants you to visit the page often and comment on it so the traffic increases and they earn more from ads. Tap on privacy and once you're under this privacy section, you have a lot of great options you can use to restrict different access to information within your device. This post is dedicated to the latter group of people, as you've surely figured out by its title. So under here, you can completely shut the phone off on all the different location-based information. So you can click here and see which apps are currently using it and which ones always use it.
So you can click on context for example and limit the access that some of your other applications have to for example here your contacts list. A lot of times developers will take your contact list and onboard it or upload it onto their web server. You can access your reminders and again see which apps are actually using those privacy settings.
Same thing with photos and a lot of people are very concerned now in the industry with photos getting out there. So again you under your privacy, you click on advertising, and then you'll see here where it says limit ad tracking.
They used to use something called a UDID which is a unique identifier and that was specific to your device.

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